Recently, a female caller phoned in to Alex Jones’ radio show as he was interviewing George Noory.  She was obviously excited about sharing a government CFTC website link.  Unfortunately, Jones ignored her story – so she persevered and called into Noory’s Coast to Coast show.  Here is the call:

The  website the caller was referencing is:

It is a 35 page document given to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission pursuant to their request for “Public Input on Possible Regulations of “Event Contracts.”  It was authored by a woman named Andrea Psoras, who at the time (May 5, 2008) appears to have been employed by an international corporation named QEDI International.

According to their official website, QEDI is a strategic, “valued partner” to BP oil (as well as many other big oil companies).

QEDI would be responsible for providing risk assessment data to major insurance companies like AIG, or Lloyds of London, for such operations as TransOcean/BP’s  DeepWater Horizon project in the Gulf.

Andrea Psoras wrote to the CFTC on May 5, 2008.  Could it be that she was whistleblowing without naming names in QEDI?  This appears to be likely, as it seems that Ms. Psoras is no longer currently employed at QEDI.  One can only speculate as to why she left.

Indeed, just as the “moral hazard” Ms. Psoras outlined in her 35-page “input paper” – Goldman Sachs placed substantial “Commodity Futures” on BP, and TransOcean stocks, and made untold billions via “put options” on the disaster.

I submit that Ms. Psoras had information and a strong reason to believe that such a dastardly event was not only being contemplated by highly corrupt individuals in the “Commodity Futures” market, but was actually being planned and formulated at a very high level.  Thus, she voiced her “vigorous opposition” to the planned activities.

The actions of Goldman Sachs, et. al. appear to be nothing less than the contemptible, pre-meditated murder of the Gulf of Mexico.

Thank you, Ms. Andrea Psoras, for taking a strong stand, and for accepting the consequences of your actions.

The salient question, then, is what other massive “Event Contracts” (such as 9/11/2001) could be waiting in the wings for the gullible sheeple of American to endure?   Should America be concerned, as Ms. Psoras obviously is, about high-tech weapons including earthquake generators in the hands of corrupt and heartless individuals?  Wouldn’t a massive earthquake generated specifically at the “New Madrid Fault Zone” result in the grand-daddy of all “Event Contracts” – as it would involve a “natural attack” on America of biblical proportions?

According to the following website, in the summer of 2009, FEMA has bestowed a mult-million dollar grant to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to prepare a massive report of what could be expected if an earthquake of 7.7 magnitude or greater hit the New Madrid Fault Line.  In other words, this is in reality a massive “Event Contract” involving the destruction and death of 8 States – Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi.   The “epicenter” of this “Event Contract”?  Beebe Arkansas.  Has there been anomalies consistent with Tesla Weapon deployment (strange weather, dead birds, etc.)??  Indeed there has.

Take a close look at who has “partnered” up to produce this “Event Contract”.  Virginia Tech University is prominently involved.  Remember Virginia Tech?  This is were the Ft. Hood shooter, one “Major” Nidal Hasan was schooled and trained.

DARPA has MAJOR connections (other than Major Hasan) with VT, just do a Goggle search on DARPA and Virginia Tech…..

“The Department of Defense (DoD) today announced the selection of Regina E. Dugan as the 19th director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)…..Dugan earned her doctorate in mechanical engineering from the California Institute of Technology and her master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Virginia Tech.”
-DOD Press release

DARPA – Virgina Tech  produced psycho shooters Seung-Hui Cho, Malik Nadal Hasan, and now is the epicenter for the “Event Contract” of the “Mid-American Earthquake Center”?  Doesn’t anyone but me find this highly unusual and eerie?

Concerning Virginia Tech, mind-control victim and author/lecturer Cathy O’Brien correctly declared: “Virginia Tech is good for two things, engineering and mind control.”

Seung-Hui Cho, and Malik Nadal Hasan are individuals of Oriental and Middle-Eastern extraction respectively.  What are some of the names of the DARPA Virginia Tech Earthquake Research Team commissioned by FEMA?  Try these names on for size:

Amr S. Elnashai, Project Principal Investigator
Arif Masud, Co-Investigator
Anisa Como, Lead Researcher
Junho Song, Technical Advisor
Liang Chang, Analyst
Can Ünen, Analyst
Bora Genctürk, Analyst
Fikri Acar, Anlayst
Adel Abdelnaby, Analyst
Hyun-Woo Lim, Analyst
Jong Sung Lee, GIS Analyst
Meghna Dutta, GIS Analyst
Jessica Vlna, Administrator
Breanne Ertmer, Administrator
Nasiba Alrawi, Information Technology Coordinator
Ashutosh Madhukar, Research Associate
Dilek Özceylan, Research Associate
Sarp Yeletasi, Research Associate

These individuals work for something called the “Center for Technology, Security and Policy at Virginia Tech University” and EVERYONE OF THEM are making BIG MONEY preparing this catastrophic “Event Contract” for FEMA and the boys at DARPA.  Does this concern ANYONE but me???

Look at the names.  How many American heartland names such as Smith, Jones, etc. do you see??   Go ahead, call me a bigoted racist if you want, but this rings too much of Seung-Hui Cho, and Malik Nadal Hasan, frankly.  What’s in a name?  In this case, I submit, EVERYTHING!!!

This, folks is your WAKE-UP CALL, in the spirit of Paul Revere.

A. True Ott, PhD, Feb. 8, 2011