Ok folks, here it is.  I am NOT a Glenn Beck fan.  In my opinion he is a narcissistic, blind and ignorant Mormon blow-hard.  However, he is learning the hard way it would appear.  Perhaps now he understands who actually has paid his exorbitant salary the last couple of years.  Perhaps now he realizes what happens when barking slave dogs bite the hand that feeds them.  Perhaps NOW he may understand exactly who Ruppert Murdock is, and perhaps NOW he MAY take a much closer look into the “Protocols of the Learned Men of Zion.”  Who knows, PERHAPS Beck MAY eventually learn exactly how Rothschild, Soros and Murdock are silently pulling the strings behind his Mormon (LDS) Church as well.  (Lord Rothschild OWNS the LDS Church  corporate stock – and thus controls it.)

Then, perhaps, I may enthusiastically endorse Beck as a truthful and honest host – rather than, perhaps, the naive loud-mouth of the past.  (Then, perhaps, Beck will be likewise broadcasting from all that is left to him:  a small internet station such as The Micro Effect.)

Meanwhile, Brother Nathaniel lets us know the primary reason FOX released Beck.  Keep in mind, as you watch this, that this again is yet again another classic example of “Protocol #1′ in action.  I hope I am wrong, but my bet is that Beck will continue to honor MAMMON, and cease and desist naming specific names and organizations in the future.  Mr. Beck, please don’t ever forget these core truths: The “Pharisees of Zion” – (The Ruling SEVENTY) have successfully murdered two U.S. Presents (Lincoln/J.Kennedy), poisoned & killed a US Senator (Louis T. McFadden), assassinated a Presidential nominee (R.Kennedy), torpedoed and bombed a US Navy Ship (USS Liberty), stole onver 3 TRILLION dollars from the Pentagon under Dov Zackheim, pilfered and destroyed the U.S. Treasury (US taxpayers), have sold top secret US national defense secrets to the Soviets and Israelis, successfully executed 9/11, lied to the US government about WMD in Iraq, successfully brought down the US economy & rendered the US government impotent and mute.  Now they are poised to unleash unprecedented “UNNATURAL” Disasters on the earth.

Good luck Mr. Beck — as Brother Nathaniel has declared — the TRUTH has set you free!   What will you do with your newly-found freedom is the salient question.