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Nepolitano Doing Her Job?????

Washington (CNN) — The terrorist threat to the U.S. homeland has continued to “evolve” and may now “be at its most heightened state” since the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told members of Congress on Wednesday.

The most significant risk to the United States is probably posed by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and Anwar al-Awlaki, said Michael Leiter, the director of the National Counterterrorism Center. The American-born Muslim cleric has close ties to al Qaeda, and has been linked to Army Maj. Nidal Hassan, the alleged culprit behind the November 2009 shootings at Fort Hood, Texas.

There is an increased reliance on recruiting Westerners into terrorist organizations, Napolitano said during testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee. State and local law enforcement officers are increasingly needed to combat terror, and a greater focus is needed on aiding law enforcement to help secure communities, she said.

Along with the joint terror task force led by the FBI, the nation’s four-pronged counterterrorism response includes locally run “fusion centers” aimed at facilitating intelligence-sharing and analysis; a nationwide reporting initiative for suspicious acts; and the “If you see something, say something” campaign designed to “foster public vigilance,” Napolitano added.

The campaign has been rolled out at major public events such as the Super Bowl and at retail centers, Napolitano said.

In addition, as previously announced, authorities are replacing the color-coded terror alert system with a more useful one, she said. The new system will reflect the nation’s need to be ready while also keeping the public as informed as possible, she said.

Al Qaeda is at its weakest point in the last decade, but remains “a very determined enemy,” Leitner said, noting there have been multiple disrupted plots in northern Europe in the last five years.

Authorities are also watching groups such as the one behind the 2008 attacks in Mumbai, India, Lashkar-e-Tayyiba; Hezbollah; and Greek anarchists like the ones thought to have sent letter bombs to embassies.

At the same time, “homegrown radicalization is a growing threat, and one we cannot ignore,” said New York GOP Rep. Peter King, the committee’s chairman.

The attacks at Fort Hood show that attacks from radicals within the United States do not need to be sophisticated to be effective, Leiter responded.

Rep. Paul Broun, R-Georgia, used the hearing to argue that Transportation Security Adminstration employees should be actively profiling Muslims at airports, as opposed to randomly selecting people in security lines.

“We’re not focusing on those people who want to harm us, and the people who want to harm us are not grandmas,” Broun said. “Give me a break. … We’ve got to profile these folks.”

Napolitano argued that terrorists would ultimately benefit if certain airport screening procedures do not remain random. If rules are set down regarding the treatment of certain groups, she said, terrorists would “know those rules” and learn how to manipulate them.

Asked about congressional deliberations over whether to extend key provisions of the Patriot Act, Leiter said the measure remains “a very important tool” for law enforcement officials, particularly in terms of stopping domestic extremists. It would be “very problematic” if the provisions are allowed to expire, as currently scheduled, at the end of February, he said.

Among other things, the provisions allow for roving wiretap surveillance of certain targets without requiring law enforcement officers to constantly seek new court orders.

The House voted 277-148 on Tuesday in favor of extending the provisions through early December, falling 13 votes shy of the two-thirds majority required for passage.


Earlier, I posted a communication I received concerning the January 28 event over Jerusalem.  The post was incorrect, and had been changed from its original form.  Today, I was notified of the alterations in the text, and I have indeed verified these subtle changes.  I do not know exactly HOW the alterations took place, or WHO did them, only that they did in fact occur.

The alterations/additions are shown in red.

The question is, can intelligence agencies alter e-mail texts after being sent to a specific address??  I don’t know if this is even possible – but it seems somebody wants to implicate “The Islamic Brotherhood” and/or the Vatican.


