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Liberty Coins Founder Convicted of Counterfeiting

Let’s make sure we get this straight.   If a person mints his own pure silver and gold coins for use in a private enterprise with like-minded individuals – this is a crime.

But if a Private International Bank guts the 1792 Coinage Act and willfully debases the coinage – and replaces 90% silver with worthless base metals against the directives of our founding fathers — that’s not a problem??  Oh My!!!

And what of the silver and gold confiscated by the “government”?   Why, they get to keep it of course!!



Guilty of counterfeiting:


Bernard von NotHaus, creator of the Liberty Dollar, was found guilty on two counts this morning in his counterfeiting trial at the federal courthouse in Statesville, N.C.

He was found guilty of making counterfeit coins and an intent to defraud. Sentencing will be held in several months.

The jury reached its decision in less than 90 minutes.

In this week’s four days of defense testimony, von NotHaus maintained that his “medallion” was not legal tender. He said each piece contained the NORFED name and telephone number, but the government pointed out that the silver pieces bore a very strong resemblance to legal U.S. tender coins.

Forfeiture hearings began after the verdict was read in regard to property belonging to von NotHaus and others that was seized by the U.S. government.

This could well be THE MOST IMPORTANT POST that I, A. True Ott, PhD, have ever issued to my friends in cyberspace.  I submit the Christian world is in for a veritable “perfect storm” of evil and chaos very soon – and thereby America’s spirituality and charity will be tried and tested as never before.  I declare that events similar to the destruction of Japan may hit America’s Pacific Coast very likely within in the next 6 days (March 19-25, 2011).  (I am NOT a “prophet” folks.  I am only seeing a clear pattern emerging, and thus am giving a warning.)

To begin with, let me declare my primary, core personal belief – which is simply that human beings are literally divinely created.  Every human being that has ever been born on planet earth is unique and wonderful.  Each has been given a personal and unique DNA fingerprint.  Each individual also has a unique spirit and soul signature frequency of energetic matter.  Just as DNA patterns, no two spirits are the same either, even though over 6 billion humans currently inhabit the planet.  All are unique and wonderful.  I believe the purpose of human life is to learn and grow spiritually by experiencing the law of opposition.  Each human child learns what is hot or cold, black or white, right or wrong, light or darkness, good or evil.   The FREEDOM TO CHOOSE is inherent in this learning curve, governed by faith and love.  If humanity’s freedom to choose is eliminated, I submit that in the Divine Plan of the Creator is disrupted in the process.  If the Divine Plan is disrupted, what then is the purpose of this earth-bound plane?  Is it to be the exclusively-controlled haven of the Serpent and its minions?  Is this the goal and desire of the “New” Order of the World, as opposed to its original design and creation?  If there is no Divine Plan – then I submit the Earth itself has no purpose or reason to exist in the eyes of its creator.    As Einstein declared, “God does not roll dice”.  Indeed, God has a PLAN, and an incredibly beautiful system of harmony and balance called Nature – in which the Creator gave human beings “dominion” over it.

I am 100% convinced from decades of personal “life experience” that there is an extremely evil contingent of beings working their dark arts on Planet Earth, beings that have sought for many generations to disrupt the Divine Plan of the Creat0r since the day Eve hearkened to the Reptilian (serpent) and willfully disobeyed the Creator and disrupted the Plan.  The Old Testament prophet Isaiah identified this dark adversary by name and called this reptilian adversary “Lucifer” – the “son of the morning”.  We also learn of  the adversaries other names and other related false deities worshiped in the ancient temples of Babylon.  We learn that Lucifer was also named “Baal”, and was also known as the “Sun God” – who rises from the east in the morning (Son of the Morning) and gives life to the earth.  (The Sun).  We also learn that Lucifer/Baal has a very powerful queen of spells attached to him – known as the “Goddess of the Moon”.  Her name has changed little over time.  She has alternately been called Ashtoreth, Lilith, Ishtar, and Esther in different languages and cultures.  However, her religion and priesthoods have NOT changed.  They still today honor her as THE MOON DEITY/GODDESS.  She and Baal/Lucifer rule their minions with blood and horror on planet earth.  They constitute the antithesis of the Creator.  They seek primarily to destroy the FREE AGENCY OF MAN, and by so doing, they create fear and chaos in order to eliminate PERSONAL FREEDOM – and often, life itself is taken at their instigation.  Wars and pestilence are their tools.

From the ancient temples of Babylon, (modern-day Iraq) the worship and spell-conjuring of Lucifer and Ashtoreth have continued up till modern times.  Those who seek to venerate and promote these ancient abominations are today known as WICCA, SATANISTS, and PAGANS.   At the apex of this destructive pyramid of evil, however, is a very rich and powerfully organized bloodline “tribe” that controls most of the world’s banks and finance,  most of the world’s media outlets, and who clearly adhere and follow the teachings of the Babylonian TALMUD with all its hateful prose and rhetoric.  They are known in the bible as “Edomites”, though they would have people believe they are the Creator’s “chosen people” – the Israelites.  Their world headquarters is located in Tel Aviv, with “global mission” epicenters in New York, London, Moscow, and Beijing.   They are the authors and purveyors of Anti-Christian totalitarianism called World Communism.  They are the blind and unquestioning followers of Lucifer and Ashtoreth – the moon goddess.

