Food for thought from the incredible website:

“The Fallen Host came in the times of Jared before his son Enoch by hundreds of years… to mate with Human Women and Animals… and screw up the DNA all over… that is WHY Noah was told when he gathered Animals into the Ark to ONLY get Animals who had reproduced after their own kind NOT genetic DNA monsters that had been mingled with the Fallen Host…
Enoch was caught away before the Flood and physical proof of the Flood/Deluge is all over the Earth and any decent Geologist will tell You this.
So Sheol contains those who came to the Earth to do that misdeed with Evil Humans who’ve done sick in their Lives… a holding tank like County Jail exactly… awaiting Trial for Crimes against the Creation and Universe at the White Throne to get Life Sentence in the Lake of Fire Joint.
Likely the Anti-Christ will be a Nephilim cross-bred Hybrid to be the “Beast” and so will the False Prophet as “2nd Beast” … this DNA Breeding is happening now as I write in the Underground Bases in several locations like Dulce in New Mexico and others… hidden technology also…
So things are down to the wire and soon will be the WWIII Event in the Middle East which will destroy the Eco Balance of Earth and create destruction and chaos so the NWO can finally emerge the Bad Guys lust for… but they will be disappointed and betrayed in the end by their false Ruler… 666…
In the middle of the 70th Week of Daniel when the War in Heaven happens, then Satan the Great Red Dragon/Megas Purrhos Drakon will be cast to Earth Revelation 12, and I wager it will be on Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights that Israel attacked the Intelligence Ship in 1967 to hide this Fact more than the 6 Days War and capture of Jerusalem.
And that Number… back in the actual Greek Text it is NOT a Number because back then, Letters were used in Greek and Hebrew for weights/measures/commerce… no Occult Numerology… it was just common sense to attribute a numerical value to a letter since numbers were a later invention in writing… simple…
So what were the letters???
Here it is:
Chi = Χ = 600
Xi = ξ = 60
Stigma = ϛ = 6
That was the original three letters and their numerical value in Greek text.
So it looks like this = Χξϛ = numerical value 666
And what that means is the the word Christos or Christ in Greek began with Chi=Kh=Χ and ends with Sigma=s=ς … so back in time people would write or mark things as old Christians like this Chi/Sigma = Χς
Meaning Christos/Christ… simple
(Jesus’ whole Name in Greek has Numerical Value 888)
So the Anti-Christ is like it as beginning with Chi =Χ = 600
BUT… the following Greek Letter has the serpent shaped letter Xi=ξ in the middle to obstruct Christos in Symbol Χς in Greek letters…= 60
and the Sigma/s=ς changes to Serpent shaped Stigma/s=ϛ… to have a more snake-like appearance and have numerical value of = 6.
Anointed One = Christos = Χς
gets perverted to:
Anti-Christ = Χξϛ = 666
Now You know a Something that tons of Christian Church-Bangers do not even know nor want to know the Real Deal…
Take Care and be wise…”