This is in response to the video.
I took it upon myself to accomplish something that should have been done a long time ago.  I had hoped that it would not get captured on film, but as you can see it was filmed.  I had forewarned two Israel government officials whom I trust, so they could be prepared in case we failed.  There has been a mini doomsday devise (nuclear) planted under the edifice that houses the dome.  It had been placed there about 15 years ago by radical Moslem/Vatican forces in the event that Israel ever decided to claim the territory and take it away from the Moslem powers.  It was a suicide bomb that would have destroyed most of Jerusalem and the surrounding country.  It should have been disarmed several years ago, but no one ventured to do it.  Several of my crews had volunteered to do the dirty work, but it was quite risky, even with our advanced electronic equipment.  I decided to do it myself with the help of David, my copilot and no other crew members, at his insistence.  If the bomb had exploded we would have been history, but we trained on the equipment for several weeks to make sure we knew the correct procedures, which were many.  I kept all other craft away, except for some back up drone crafts, which were the red lights that were seen.  I will not explain their purpose for reasons of security.  As we disarmed the bomb electronically, the flash of light that was seen was the frying of the firing mechanism and the arcing of electrical panels.  I got out of there in a hurry and put the “pedal to the metal.”  We were several thousand miles away in seconds.  I think David and I were both sweating profusely.  Our squadron was waiting at a rendezvous point, and we proceeded to the Alliance, which as you know, is in orbit around a neutral planet.  We had a celebration with all of our crews upon arrival!!!
Israeli forces then immediately stormed the Dome and captured the device.  There was no resistance.  It was “hushed up” to prevent another war, especially with the CFR induced tensions in Cairo happening simultaneously as this event. You are the only one I have confided in on this matter.  I surely do not want to start a Middle Eastern war, only to help prevent it.  I will probably tell Don today.
A few weeks ago, 23 of my crews and I disarmed 23 suitcase nukes that were hidden in this country in various locations.  Unfortunately we had to eliminate over 100 people (mostly members of the Islamic Brotherhood and rogue CIA) in the operation.  They had planned to explode them remotely, all at the same time to coincide with the Egyptian protests happening now. They were much simpler to defuse.  We captured the devices and transported them to an uninhabited planet and hid them.  We did not want to risk the handling of the nuclear material, and the contamination.  I advised the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs after we had finished our task.  They were extremely grateful.  They were shocked to learn that all of the perpetrators we eliminated were Israeli Mossad agents posing as Islamic Brotherhood.  They sent in Delta Force to clean up the mess.  There were no bodies, only dust, and few articles of clothing and weapons left, and the electronic equipment and communication devices that they left in the locations.  I am sure there are some very angry illuminati devils, that are fuming over the disruption of their plans.  Our next move needs to target some of them, personally.  I am still praying about how to handle that problem.  The Elders left it to my discretion.  I had never intended to get this involved in the affairs of the planet, but I cannot sit by and watch the destruction of our nation and planet.  I warned Mr. Obama, a few days after he took office, that we would not tolerate the destruction of this Republic.  He has refused to listen.
This information is for your discretion.  My life is already in jeopardy, so “que sera, sera.”  My security team caught two more assassins with sniper rifles, in the woods behind my house last week.  Fortunately they no longer exist.  I am sure there will be other attempts, as there will be on you as well.  I looked at the bullet scar on the oak tree in my back yard just yesterday.  That happened last winter.  I had bent over to pick up a leaf rake, just as they fired. The bullet missed my head probably by only six inches.  Karen was beside me.  I knocked her to the ground and fell on top of her.  My security team had observed the late model Cadillac go down the road in front of my house, but had no reason to suspect it.  They abruptly stopped past my house and took the shot when they saw us in the back yard.  The security craft guarding me immediately melted that car into a block of molten steel with the men inside.  I personally transported it to the White House the next morning, and dropped it on the front steps.  I am sure it cracked the steps and sidewalk.  I had taped a note addressed to Mr. Obama to it saying. “Nice try.  Next time it could happen to your car.”  There was no response.
That is my story.  There will probably be more.  Got to get some sleep.  I got home early tonight.  It has been a busy day.  God Bless.  Keep in touch.”

America’s 17.5-trillion-dollar loss: Time to move Tahrir Square to Wall Street?
By Jane Stillwater

I’m really really glad to be leaving for Antarctica in a few days — because America’s undemocratic financial system is really really starting to piss me off.  Here in land of the (once-upon-a-time) free and the home of the (used-to-be) brave, America’s elite financiers are making all the rules and raking in all the profits — while the rest of us just shut up and pay.  And pay and pay and pay.

