Connecting the dots, folks, is what I try to do.

Remember the “Swine Flu Pandemic” last winter?  Is that event somehow connected in any way with the Gulf oil spill and the dueterium laser attack on Deepwater Horizon?  Are the dead birds and animals in Arkansas and Kentucky connected as well?  I think these stories are all related, and so does “Michael” who produced this amazing and relevant video very recently.  I concur with his assessments and commend his alertness and willingness to produce a video.

Keep in mind that manipulation of one specific fault line affects other fault-lines around the world – much like moving one gear-wheel sets in motion other gear spokes for a specified outcome.   I personally would not be surprised to see this culminate in a massive “natural disaster” on Feb. 7.  (2-7-11).

Just such a use of HAARP is what, I submit, Senator Stevens of Alaska was trying to avoid – and was why he was murdered.

Spend 30 minutes and watch: