This is a chilling video.  How can anybody be so full of lies and so clearly obfuscatory and evasive??

Watch the hook-nosed witch behind her telling Coleman what not to say while she is under the gun!!  (Doesn’t she remind you of H.R. Puffenstuff’s “witchiepoo”??)  Also, look closely at the pin on Coleman’s lapel.  It is none other than the eight-pointed star of Babylon the Great, aka the “Wheel of the Year” in WICCA.   Spell-binding eh???

Grayson was like a bloodhound on the trail.  Shouldn’t Coleman be immediately fired as well as Bernanke and the “Federal Reserve” abolished and the directors sent to prison just like Bernie Madoff???  Keep in mind that it is supposedly Coleman’s JOB to track such woeful indiscretions as $9 trillion in “off-balance-sheet” transactions and to ACCOUNT TO CONGRESS for them.  This is what makes this so absolutely chilling to me personally.  There clearly is NO OVERSIGHT, and The Federal Reserve is nothing but a DEN OF THIEVES!!  Enough is enough!

This is unconscionable — the entire fraudulent Fed records need to be subpoenaed and shut down immediately – and here is the proof in living color.

Why should anybody in America trust these crooks???

Let’s make this go completely viral.  Send it out to everyone you know.  Everyone in America needs to see this video at least once!!!