Seeing is NOT synonymous with believing — at least not anymore.

Lucifer is synonymous with light – his very name means “the Shining One”.   Today, using LIGHT WAVES  – holograms of incredible detail and design now entertain vast crowds of human beings.  They dance on stage, wiggle their behind suggestively, can be seen from every angle — my goodness, they even cast shadows!!   One such computer-generated image is a huge rising star in the pop music culture of Japan.  She interacts with the audience from a large stage.  She is not REAL (meaning has no flesh and blood) – but the star-potential of this icon surely is real.


Now that technology has given the world this breakthrough — here’s the next logical step.  Computer-generated images of LIGHT that no can actually respond to the touch of a human — and be FELT in return!!  No kidding —


Now here is what is not only possible – but very likely PROBABLE.   Imagine a massive hologram in the night sky – where “angels” materialize and a being descends calling himself Jesus Christ.  Imagine the response when this being points to a world leader like Obama, and demands that people follow him without question.  Get the scenario??

Or how about the Virgin Mary appearing?   Check it out!