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McKinney Bombshell

Cynthia McKinney Drops Bombshell: Candidates to sign pledges of support for “Israel”

by Richard Edmondson, source

In an interview which aired on Press TV on Saturday–one day before the AIPAC conference got under way in Washington–former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney revealed what amounts to some pretty startling news regarding the extent of the Israeli lobby’s influence over Congress.

During her years in Congress, she stated, candidates for both the House and the Senate were requested to sign pledges of support for Israel, documents in which the candidate promised to vote to provide consistent levels of economic aid to the Zionist state. Refusal to sign the pledge meant no funding for the candidate’s campaign.

“You make a commitment that you will vote to support the military superiority of Israel—the economic assistance that Israel wants, that you would vote to provide that,” McKinney, who served in Congress from 1993-2003 and again 2005-2007, tells Press TV interviewer Marzieh Hashemi in the two-part video program below.

According to McKinney, the pledge also included a vow to support Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.

“Every candidate for Congress at that time had a pledge, they were given a pledge to sign…” she said. “If you don’t sign the pledge, you don’t get money. For example, it was almost like water torture for me. My parents observed this. I would get a call and the person on the other end of the phone would say ‘I want to do a fundraiser for you.’ And then we would get into the planning. I would get really excited, because of course you have to have money in order to run a campaign. And then two weeks, three weeks into the planning, they would say, ‘Did you sign the pledge?’ And then I would say, ‘No, I didn’t sign the pledge.’ And then my fundraiser would go kaput.”

During her years in Congress, McKinney opposed U.S. involvement in foreign wars, questioned the official version of the events of 911, and introduced articles of impeachment against former President George W. Bush. Her final term in Congress came to an end after AIPAC, or the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, funneled money into the campaign of her opponent, Hank Johnson.

McKinney’s comments to Press TV came on the eve of the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, which was addressed Sunday by President Barack Obama. Last Thursday, Obama gave a “major speech” on the Middle East in which he suggested that a basis for peace in the region might be a withdrawal by Israel to its pre-1967 borders. However, in his speech Sunday, the president, quite predictably, backtracked on the proposal—and it may well have been Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who laid down the law to him.

“On Friday, I was joined at the White House by Prime Minister Netanyah, and we reaffirmed that fundamental truth that has guided our presidents and prime ministers for more than 60 years—that, even while we may at times disagree, as friends sometimes will, the bonds between the United States and Israel are unbreakable, and the commitment of the United States to the security of Israel is ironclad,” Obama told the conference.

He also clarified what he had meant by his reference to “1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps” made in his speech Thursday. “By definition, it means that the parties themselves—Israelis and Palestinians—will negotiate a border that is different than the one that existed on June 4, 1967,” he said.

See full speech here.

McKinney was a candidate for president on the Green Party ticket in 2008. Also in 2008 she sailed aboard the Free Gaza ship Dignity as it attempted to deliver humanitarian supplies to Gaza, making a second effort to reach the blockaded territory the following year on the Spirit of Humanity. Both ships were blocked from reaching their destination by the Israeli Navy.

Her comments about the pledges required of candidates for Congress are made in thesecond part of the program. In the first part she discusses how her congressional district in Georgia was dismantled through a legal suit brought about with the assistance of the Anti-Defamation League.

Sometimes It’s Nice to be Proven RIGHT!!

During the years 2005-2008, I spent hundreds of hours on radio and TV talk shows, and gave dozens of PowerPoint presentations on what I labeled the “BIRD FLU SCAM”.  This, of course, evolved into the “SWINE FLU SCAM” – a non-existent “pandemic” which I at that time declared was designed primarily to sell vaccines.

Now, in 2011 – I am shown to have been 100% correct in my assessments.

