If you read this story (Link)
You get a stunning story.  You find out that BP was buying up oil to cause the price to stay high.  In their fiscal emergency they are having to let the oil go and the price is sinking.   They also withheld the means to solve the oil spill cleanup for their fiscal gain.    The former head of Shell Oil reported on CNN that his solution would have been super tankers and use them to pump up the oil out of the sea. (Not controlled burns etc)   This would have saved most of the mess.   In any case we see in this story that BP was holding onto these to keep oil prices high by storing oil and refusing to sell it.   This is the absolute proof of the manipulation of supplies, prices and of the world economy these people were doing.  They were crashing the world economy for their gain.  The collapse of the EU is in no small part due to very high oil prices.   This has caused the Ukraine  to get closer to Russia as has much of the eastern European states.    (Oil supplies)  These monsters at BP were at war against humanity and here is the proof.   The well blowing up on them sank their war.

Thought you might like to note this.
Paul Noel