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Want to see something freaky and very telling?  In witchcraft and demonology, spells are “cast” by means of “magic mirrors” – which are believed to be the entrance to other dimensions.  “Through the looking glass” is more than simply symbolic, and the Qabala mystery religions teach that “Lilith” enters into this “world” via “mirrored walls” which are “the entrance to her cave.”

Now comes the freaky part.  On May 1, 1776, Sabbatean cult disciple Jacob Frank conspired with Adam Weishapt and Amschel Rothschild. In a highly demonic ritual, the trio communicated with “Father Lucifer” who revealed unto them the “Darkest Priesthood the World had ever known!”  The Jewish “Frankite” cult named their organization the “Illuminated Ones” (Lucifer, the “Son of the Morning” brings “first light” or “enlightenment” to the world.)  The House of Rothschild controls much of the earth’s wealth. Their elitist organization is called the “Illuminati”.

Frank, Weishapt, and Rothschild

In demonology, secret names have power inter-dimensionally when reversed or “mirrored”.  Thus Illuminati becomes itanimulli.  Check out what happens when you add .com to itanimulli:

Click on it, and see what comes up.  DOES ANYBODY THINK THIS IS JUST COINCIDENCE???


Following this post and discussion on the radio show, I was alerted to a couple of websites that discuss this much more in-depth.

and then this one from “Free-Loving American” (who is a bit of a “potty-mouth”):

Bottom line?  It doesn’t matter WHO owns the domain name and “redirects it”.  THE QUESTION SHOULD BE WHY was this done to begin with??  What would “possess” Mr. Fenley to do this deed in the first place?  More to-the-point however, is simply why would the NSA not strenuously object to this happening?   Furthermore, ATT&T and “” may be more closely linked than many would think at first glance.

P.S.S   Follow the post of “Ken” below.  Here is my response to him:

BTW, Ken — this is exactly the Story Behind the Story of “Dracula” by Bram Stoker. It tells of the emigration to London of a shape-shifting, blood-drinking, “Count” from ancient Romania – but in a “fiction” novel format. This “Count” has three, mysterious wives, and was the topic of many incredible stories circulating around London at the time, including blood-drinking rituals, immortality, and the abduction of children (aka “blood libel” and “Jewish Ritual Murder) as the necessary ritual ingredient in maintaining eternal youth and vitality.   This is all based in fact, actually – and Stoker at the time he wrote “Dracula” was actually employed by The London Telegraph newspaper. I submit that MANY TRUE STORIES were edited out of the Telegraph – because, you see, Rothschild controlled the Bank of England – and the “Telegraph” had to be very careful in exposing “Truth” of this genre.
According to WikiPedia: “Before writing Dracula, Stoker spent several years researching European folklore and mythological stories of vampires. Dracula is an epistolary novel, written as a collection of realistic, but completely fictional, diary entries, telegrams, letters, ship’s logs, and newspaper clippings, all of which added a level of detailed realism to his story, a skill he developed as a newspaper writer.” I think it odd that WikiPedia would make sure to add: ‘but completely fictional’.  Oh yea??  Since when are “ship’s logs”, “letters and telegrams” and “diary entries”  COMPLETELY FICTIONAL???????

Vlad Tsepes (Count Dracul)

Jakob Frank (Count Dracul?)

Castle Dracul - Romania

I submit Stoker was telling the TRUE story of the Sabbatean Cult’s movement from Transylvania into England — all of the central tenants of the novel “Dracula” have a basis in occult practices and demonic “gifts” of the disciples of Rabbi Sabbatai Svi.  The descendants and adherents of Illuminati co-founder Jakob Frank (a disciple of Sabbatai Svi) indeed began concentrating their efforts in London, shortly after Rotshchild gained control of banking and the stock market there.  Take a close look at the images of Jakob Frank and “Vlad the Impaler” — they may well be one and the same “immortal” being.  At the very least, there is an undeniably clear “family resemblance”.     I submit, TRUTH is stranger than fiction — yet fiction gives the public an “escape hatch”.

Good luck in your writing and publishing, Ken.


On Wednesday, February 2, 2011, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton convened the “first-ever” QDDR Meeting at Washington D.C.   This involved bringing in MOST of the 260 U.S. “Ambassadors” (now referred to as “Global Chiefs of Mission” by Clinton) at an unknown cost to taxpayers.  The meeting was closed to the media;  however, Clinton’s opening remarks at this “Global Chiefs of Mission Conference” can be heard (and read) in their entirety at the following link:

Here is a sampling of some of the new terminology coined by Clinton and explained at the QDDR summit:

1.  “Civilian Power”.  She defines this as: “the combined force of all the civilians across the United States Government who not only practice diplomacy and carry out development projects, but who act to prevent and respond to crisis and conflict.”  In other words, it is the power of un-elected, appointed BUREAUCRATS of the United States as opposed to “THE PEOPLE” of America, and our elected officials!!  My comment:  “Development Projects” is synonymous with covert black-operations of the CIA, MOSSAD, and British MI5, just as the term “Mechanic Contract” is synonymous with assassination and murder in the Jewish Mafia.  This criminal cabal always cover their true meaning with coded euphemisms.  Never forget the equation “problem, reaction, solution” — they create the problem, (crisis and conflict), foment the public’s reaction, and have the “solution” already to implement well before the “problem” was ever created.  Invariably, the “solution” is greater centralized power at the expense of freedom, life, and liberty.