Here’s the latest vindication:

According to the authoritative source,

“Virtually all licensed vaccines in the United States are produced by just a handful of pharmaceutical companies: GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Novartis, Sanofi Pasteur, and Wyeth. These companies account for 80 percent of the worldwide vaccine market.1 With a limited number of manufacturers and many recommended vaccines produced by only a single company, vaccines are susceptible to large fluctuations in supply and availability.2

Thirty years ago, the vaccine market looked remarkably different. At the time, 35 companies produced vaccines for use in the United States, and similar departures from the international vaccine market have also occurred in the intervening years. Between 1988 and 2001, 10 of 14 global vaccine manufactures partially or completely stopped production of traditional childhood vaccines.3 Health policy experts and economists attribute this trend primarily to market and financial considerations–namely, sparse profits; costly research, development and production; and liability concerns.”

They go on to say several other important things, explaining how the vaccine industry works.  In short, the industry is completely dependant on government protection from lawsuits.  More, governments are the biggest buyers of vaccines. says:

“Meanwhile, the largest single purchasers of vaccines are governments. In the U.S., for example, the federal and state branches constitute close to 60 percent of all pediatric vaccines sold in the country.9″ 

This financial landscape means that the vaccine industry is unlikely to invest in a product that will not both pay for itself and turn a profit–characteristics which (almost) require a significant demand in wealthy, developed countries….

Since it is estimated 60 percent of vaccine production costs are fixed, meaning they are incurred regardless of the amount of product produced, vaccines require a sizable market to be profitable.”

The vaccine industry is on the ropes, folks, and rightfully so.  They lie, they cheat, and they are yet poisoning millions of innocent people — especially innocent children.  Western society is facing a huge problem – autism in children.   Each year the ratios continue to spiral upwards – more autistic children per capita.  Mercury is still being used in vaccines, and mercury is linked to autism.  It is really a simple equation for honest investigators to see.  Populations such as the Amish don’t vaccinate their children.  As a result, autism is virtually non-existent.

Now we have some wonderful and powerful advocates from the main-stream medical community coming forward to help expose this modern plague – where young, beautiful children are turned into ZOMBIES.  Dr. Mark Geier formed a wonderfully successful autism treatment center in Silver Spring Maryland.  His website is   He is making a HUGE difference.

Recently, Dr. Geier was asked to address the United Nations Environment Programme and their global summit concerning Mercury contamination.  He did more than rock the proverbial boat — he torpedoed the vaccine cruise ship.  Here is what he told the world representatives:

“Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

We are gathered in this hall, kindly provided by the Japanese government and under the able leadership of UNEP, to design a treaty that prevents the continued exposure of the people of the world to mercury, which is one of the most dangerous known poisons.

I am Dr. Mark Geier, from the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs. I hold both an MD and a PhD. My specialties include genetics and epidemiology. As an American physician, I treat 1500 patients who suffer from neurodevelopmental disorders, the result of mercury-containing vaccines. Thimerosal, half mercury by weight, is a form of organic mercury which has been used in vaccines since the 1930’s.

Even though safe and cost effective alternatives, such as 2-Phenoxyethanol, have been in use for nearly 15 years, the madness of mercury continues. Despite false reassurances from industry and others that mercury is out of the drug supply, mercury containing vaccines with as much as 25 micrograms of mercury per dose continue to be manufactured, exported, and injected, particularly into pregnant women and newborn children who are the most vulnerable among us.

If this treaty does not clearly ban the intentional administration of mercury in all forms to humans, then the citizens of the world will face an impossible dilemma. Either they will believe the premise of this treaty: that mercury is too poisonous to be allowed in general use, in which case they will refuse mercury-containing vaccines, thus needlessly exposing themselves and their children to preventable infectious diseases…

Or alternatively, they will believe false assurances that the mercury in their mouths, medicines and vaccines is indeed safe, in which case they will not feel compelled to cooperate with the mandates of this treaty. Both of these scenarios are disasters! For this treaty to be fully effective it must make clear that the intentional exposure of humans, especially pregnant women and young children, to mercury, will not be tolerated.

