Today, a friend named Alex sent me this post:

Watch this video to understand how hollywood has given us early indications of foreknowledge of falseflag events including 9/11 and Katrina.  Consider the series “V” coming up on Jan 4 such predictive programming, and liken the “red rain” to chemtrails.  What do the hands of the clock just after the nuclear blast in the highlighted Simpsons episode mean?  11-6, 6-11, or 5:55?  I’m not sure how to read this, but I agree it’s signaling a future event.  Perhaps it means the 6th day of 2011?

Safe now to say it did NOT mean November 6th of 2010.

I wonder who can accurately decipher what I interpret as yet another hidden message.

My response to Alex:

Ok, Alex —

You have officially ruined my day.

FOX was chosen as the station name by Rupert Murdoch and his Illuminati minions – some would  say because it is itself a “sleeper” code.  F = 6th letter, O = 15th, X = 24th.  Gematria code adds all numbers – 6 – 1+5=6, 2+4=6, thus FOX = 666.  More than one MK-Ultra  “sleeper” has told me how “The Simpsons” (and other FOX shows) is produced with “codes” designed to program and reinforce “sleeper” agents – aka “the Chosen Ones”.   However, this is hearsay at best.

A Washington “insider” told me last week that the G-20 has officially set the TARGET date for “Bretton Woods II” – which is the official removal of the US Dollar as the world’s “reserve currency” effective Monday, May 4, 2011. (5-4 -11)   They of course, will NOT give any warning, (There will NOT be a “countdown” to this in the news media.)

Furthermore, my source told me to expect a SERIES of “false flag terrorist” events (most likely scenario involving suitcase nukes in major cities) beginning in June of 2011 (6-11) as a smokescreen for the crippling economic effects of the hyper-inflating dollar worldwide.

This is immediately what I personally saw explained in the Simpson “coded” episode. Homer is half asleep in his hammock, drinking his beer.  (Homer is symbolic of the average dumbed-down American.) It is summer, and peaceful.  When Homer is awakened by the falling, all he can think about is getting some food.  Ditto with America when the dollar crashes.  There well may be major food shortages in the stores by June, 2011.  This is a coded message to me that the clock has stopped on the American consumption – on the 6th month of 2011 – for what that’s worth.

Yes, the black and white stripes around the clock are to me, masonic symbols without a doubt.  In masonry, this is symbolic of evil (darkness) in harmonic balance with goodness (white.)  If the clock truly symbolizes the U.S. economy, I find it interesting that the DARKNESS is more pronounced in the “economic clock” in the years 2009 and 2010.  This is telling me that people will be told, and led to falsely believe that 2011 will signal the end of the deep recession of 2009-10.

This is yet another clue, Alex – that America is in GRAVE peril – like NEVER BEFORE!!!

Conclusions: I don’t know if we should speculate on specific dates – and I especially don’t think that a bone-headed cartoon should be taken so seriously — but hey, there are some strange coincidences portrayed in the video — I’ll give it THAT much.

As far as the USD being replaced as the world’s reserve currency?  I would say: “Take it to the bank.”  It is indeed happening NOW.