I have recently had a dozen or so people e-mail me concerning what I believe to have been an honest mistake — a patriot blog identified me, A. True Ott, with being “Sorcha Faal”.  The author even posted my picture.  He quickly apologized to me for his error, claiming that his “information” came from un-named sources at Alex Jones’ website.  HMMM.

Just for clarification:

I devoted a full two hour show in 2009, while at RBN, on the subject of “Sorcha Faal” following a personal two week investigation.  Here is what I uncovered, if you’re interested:

1.  Sorcha Faal appears to be an acronym for a multi-generational cabal of Ashkenazim Jewish women who first formed clear back in 1290 A.D.  If this is accurate and true, they have continued their organizational structure through world wars and upheavals in Europe to the present day – and consist of a tightly-knit group of 13 “sisters” at the very top of their “Order”.  A close examination of their website, “What Does It Mean” shows an amalgamation of witchcraft (WICCA) and “mystic” new-age icons, which gives an awake Christian a very strong clue as to their true agenda.  They are NOT “Christian”, and likely follow instead the “old, mystery religion” of Babylon – which involves scrying and demonic divination practices primarily.

2.  The group fancies themselves literal descendants of Rachal (aka Rachel) the wife of the biblical Jacob.  The actual title of this master coven is “As of Rachal” a title consisting of 9 letters.  (Mistake corrected here – Rachel was Jacob’s wife, not daughter.  OOPS!)

3.  I discovered that when you take the 9 letters of “As of Rachal” and give each a numeric value, (one through nine) – and then place these letters in the 9-lettered “Masonic Tracing Board” (which is also referred to by Babylonian Kabbala as the “Tree of Life”) – the “tracing board” transforms “As of Rachal” into “sorcha faal”.   Thus, Sorcha Faal is the overt public name of their coven, while the actual name “As of Rachal” remains covert and hidden from the profane “goyim”.

4.  The current leader of the coven is apparently the daughter of one David Booth, and her name is “Rachal” as well. (Rachal Booth,)  David Booth appears to be linked in many ways to MOSSAD, and reportedly maintains close ties with MOSSAD agents in Israel and Mother Russia.  David Booth, according to genealogical websites I personally accessed, traces his ancestry to one John Wilkes Booth, agent of the House of Rothschild Bank of England and assassin of Lincoln.  How little things appear to change!!

5.  Their posts are not from one specific individual, but often is an amalgamation from all 13 members.   A close inspection of their various postings shows multiple writing styles. Thus, “Sorcha Faal” is not one, single individual.

Support of this above information comes from a past member of the “organization” who I understand donated a rather large amount of money to them, and actually met with the 13 “sisters of Sorcha Faal” shortly before their meeting with the Jesuit “Black Pope” in Rome.  She has allowed me to share a snippet of just one e-mail exchange with them  (emphasis mine) after she eventually realized who “As of Rachal” was truly all about:

“Upon our return to London we agreed among ourselves that the knowledge we had gained from Sorcha, and her Sisters, should also be shared to others.
You can feel the wind across your face when it blows. You can see also the terrifying destruction of wind after a storm. But, you cannot ‘see’ the wind, so is the power of Sorcha and her Sisters..you can’t see it with your eyes, but you can see its effects.
Over these past few years we have been able to obtain for the Sisters both the means and capability that enables them to impart their ancient knowledge to our various English language speaking countries.
From Rachal Booth’s Foundation alone have the Sisters been able to communicate with the larger world, both through Rachal’s donation of this website, and the computer systems to Sorcha’s entire Order around the world.
From those of us who are the intermediaries between Sorcha and her Sisters, and to the rest of the world, we ask for your continued assistance in assuring that the messages they have for the world at large can never be confined to their homeland in Siberia.
Neither Sorcha nor any of their Orders will ask this of you, but as ‘outsiders’ we do not operate under their self imposed systems of constraint they have placed upon themselves.
If you believe, like we do, that Sorcha and her Sisters messages are important, please go to http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index684.htm and help us to keep their ‘messages’ to the English speaking peoples of the world from disappearing.
As they travel to Rome this morning we do not believe that their efforts should go unsupported.
Will you support them?”

In short, this group “Sorcha Faal” is indeed very powerful and dark.  Their information/intelligence is indeed often very accurate, but is designed to provide misdirection in key areas – again this is all at the direction of the MOSSAD and the CIA.

Be aware.

Respectfully submitted,

A. True Ott, PhD