Furthermore, in the developed world, using Thimerosal even on your skin, has been illegal for years. It defies logic that Thimerosal, which is illegal to put on your skin because it is so toxic, should still be permitted to be injected as part of a vaccine! The US Public Health Service called for the urgent removal of Thimerosal from vaccines in 1999. While millions of doses of vaccine still contain full-dose Thimerosal, finally many vaccines are now available in mercury-free or mercury-reduced formulations in the United States.

Children around the world, no matter their place of birth or their income level, deserve safe mercury-free vaccines. The practice of providing mercury-reduced and mercury-free vaccines to developed countries while insisting that developing nations take mercury-containing ones is wrong. I want all people, and especially all children, to have safe mercury-free vaccines. Mercury is an insidious poison, and the last place on earth it should be is in a shot intended for a child or a pregnant woman.

Thank you Mr. President.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dr. Mark Geier, CoMeD, Inc

Then, the next day, Dr. Geier presented the following testimony to the African Delegation:“It is my honor to speak to you who are delegates and leaders from many nations in Africa. I am Dr. Mark Geier, from the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs. I hold both an MD and a PhD. My specialties include genetics and epidemiology. As an American physician, I treat 1500 patients who suffer from neurodevelopmental disorders, the result of mercury-containing vaccines. (Rev. Sykes’ son is one of my patients.) T

]himerosal, half mercury by weight, is a form of organic mercury which has been used in vaccines since the 1930’s. Thimerosal, used as a preservative, is favored by the pharmaceutical industry because it is cheap and enables the industry to keep making vaccines in old and dirty factories. Sadly, Thimerosal also causes developmental problems, mental retardation and autism in mercury-sensitive children. Boys are more susceptible to mercury poisoning than girls, because testosterone amplifies the toxicity of this poison. Now I know you’ve been told there’s just a little bit of mercury in the vaccines. The issue is not the amount of mercury as much as its toxicity.

What you were not told is that for “this tiny amount” of mercury in one dose of vaccine to be safe, you would have to weigh 250 kg or 550 pounds, according to the US EPA. Yet, your infants may get not just one, but several doses of vaccine with Thimerosal, on a single doctor’s visit. If one speck of Thimerosal can poison an entire lake, then mere micrograms in even one dose of vaccine can derail the neurological development of an unborn or newborn child.

As a doctor, I am very concerned that if mercury is not removed from all vaccines, people are going to refuse vaccines for fear of mercury, thus needlessly exposing children to preventable infectious disease. Furthermore, in the developed world, using Thimerosal even on your skin, has been illegal for years. It defies logic that Thimerosal, which is illegal to put on your skin because it is so toxic, should still be permitted to be injected as part of a vaccine!

The US Public Health Service called for the urgent removal of Thimerosal from vaccines in 1999. While millions of doses of vaccine still contain full-dose Thimerosal, finally many vaccines are now available in mercury-free or mercury-reduced formulations in the United States. Children around the world, no matter their place of birth or their income level, deserve safe vaccines.

The practice of providing mercury-reduced and mercury-free vaccines to developed countries while insisting that developing nations take mercury-containing ones is wrong. I want your children to have safe vaccines just like I want all children to have safe vaccines. Mercury is an insidious poison, and the last place on earth it should be is in a shot intended for a child or pregnant woman.”

Respectfully Submitted,

Dr. Mark Geier, CoMeD, Inc.”

Then, Lisa Sykes, President of the Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs (CoMeD), presented the following testimony: “Mr. President, I am humbled to speak to you and this esteemed gathering today.    I thank you, as well as UNEP and our host nation Japan, for this opportunity. 

I am Rev. Lisa Sykes, the President of the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs, an NGO dedicated to reducing the mercury-exposure risks, for the unborn, infants, children, adolescents and adults, from all medical products.

I am also speaking on behalf of Sensible Action for Ending Mercury Induced Neurological Disorders (Safeminds) and its executive director, Lyn Redwood.

Together with my colleagues, I seek a world in which no mercury-based ingredient is knowingly added to any medicine. I recognize that organic mercury-based compounds, especially the antiquated pharmaceutical preservative Thimerosal, are a proven neurotoxic risk.

