Doug Wallace has been a thorn in Mormonism’s side for many decades.  He is credited for forcing the “Church” to allow Negroes to “Hold the Priesthood”.

Now look what he is advocating!   Incredible!

Americans United Against Fascist & Theocratic Government
Retired Attorney Seeks World-Wide Shutdown Of Mormon Church Missionary Program
London, UK – 18 April, 2011 — 82 year old Mormon dissident & retired attorney Doug Wallace who successfully led the fight to rid the church of racial discrimination in the late 1970’s is seeking to end Mormon missionary activities around the globe. He is calling on all governments to deport Mormon missionaries coming from the united states and Canada as persona non grata for covertly preaching sedition to natives of those countries whereby the Mormon church can rise up in its goal of being the secular “Kingdom Of God” on earth with its president/prophet as earth king.

A new website asserts an unholy alliance between the Mormon church and the U.S. department of homeland security expanding covert Mormon sedition in the United States and foreign nations by use of Utah as the base for storage of electronic data obtained by illegal and unconstitutional means against Americans and foreign governments and their citizens under the pretext of U.S. national security.

The website; contains information including videos of Wallace concerning the 177 year old plan within the Mormon church to pull off a political coup of the united states under the pretense of “saving the constitution” followed by military intimidation and control of the world utilizing the 600 plus military bases presently established around the world together with vast military power.

The construction of the extremely large NSA data storage facility near Lehi, Utah (see the picture on website) will compliment the secret storage of dossiers of Americans and foreign nationals stored in the top 4 floors of the church tower at 50 east north temple, salt lake city, Utah and elsewhere since the completion of the building in the early 1970’s when the secret entity of the church used micro-wave cavity resonation spy technology against Americans beginning with ferreting out homosexuals at Brigham Young University (BYU).

Wallace is cognizant of the fact that the young missionaries are ignorant that the ultimate purpose of their attempts to convert people to join the Mormon church is to “build up the kingdom of god”, i.e.: the mormon church as secular ruler with the Mormon president as crowned “earth king” and should not be treated in any harmful way.

The website is fully explanatory including the notice and request for world nations to deport Mormon missionaries.

Wallace feels those nations especially those with close ties to the united states should complain of the unholy alliance of the department of homeland security and the national security agency of the united states government with Mormon church agency infiltration and influence in locating and constructing the massive structure in Utah; thus skirting prohibitions of the first amendment which prohibits the mix of government and religion. Additionally, those nations ought to cease providing aid and assistance to the united states until such time as it dismantles the program and ceases to spy on them.

Wallace asks people who are sympathetic to the cause to become associates and help spread the notices to world leaders. It is a vital action to curb the insane goal of the Mormon quest for empire.

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This ordination occurred on April 2, 1976 in Portland, Oregon initiating a struggle to terminate the black priesthood denial policy of the Mormon church. That termination occurred two years later in June of 1978.

Today in april,2011, Wallace is initiating a struggle to terminate the insane goal of the Mormon church to rule the world as the ”Kingdom Of God” on earth!