Commanding Officer King of DPG gives news brief Thursday. Notice rule #4 #5 on the sign behind him. (Click on Pic to Enlarge) Gives great confidence when they can't even spell required correctly!!

Dugway Proving Grounds, west of Salt Lake City, is the home of some very nasty neighbors.  No run-of-the-mill “civilian” really knows what is stored there, and in what amounts.  The average citizen of Utah can only speculate and guess what is actually there, and so, when Hollywood churns out a disaster flick such as “Outbreak”, or “The Crazies”, imagination begins to run wild, and MAYBE an accident or “terrorist” sabotage on the facility could easily invoke a real-life scenario straight out of some movie script.

What actually lies behind the razor wire of Dugway Proving Ground?  On Wednesday and Thursday, January 26, and 27, 2011, the nation unfortunately found out that Dugway Proving Grounds is the home of something called VX Nerve Agent.   In fact, a vial of this extremely lethal brew was apparently mislabeled and misplaced after being “tested”, causing a full-scale lockdown of the facility.  Nobody was allowed to leave the premises, and all employees, civilian as well as military personnel were kept overnight.

Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy folks??


So, what exactly is VX Nerve Agent, and where did it come from?   Arguably the deadliest chemical weapon on the planet, an extremely tiny amount can cause instant death in a human.  Take a look at a penny.  Take a look at Lincoln’s eye on the penny.  That’s the amount of VX, touching your skin, that would kill you immediately.


So, why do we need to keep this deadly “weapon” around and massively stockpiled in Utah’s west desert?   Is it truly essential to national security to stockpile enough of this agent to kill every human being on the planet?  Or should We the People even care?  Humans never make mistakes, do they??

True Ott