People ask me all the time: “What do you have ‘against’ the Mormon (LDS) Church?  It is so wonderful and righteous!”

That’s a fair question, especially for those who are ‘active’ members.   Perhaps one of the biggest problems I personally have with Mormonism is the fact that “good Mormons” are mentally programmed never to question the “divinity” of the leaders – especially the men in their “Mr. Mac” suits residing in the Ivory Tower of the massive LDS Church Office Building in SLC.  You see, a “good, truly devout Mormon” never questions his/her leaders.  To do so, you see, reveals a basic character flaw — to question “the Brethren” simply means you are cursed with a damning-to-outer-darkness “spirit of apostasy”.  The logic of this “no questioning” doctrine flows like this:

1.  Founder Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus the Son in a “1st Vision” sometime “early in the spring” of 1820.  (No specific date was ever specifically mentioned for this world-changing event however.)

2.  Because of this miraculous “1st Vision” — God chose Joseph Smith, (and him alone and exclusively) to “restore” God’s ONE TRUE CHURCH STRUCTURE back to the earth.  According to Smith, this ONE TRUE CHURCH needed to have the ONE TRUE PRIESTHOOD “restored” as well.  Of course, Joseph was the chosen vessel for this seminal event as well –  as Smith declared that Christ’s original apostles, Peter, James and John also came to him and gave him Christ’s ONE TRUE priesthood.  (Never mind that the New Testament records that Christ Himself promised Peter that “the Gates of Hell” would never prevail against Christ’s original church – Matthew 16:18.  According to Smith, Christ was mistaken – or more likely-  the Gospel according to Matthew was simply translated incorrectly in ancient times.)   Amazingly, in Mormonisms “revelation” to Smith, D&C 18:5, Smith claims that Christ gave him the exact same blessing – that “the gates of Hell” would not prevail against Joseph Smith’s church either.

3.  Because Joe Smith was such a powerful demi-god figure, the “priesthood authority” and “keys” given to Smith were in turn given to Brigham Young and eventually bestowed upon the current Mormon demi-god named Thomas Monson.   Therefore, you see, to the Mormon faithful, Monson speaks to God and Christ just as surely as Joe Smith did.  Therefore, each and every Mormon leader is divinely chosen and given a portion of this incredible veil of infallibility.  To question even one’s local leader (a Bishop or Stake President) is a terribly wrong thing to do.  To question them, you see, is to question the “Brethren” who appointed them – and thus if you question “the Brethren” in their Ivory Tower, you are questioning the divine authority of God and Christ!!   See how it works??

And so it is.  The well-meaning, yet “infallible” Mormon leaders often end up giving some very bad counsel.  Many good LDS people trust their local leaders blindly.  Many lose their money in elaborate ponzi schemes and get-rich-quick scams.  Utah leads the nation in such white-collar crimes – for this very reason.

Recently yet another aspect of this blind, passive content has surfaced.   A brother of one of the LDS “Quorum of the Seventy” – (one of the demi-god “brethren”) was arrested and charged with sexual abuse of women sent to him by a current LDS Bishop.  The story can be confirmed at this website:

The alleged sexual offender’s brother, “Elder” Tenorio is a beacon of inspiration to the hundreds of thousand Hispanic LDS members flooding into California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah.  It is safe to say that the LDS Church has long been a covert proponent of Hispanic immigration (both legal and illegal) – the reason for this being open to speculation.

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