Make no mistake, these Edomite overlords today have extreme technology now at their disposal.  This group has perfected the means to create extreme destruction and chaos in peaceful nations (aka acts of war); which willful manipulation is successfully being shielded as being the result of “naturally occurring events” called extreme weather and earthquakes.  This you must understand gives them the ultimate cloak of  “plausible deniability” in the eyes of the ignorant masses. It becomes a perfect weapon because of hidden nature. (Called Fer-De-Lance after the deadly pit-viper who’s greatest strength is its camouflage.)  By means of space-based weaponry called “Directed Energy Microwaves” they have demonstrated the ability to control and create not only the weather, but also, without a doubt, the means to create seismic anomalies known as earthquakes – and do so at will.  There are countless “scientists” in the halls of NASA and other “Space Agencies” who will declare these earthquakes are due to Full Moons and high tides, etc.  They will also seek to obfuscate reality by declaring that hidden planets, comets, and their alignment with earth is causing all of this.  DO NOT BE DECEIVED —- Look instead at the clues and TRUTH and LOGIC of the matter.

When these space-based weapons are deployed by means of a complex computer system, focused on specific fulcrums of the earth’s tectonic plates, fish and birds are often fatally affected.  The directed pulse of energy, you see, destroys their fragile brain structures.  When you hear of massive small fish deaths, and when flocks of birds fall dead from the sky — make no mistake, a Directed Energy Pulse has been deployed there.  Keep in mind also that in order to cause an earthquake in one specific area of the planet, it is often necessary to energize a fulcrum point on the tectonic plate many thousands of miles away.  The computers have mapped all of these fulcrum points.  It is all a very precise science, actually.  All that Heinz Kissinger or Herr Soros has to do is push a red “execute” button on a control panel – and the “event contract” is executed.

When “event contracts” are set in motion, there is always a code of ethics whereby the Edomites warn each other.  This is why certain firms and people were warned to leave the WTC before 9-11 – while others were ignored.

I submit that similar “Edomite warnings” have now been given — and it would appear that the “event” is to coincide with the “Super Full Moon” and the Festival of Purim — which glorifies the “Full Moon” and the spells of the disciples of the Moon Goddess (Ashtoreth – aka Esther).

To understand WHY this is, one needs to understand the enemy and his game plan.  The disciples of Ashtoreth conjure their entities by means of a “magic circle”.   They have an end-times agenda, folks – and it has much to do with Astronomy and demonic conjuring.  They prefer conjuring in a “circle of fire” – because this has EVERYTHING to do with human and animal sacrificing to Molech (aka Mordecai in the Purim analogy).

The Edomite/Pagan "Ring of Fire"

In this “Ring of Fire” the Edomite/Satanic overlord seeks to establish points of either the Pentagram, or the Hexagram – i.e. five or six points on the “Ring of Fire”.   Is there a large-scale  “Ring of Fire” on plant Earth?  Yes indeed.  Are there Edomite warnings being given?  Indeed.  Consider the warning voice of Edomite Jim Berkland promoted exclusively on Edomite media magnate Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News:

Did you notice the CLUES given by Berkland concerning the “ring of fire” and the death of fish and birds – as well as the beaching of whales?  PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS DUE TO DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS BEING DEPLOYED —- NOT BY THE INFLUENCE OF THE MOON’S ORBIT!!!

Need more clues?  How about “Rabbi” Lazer Brody’s aptly named blog called “Lazer Beams” ( where he cryptically declares in his post titled “The Ring of Fire”:

“If San Francisco is smart, it will rescind the hateful law against circumcision that they made. If they don’t, I’d suggest that everyone steer clear of that Amalek-dominated metropolis. Some people never learn; New Zealand banned Kosher slaughter not long ago. New Zealand then got hit in a place with this name. Only fools say “coincidence.”

We can all rejoice that Hashem runs the world. Hashem wants us to return to Him, and fast, because the Geula is unravelling much faster than we all think. Have a wonderful Shabbat!”

See folks — LISTEN UP!!!   Amalek is Jesus Christ to the Edomites who revere the Babylonian Talmud – and the earthquake was centered in ChristChurch New Zealand.  As this learned Rabbi declares, only fools say “coincidence”.   “Hashem” is a deity connected in the Edomite manual of magic called the Zohar and is the primary text of the Kabbalah (where we get the term “cabal” or satanic secret society) connecting this cult of death with the planet Jupiter.  In Babylonian hieroglyphics we learn that Jupiter is yet another euphemism for BAAL – and is also known as the pagan god PAN.  (The root word for Pan-ic, Pan-demonium, and Pan-demic.)

What better time than the SUPER-FULL MOON FEAST OF ESTHER/PURIM for Amalek-dominated AMERICA (Christian America) to be devastated by at least two massive earthquakes on the Pacific Coast?  To complete the pentagram, look for an event contract to be executed consisting of earthquakes in San Francisco, and in either Washington or Oregon.   Indeed, as Rabbi Berkland predicts — it is 80% likely to occur in the Purim window of 6-days — March 19-25.

Finally, take a peak at this propaganda video concerning Purim and the evil Persian (Iranian) leader with Hitler.   Notice the CLOWNS celebrating this SICK FESTIVAL OF DEATH??  This, too, is VERY symbolic.  In the Edomite Zohar text, Clowns have a very specific symbology:

“The clown’s historic makeup is a symbol of death.  The white make-up is the symbol of death and is applied first.  Thus, a clown’s own face is a reminder that we are on a journey from life into death; it constitutes the reality of Esther and the death of our enemies.”  Christians have instead turned the message of “Esther” and death, and declared that THROUGH CHRIST, death is NOT THE END – but RESURRECTION is possible.  This is the message of EASTER – rather than the Edomite ESTHER!!!

Also, keep in mind that Lucifer as the Sun-God is the “Bright Light” of the Edomites that call themselves the “Illuminati” — or the “Illuminated Ones”.  Holding the SUN IN ONE’S HANDS is also a very symbolic gesture in Luciferian history.   “Haman or BRIGHT LIGHT” indeed!  All presented by a CLOWN!!

Also, I highly recommend this primer on the Moon-Goddess Festival of Purim:

Rhome, Harrell Examining The Book of Esther (2011 eBook)-1