It starts with the Tau – the cross.  Then it honors El – another name for the Serpent Demon God Set — which of course is the ultimate anti-Christian EVIL, all culminating in the vision of SION — aka ZION.

T-El-EVIL-SION — what’s in a name?  Everything!!

Discovered by Mormon Philo Farnsworth after an experience in the Mormon “SACRED” Temp – El (The House of El – aka The House of the Lord) – the means of distorting and capturing ENERGY WAVES (Illuminated Beams of Light)  we today call “Television” has “Programmed” the masses of humanity like no other device could.  The B flick titled “They Live” was scripted via documents smuggled out of Area 51 “Dreamland”.  You see, there really are special glasses cut out of ground crystals that allow human eyes to see the hidden “dark matter” of the blue-blood lineage of CAIN and the GENERATION OF VIPERS referenced by Jesus Christ.  For whatever reason, television cameras are now showing the distortions of these beings.  Special sunglasses are not needed.

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