For those who doubt that Earthquakes and Weather Modification technology is solely the domain of the “lunatic fringe” conspiracy nuts, this post is for you!!

The date was January 17, 1961.  John F. Kennedy had just won the election in November, and was soon to take his oath of office as the President of the United States.  Kennedy’s predecessor from 1952-1960, Dwight David Eisenhower, on this date gave his final televised farewell speech to the nation.  In his poignant and rather short address, Eisenhower gave America a very cryptic warning – he warned the people – not about Kruschev and the USSR, not about a possible nuclear holocaust — NO!  He instead gravely warned the nation about a dire and deadly enemy called the UNITED STATES’ “military industrial complex.”

What could have possibly been weighing so heavily on Eisenhower’s mind in his final address to America?   Could it have anything to do with Nikita Krushchev’s incendiary remarks to the Soviet Presidium in Jan. 1960 following the downing of Power’s U-2 spy plane?    Krushchev announced to the world exactly why he believed that the U.S. was so intently spying on the Soviets.  Krushchev declared: “We have a new weapon, just within the portfolio of our scientists, so to speak, which is so powerful that, if unrestrainedly used, it could wipe out all life on earth!!  It is a fantastic weapon!!”  How exactly, did this “fantastic weapon” come to be in the “portfolio of our scientists”, HMMM?

What is not readily apparent to most Americans, and is apparently not readily apparent (with all due respect) to retired USAF Lt. Col. Tom Bearden, is that the Soviet Union and world communism was funded into existence by American Jews in New York.  This becomes readily apparent by studying such seminal research books as “Dossier – The Secret History of Armand Hammer”, “Target: Patton – The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton” and “The Death of James Forrestal”.   Both Forrestal and Patton became completely informed as to the strong connections of Wall Street Jews, London Rothschild bankers, and world communism.  They were assassinated because they were eager to whistle blow to the American people.

Colonel Bearden has done a masterful job in explaining the science and technology behind “scalar weaponry”.   However, when he summarily dismisses the TRUTH that America and Israel are primarily responsible for modern scalar deployment, weather modification, mind control and earthquake creation, and instead blames the Russians exclusively, I would respectfully submit this is classic misdirection.  I understand that Bearden is a true-blue patriot and loves his country, but I submit that he is also likely receiving a rather large monthly retirement check from the U.S. Military — why would he ever endanger this income stream by truthfully exposing his own country’s operations??    NEVER!! — It’s the RUSSIANS ONLY, you see, and nobody else!!  (NOT!!)

Let’s connect the dots, shall we Colonel Bearden, and see if anyone can honestly say the U.S. Military-Industrialist Complex is innocent of these charges.

Dot #1:  Bearden explains clearly that the “scalar weapons” that could easily alter weather and create destructive earthquakes are the direct result of Nikola Tesla’s research.   Indeed, it truly is.  Where exactly did Tesla conduct his research, Col. Bearden, in the Ural Mountains of Russia with Bolsheviks as his mentors?   Nope.  He conducted his scalar research in the good old U.S. of A, folks, more specifically in the state of Colorado – 1898-1901.

Nikola Tesla - AMERICAN

Dot #2:  In his Colorado Springs laboratory, Tesla harnessed zero-point energy and was able to transmit powerful EM waves via radio/radar antennae.  In short, Tesla created the first “longitudinal wave interferometer”.  In his papers and drawings, Tesla outlined what could be accomplished with this science and technology – including WEATHER MANIPULATION and EARTHQUAKE CONTROL!!!

Tesla in his Colorado Lab

Dot #3:  Tesla’s work and papers formed the very basis of the U.S. “Military-Industrialist Complex” that Eisenhower warned America about – with General Electric (G.E.) and Westinghouse putting Tesla’s AC currents to a profitable use – while covertly developing weaponry even more devastating than the “Manhattan Project” — the nuclear genie.

Tesla's Interferometry Tower in Colorado

Tesla's 2nd "Twin Tower"

Dot #4:  The Soviets did not invent the atomic bomb — American scientists in Los Alamos N.M. did.  Defense Secretary James V. Forrestal learned that communist agents in the State Department, (aided and abetted by other cabinet members of Harry Truman) had transferred nuclear secrets to the Soviets, ALONG WITH “OTHER, EVEN MORE HIGHLY SENSITIVE TECHNOLOGY” shortly after the conclusion of WWII.   Colonel Bearden, Krushchev and his inept Soviet researchers did not invent scalar weaponry, either.  Nikola Tesla did.  However, it is clear that the Soviets gladly accepted the gift of this fantastic technology from the U.S. of A. and added it to their “scientific portfolio”!!