Maybe if I spend some time down with the penguins, I’ll be able to cool off.

In a recent article entitled, “Another Crash is Certain,” economist Mike Whitney quotes Nomi Prins, author of “Shadow Banking”.  According to Prins, “at the height of federal payouts in July 2009, the government had put up $17.5 trillion to support Wall Street’s pyramid Ponzi system.”

Is Prins saying that American taxpayers could possibly lose $17.5 trillion dollars to a Wall Street Ponzi scheme?  Yeah, duh.  You’d better bring on the penguins.  Boy am I pissed.

And over in Egypt these days, people are pretty much going nuts in Tahrir Square because Hosni Mubarak had pocketed approximately $70 billion dollars from the money his country has received from American taxpayers.  Just 70 billion?  That’s not very much — not when you consider that we taxpayers here at home have just gotten hornswaggled into putting up 17.5 trillion dollars to cover Wall Street’s latest pyramid shell game.  Yet people in Egypt are royally pissed off by this blatant corruption — while most of us Americans are just sitting around on our hands.

Where’s the outrage here in America?  Where are OUR protests!  Where is OUR Tahrir Square!

I would love to see every single patriot in America — right-wing or left-wing or both — drop everything he or she is doing right now, run down to the Safeway, 7-Eleven or Piggly Wiggly, stock up on snack food and then surround Wall Street, K Street and the Federal Reserve Board (located at the Eccles Building on Constitution Avenue between 20th and 21st Streets, NW, BTW) and stay there for as long as it takes to get America’s elite financial mountebanks to leave.

I’d love to see millions of us flooding these plazas, eating picnic sandwiches, taking turns using the bathrooms — and demanding justice and OUR money back.

But if I were to actually propose such an obviously patriotic action, would I get in trouble with the FBI for trying to incite a riot?  Get my phone tapped?  Get put on a no-fly list?  Be ridiculed by the mainstream media?  Be called a kook?

I would love to propose that it’s time for every red-blooded American patriot who is finally fed up with having his or her paycheck robbed by the Robber Barons month after month — that we all go surround the American Stock Exchange, the Eccles Building and the corner of 14th and K Street, just like the Egyptians did in Tahrir Square.

And I would also propose that we stay in place and don’t move until the American Stock Exchange, all corporate lobbyists and the Federal Reserve Board are completely shut down — eliminated, kaput, put out of “business” forever.

But if I did that, would I be called a terrorist?  Or, worse, would I be called a Socialist?  Get my home also raided?  Be put in jail?  Become a pariah?  Get audited by the IRS?  Lose my Social Security card?  Not be allowed to embed in Iraq or Afghanistan ever again?  Waterboarded?  Be dismissed as some weirdo with bad hair?

If American businesses need capital to keep themselves going, they can always borrow money from a bank or a credit union.  Businesses don’t need no freaking stock market in order to save their bacon.  Wall Street alone needs the stock market.  Only Wall Street itself needs it.  Businesses don’t need it.  And We-the-People surely do not.  Wall Street is nothing more than a casino — and with all its bets hedged in favor of the house.

And don’t even get me started on the Federal Reserve — it’s nothing more than a whitewashed gentrified glorified counterfeiting operation.  I know that.  You know that.  So let’s shut it down.  Give us our money back!

And as for K Street?  I just threw in that suggestion because the lobbyists there have pissed me off even beyond anything that sweet cute cuddly penguins can do to help.  K Street owns our government lock, stock and barrel.  Freaking welfare recipients.  Get a real job!

But I really should just keep my mouth shut about this.  And so should you.  Apparently the elite financial establishment of America has us all by the balls.

However.  If a few million American patriots take turns surrounding each of these three locations every single day for as long as it takes, Americans might actually start to see some REAL reform for a change, not just the whining platitudes now being paid lip service by the stooges of rich guys — but you didn’t hear all this from me.  I’ll be off visiting penguins.

PS:  America, however, ain’t Egypt in another respect.  Egyptians finally grew a pair, sure, but Egyptians also aren’t having to deal with the worst blizzard of the century either.  Perhaps we should wait until the spring thaw before staging our own Tahrir Square.