Thanks for this post.  It is right on point.

Letting Congress and the Executive Branch control money creation and disbursal exclusively frightens me much WORSE than the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM as it now stands.  Case in point – Obama and his demoncrats patting themselves on the back (during the State of the Onion address) for the creation of 1.12 million new jobs.  These new jobs are mostly tied to big government and bureaucracy , but here’s the hidden kicker.  Since 2007, our benevolent government has disbursed over 4.6 TRILLION dollars in “T.A.R.P.” and “Quantitative Easing” programs designed to “stimulate the economy” and “create jobs”.  Since 2007, America has lost a total of 8.3 million jobs.

Do the math.  Divide 4.6 trillion by 1.12 million.  That’s over $4 million dollars spent “per job” created.  Way to go, Federal Government – this is worse than the proverbial $10,000 toilet seat.  Divide 4.6 trillion by 8.3 million, and that’s over $500,000 per job lost.  Wouldn’t it have been much better, and more productive in the long term, to just give the newly unemployed the money directly?  Better yet, of course, is letting THE PEOPLE and THE STATES regulate the currency based on Domestic Production – then the jobs would likely never have been lost to begin with!!  This is what Jefferson and Madison envisioned, as well as Plato.   It is the ONLY solution, really.

Instead, the bulk of the Q.E. money has gone to Federal Reserve member banks and thieves like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, whose corrupt practices caused the problems in the first place.  Of course, this has only made the problems worse, setting us up for an even bigger potential fiscal catastrophe in 2015.

Well done, sir.

A. True Ott, PhD

Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2011 08:10:31 +0000
Subject: Beware the money reform poison of Kucinich and Zarlenga RE: AMERICAN MONETARY INSTITUTE ACTIVITIES

Shame on you, Steven Zarlenga.

You have tied a good thing — the elimination of loan-based money created by the fractional-reserve system —  to a monster  — having the government spend the money into existence.   Both the government sector and the financial sector serve the international financial elites at the expense of the domestic loop of households and national production.  The government spending the money into existence would be a disaster — the ability to control the entire economy by one centralized power (we know who owns Congress)

You and Kucinich will be stopped, Zarlenga.  The American people are losing their stupidity fast.

If you were honest and were really backing something that you had thought through and were convinced would be a good thing for the country  — you would defend it against this criticism.  Instead you ALWAYS DODGE IT.

Social credit, where new money originates exclusively in the household sector — as a dividend payment and not as a loan  — is the only cure for control by organized crime becoming absolute power.  Let the people build the economy fed by strong household demand — let the citizens have the cash  — and with it the real political power  — so they can decide through their representatives what infrastructure they want the government to replace.  Let the people have plenty of money so they will be the political power that guides the building of roads, bridges, damns, water-projects ports and so forth.

Otherwise it’s state socialism and we all are slaves — and the corporations who get the government money continue to rule the country and the world.

There is no answer you can make to that.  And so you and Kucinich pretend you never heard of social credit.

The fact is that you have money backing you and Kucinich keeps you afloat  — but I am going to expose your bogus solution  as the poison it really is.  You have a lot to answer for.

Dick Eastman, skunk hunter
Yakima, Washington

Here is the Zarlenga-Kucinich Poison asking you for money:

Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2011 22:24:02 -0500

Dear Friends of the American Monetary Institute,
Reminder: If you register for the 7th Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference postmarked by Friday, Feb. 11th, its $195, a $200 discount! (full price is $395).  See (

Here are important upcoming AMI activities:  (Please Participate)

We are expecting Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) to soon re-introduce the National Employment Emergency Defense Act (“NEED,” HR 6550) in this 112th Congress. Remember this act will:

* Incorporate the Federal Reserve System into the U.S. Treasury;
* End the banker’s power to issue what we use for money as interest bearing debt by ending whats known as the fractional reserve system, in an elegant sustainable way;
* Encourage the Congress to create and spend U.S. money into circulation, starting with the $2.2 trillion the Engineers tell us is needed over the next 5 years to make our infrastructure safe, and to also direct money toward health care and education.

(You can view the act at

Much of this, including Q & A’s is on our homepage in the 32 page brochure entitled How to Explain Monetary Reform to Your Friends.

We’re giving the following presentations on the monetary reforms in the act; how they end the crisis, and place America on the road to recovery and justice. We’ll stress how this is non inflationary, because the present economics regime has for decades brainwashed our people into fearing inflation would result from doing the right thing!

Where and When:   (if you’d like to attend any of these please email me for time and place details)
A Large meeting in Queens, NY, focusing on the Latino Community, evening of February 25th

The Eastern Economic Association Annual Meeting in New York City, Saturday, February 26th (closed to public)

End February/beginning March – The New York City Chapter of the American Monetary Institute

End March – Kinderhook, NY Chapter of the AMI. (Birthplace of President Martin Van Buren, who focused his career on money and banking reforms- for starters he ended debtors prisons, and closed the 2nd Bank of the US)

Cleveland, Ohio at the AMI Chapter in formation – End March/Early April

We have 8 trained and expert speakers ready to give “monetary reform” radio interviews and in person presentations to existing groups. If you can help us get on the air, or in front of such groups, please call me.

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Thanks much for your attention!
Stephen Zarlenga

"Over time, whoever controls the money system
controls the nation."
Stephen Zarlenga
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