Tesla "Woodpecker" Grid Space-Based Weapon

Dot #5:  Tesla envisioned a world free of killer earthquakes – and he believed it highly probable that by using scalar EM waves, large-scale highly destructive earthquakes could be absolutely prevented world-wide – that is, if the NATURAL MOVEMENTS of the tectonic plates could somehow be monitored and natural cyclical pressure buildups released via his deployed scalar EM waves.   Today, this world-wide monitoring of the tectonic plates is a little-known reality.  The UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE maintains and collects seismic readings from hundreds of seismograph reporting stations worldwide.  This seismic data is collected and processed via a complex super-computer in what is called the “World Data Center” (WDC) located underground at 325 Broadway, Boulder, Colorado.   On the WDC website  we read: “The World Data Center (WDC) system was created to archive and distribute data collected from the observational programs of the 1957-1958 International Geophysical Year. Originally established in the United States, Europe, Russia, and Japan, the WDC system has since expanded to other countries and to new scientific disciplines. The WDC system now includes 52 Centers in 12 countries. Its holdings include a wide range of solar, geophysical, environmental, and human dimensions data. These data cover timescales ranging from seconds to millennia and they provide baseline information for research in many ICSU disciplines, especially for monitoring changes in the geosphere and biosphere—gradual or sudden, foreseen or unexpected, natural or man-made.

Dot #6:  The United States “Department of Commerce” was organized in 1903 – just a few months after the conclusion of Tesla’s experiments.  This is where the “Military-Industrialist Complex” was born, basically.  Today, a division of the D of C’s “World Data Center” is the “World Data Center for Seismology” also located in the  fortified underground control bunker in Boulder, Colorado.  Their website is and there one can learn that this agency collects and monitors: “Seismograms from worldwide stations for Earthquakes designated IDE as provided for in the ICSU (the International Council for Science Unions) Guide.   Worldwide Standardized Seismograph Network: data from the WWSSN stations (1961 onwards). Maintains a global database of seismograph station information and in conjunction with the International Seismological Center, registers international station codes.  Digital data: waveform data on magnetic tape and compact discs, from the USGS/IRIS Global Digital Network.”   From this we learn that earthquake monitoring began in 1961 — just as Eisenhower was leaving office!!! We also learn, perhaps, the real reason why the FCC ordered all American telecommunications to go from analog to digital signals a few years ago!

Dot #7:  During the war years, as well as the 8 years of Eisenhower’s administration, scientists in Colorado were busy perfecting the Tesla interferometer structures.  No wonder that Boulder Colorado is the world headquarters of Scalar Technology deployment today.  It’s odd that millions of Americans know about the HAARP facility in Alaska, yet very, very few know about the “Table Mountain Field Site” located just north of Boulder, CO. Yet another “division” of the wonderful Department of Commerce, Table Mountain has its very own website  Ever heard of the term “Aeronomy”?   According to the 1966 Table Mountain public report:

The Aeronomy Laboratory conducts studies of the physical, chemical and electrical properties in the “upper” atmosphere. It is not possible or useful to specify exactly either the lower or the upper portions of the atmosphere that delineate the domain of aeronomy, but about 40 kilometers (just above the ozone layer) can be taken as a convenient lower boundary and 64,000 kilometers (the approximate outer edge of the earth’s magnetic field) for the upper boundary.

In this new science (the word aeronomy was invented in 1945) studies include direct measurements from rockets and satellites, indirect measurements of the upper atmosphere from ground stations, simulation of atmospheric conditions in laboratory experiments, and the synthesis of these observational and experimental “facts” by theoretical evaluations. A satellite signal receiving station located at the Table Mountain Field Site is a key unit in the rocket and satellite program. A radio-telescope at the Table Mountain location is used to obtain information about the electromagnetic environment of the earth and the propagation media.

Again, with all due respect to Colonel Bearden — did the Soviets invent the concept of “aeronomy” in 1945?   I highly doubt it — they were in deadly, mortal combat with the Nazis during these years and had little time for top-secret research!!!

Dot # 8: Colonel Bearden explains the Tesla technology quite accurately, and for that we owe him a debt of gratitude.  He explains clearly how powerful electromagnetic beams can be generated by means of at least two “twin towers” on “interferometry”.  Tesla was correct, and this science is incredible.  Did America build such “twin towers of interferometry” at Table Mountain during the Eisenhower years?  Yes indeed, they most certainly dd!!

Original Tesla Beam "Towers" - Installed at Table Mountain Colorado, 1951

Upgraded "Modern" Tesla Beam Twin Towers

Huge Array of Interferometry Tesla Beams Deployed at Table Mountain, Colorado, 2010

Finally, Dot #9:  Concerning “Geo-Engineering” of the earth and sky, Obama’s science “czar” John Holdren declared publicly that it should be “kept on the table” as an option in case the government should become “desperate enough” to use it!!! WHAT????  He gave an example that certain “scientists” actually had prescribed the use of chemtrails as a prescribed method for fighting global warming.  WHAT????   And to think that “chemtrails” were figments of the conspiracy theorists’ addled brain.


NASA and NOAA are also part of this Department of Commerce contingent.  Take a look at all of the seismic activity and tectonic plate shifting as monitored by this international Cabal:

NASA Global Plate Movements