What’s in a date?  To most people, nothing at all — to practitioners of the mystical KABALLAH, however, dates are very, very significant.  One very significant date:  April 20, 2010 was the 62nd INDEPENDENCE DAY of Israel — a nation founded on war, death and the activities of the FIRST TERRORIST organization, the IRGUN.

Ironically, perhaps, April 20, 2010 was also the birthday of Adolph Hitler.

An Open Letter from Benjamin Netanyahu – April 20, 2010 – also, of course, the date of the FALSE FLAG “MIRACL” CHEMICAL LASER ATTACK on the DeepWater Horizon Rig.  (See related article in “Breaking News”)

Israel’s Independence Day celebrates a double miracle in the life of the Jewish people.

The first miracle is the restoration of Jewish sovereignty. There is no other example that I know of in the history of nations in which a scattered people, practically left for dead, has been able to re-assert its national life.

The second miracle is what we’ve done since the establishment of the Jewish state. Israel is fact becoming a regional economic power and one of the world’s leading technological powers.

All the powers of creativity and genius in the Jewish people are bursting forth in every area: in science; in technology; in medicine; in the arts. This incredible burst of creativity promises a great future for the Jewish people and for all mankind.

This double miracle is a testament to the life-force of the Jewish people. It’s a testament to the deep wells of hope we carry inside us and to the deep connection that we have both to our past and to our future. The two miracles that have already occurred are only the beginning. If we stand together, if we remain committed to our common destiny, there’s nothing we cannot achieve.

Chag Sameach!

Benjamin Netanyahu

Jerusalem, Israel

From Nancy Pelosi:

Today, we join the people of Israel in celebrating 62 years of independence. Israel’s founding stands out as one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century – and it will continue to shine as a beacon of hope long into the future….For more than six decades, our nations have been bound together by common values of democracy and freedom. For the decades to come, we will continue to share a special, unbreakable bond with Israel’s government and its people. On behalf of all Members of Congress, I wish all Israelis a happy Independence Day.

From Ari Shavit, Israeli Political Commentator to Netanyahu:

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

It isn’t every day a journalist writes an open letter to the prime minister. But today is no ordinary day. Nor is this an ordinary hour. This is the hour when the clock is about to strike midnight. A rare confluence of circumstances has created a situation in which on Israel’s 62nd Independence Day, the state of the Jews is facing a challenge the likes of which it has not known since May 14, 1948. The year between this Independence Day and the next will be a crucial one.

HMMM — What exactly could Shavit be referring to?  What “rare confluence of circumstances” could he be referring to?  In other words, what MONUMENTAL, POTENTIALLY WORLD-CHANGING EVENT HAPPENED ON APRIL 20, 2010??????