2. “Global Chiefs of Mission” a euphemism for “ambassador”.  My Comments:   Comrade Clinton, what is wrong with the term “ambassador” and why do you feel the need to change this term??  Furthermore, what exactly is the “Mission” that these “Global Chiefs” are supposed to attain?  I submit a close analysis of the “AGENDA” outlined at the “QDDR” will give Americans the answer!!

In the “Executive Summary” of the “Conference of Global Chiefs of Mission” we read the expanded stated goals of the “Civilian Power” that Comrade Clinton conveniently omitted in her opening speech:

“Civilian power is the combined force of women and men across the U.S. government who are practicing diplomacy, implementing development projects, strengthening alliances and partnerships, preventing and responding to crises and conflict, and advancing America’s core interests: security, prosperity, universal values—especially democracy and human rights—and a just international order.”

Always the skilled attorney, Comrade Clinton chooses her words very carefully.  She knows better than to use “New World” Order – but she is now calling the elitist’s Global Empire a “Just International Order”.   Comrade Clinton, a pigsty known by any other name would still not smell any sweeter!!

Key to this new agenda of America’s “Civilian Power” is the implementation of the following new levels of federal/global bureaucracy now expanded to follow an elitist global fast-track agenda (all to be financed by America’s central bankers, one has to assume.)

1.  “Creating an Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment to enhance our effectiveness on these interconnected global issues.”  My comments: Don’t we already have an EPA, and Dept. of Energy that is already wasting enough tax dollars?  (The D.O.E. has done very little to develop such national reserves as the massive BAKKEN oil deposits in America, that apparently are bigger than the Middle Eastern fields.  Why has this oil not been drilled and processed??)

2.  “Establishing a new Bureau for Energy Resources to unite our diplomatic and programmatic efforts on oil, natural gas, coal, electricity, renewable energy, energy governance, strategic resources, and energy poverty.”    My Comments: See comments on Number 1 above.  Why spend U.S. dollars on global energy resources, when America’s vast resources are being ignored??

3.  “Elevating economic diplomacy as an essential strand of our foreign policy by expanding State’s role on geo-economic issues. This includes appointing a Chief Economist, who will create a new early-warning mechanism—coordinated with other similar systems throughout the U.S. government—to identify issues at the intersection of economics, security, and politics.”   My Comments: Excuse me, Comrade Clinton, but what the hell is Fed Chief Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Geithner doing these days?  What does the “State Department” need with yet another “Chief Economist”???  Can’t you read the quarterly Federal Reserve and Treasury reports and/or CAFRs??  Is “geo-economic issues” another way of saying that you need someone exclusively to map out and plan profitable “Event Contracts” worldwide so you and your buddies at Goldman Sachs can map huge futures profits??

4.  Creating an Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights to organize our efforts most effectively to advance human security.  My Comment:  You mean to promote Egyptian-styled change and insurrection in other countries worldwide under the disguise of “promoting democracy” instead of the more accurate of prescribed “regime change”????

5.  Expanding the capacities of the Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security Affairs by establishing a new Bureau for Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance and restructuring the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation.  My Comments:  In other words, dismantle the 2nd Amendment in America as well as the entire world?  What about “diplomat” Davis and the Global Mission Chief occupying the American Embassy in Pakistan?  (See related stories on this blog below.)   Is it only Global Missionaries like Davis who will be allowed to carry handguns in order to shoot and kill concerned security police in other “independent” countries under the disguise of “Diplomatic Immunity”?   Or will people with the military training of Davis be recruited for your new “Bureau for Arms Control”?  (I.E. only WE will have the arms so we can control the world??)

6.  Working with Congress to establish a Bureau for Counterterrorism, which will enhance our ability to counter violent extremism, build partner capacity, and engage in counterterrorism diplomacy.   My Comment:   WTH????  The global reach of the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security is not enough for you Comrade Clinton??  The expansion of the National Security Agency (NSA) is not enough?   TSA body scanners are not enough?  (What’s next x-ray machines to scan body cavities and though-scanning machines to read our minds??)

7.  Establishing a Coordinator for Cyber Issues who will lead State’s engagement on cybersecurity and other cyber issues, including efforts to protect a critical part of diplomacy—the confidentiality of communications between and among governments.  My comments:  Again, the many billions spent annually by the NSA is apparently not enough.   There will always be hackers, Comrade Clinton – no matter how modern the “fire-wall” there will always be a “back-door” or a window.  I submit that dealing with foreign governments should be honest and full of integrity.  There should be no covert black-ops manipulating economies and drug cartels involved in child abductions and black-market peddling of organs and body-parts worldwide.  Then, there would be no “Above Top Secret” files needing protection from prying eyes like Julian Assange now, would there??  Besides, don’t the taxpayers deserve to know what their tax dollars are doing?  If your bogus “agenda” is truly and honestly to “promote Core American Values”  why should anybody care who listens in or intercepts posts about water projects and crop harvests???

In short, it is my personal opinion that this entire “QDDR” is in reality America’s “Queer Death and Destruction Review” and Americans should be outraged with this in every way, shape and form.  It is beyond the scope of reason to assume this is anything but a Socialism on Steroids review, (SOS) and freedom-loving people the WORLD OVER should be incensed by this.  The underlying precept, of course, is that Comrade Clinton and her elitist cabal alone know what is best for the planet, and they alone must determine the destiny of entire regions of this globe.   Change you can believe in?  How is this Agenda any different than the driving forces behind Hitler’s Third Reich in the 1930’s?  The so-called “Master Race” destined to govern the entire planet!!     Take away the euphemisms and veils of this now overt agenda, and one can quickly see that it is the same money-powers and bloodllines at work once again – seeking to own the world while losing their own souls.

My, but the cockroaches are getting bold these days!!

A. True Ott


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