I acknowledge the pain, suffering, and worth of all those who are directly and indirectly impacted by medicines containing mercury. This includes my own son Wesley who was poisoned with Thimerosal from his vaccines prior to his second birthday, and is now disabled for life.

I understand that unnecessarily injecting products containing mercury, such as Thimerosal, into pregnant women, infants, and children, when safer, cost-effective preservatives are readily available, is an avoidable crisis.

I believe that, together, the nations can remove mercury from our medicines, especially vaccines which are vital, thus protecting all persons from unnecessary mercury exposure as well as from infectious disease.

As a United Methodist minister, who has authored my church’s Global resolution on “Protecting Children from Mercury-containing Drugs,” I know this is a moral as well as a diplomatic issue.

Both my Coalition and SafeMinds applauds the draft elements paper, which seeks to be a global, legally binding instrument on mercury, but we also recognize that to be comprehensive, it must prohibit mercury-containing vaccines and other drugs, in Annex C, under Mercury-Added Products.

Thank you, Mr. President.

Respectfully submitted by:

Rev. Lisa K. Sykes

President, CoMeD, Inc.

 Ms. Lyn Redwood

Exec. Director,

Sensible Action for Ending Mercury-Induced Neurological  Disorders

During the PANDEMIC FLU HYPE of 2006-2008, I poured over dozens of research texts.  Most were authored by individuals associated with the W.H.O. (The World Health Organization – a division of the Zionist Club of Rome), the U.S. Army Biological Weapons Lab, Ft. Detrich, Maryland, and/or the CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL – Atlanta Georgia.

I wondered why biological weapons labs world-wide were interested in gene-splicing and manipulating RABIES in the same petri dish as human INFLUENZA virus strains.  I wondered why dozens of honest whistle-blowing microbiologists tied to these hidden lab experiments were murdered.  I actually joked with colleagues that perhaps the “ultimate” bio-weapon of mass destruction created by the psychopath elites would be an engineered viral DNA structure produced en masse via NANOTECHNOLOGY that would be able to attach to specific neural pathways in  the human brain.  Once specific neural pathways were compromised by such a pathogen, humans would become robotic automatons  —  basically the very definition of ZOMBIE.   Keep in mind that such a pathogen could easily be designed to stimulate the endocrine centers of the brain, causing heightened production of the hormone adrenaline resulting in near super-human strength.  It is well documented that in times of severe mental stress, humans have been known to perform such deeds as lifting vehicles, or ripping seat belts in two.    Imagine a pathogen that causes this super-human strength constantly, combined with creating within the host brain a maniacal desire to attack “normal” human beings?

I submit that the Kabbalists who have at least experimented in this arena, and who have very likely in reality have at this time manufactured these pathogens do indeed have a “Doctrine of Destruction”.  They have an occult agenda.

These mad scientists for some reason also seem to thrive on utilizing clever acronyms to define their projects.  In that light, consider the following:  Zionists Obliterating Mankind By Injecting Evil Serum = Z.O.M.B.I.E.S.    How clever is that, AIPAC????

Check out this video.  I think it is right on point:

Also, here is the National Geographic article that really raises my eyebrows.

Main Content

A dog with rabies.

A dog stricken with paralysis during late-stage rabies in an undated photo.

Photograph courtesy Barbara Andrews, CDC

Ker Than

for National Geographic News

Published October 27, 2010

In the zombie flicks 28 Days Later and I Am Legend, an unstoppable viral plague sweeps across humanity, transforming people into mindless monsters with cannibalistic tendencies.

Though dead humans can’t come back to life, certain viruses can induce such aggressive, zombie-like behavior, scientists say in the new National Geographic Channel documentary The Truth Behind Zombies, premiering Saturday at 10 p.m. ET/PT. (National Geographic News is part of the National Geographic Society, which part-owns the National Geographic Channel.)

For instance, rabies—a viral disease that infects the central nervous system—can drive people to be violently mad, according to Samita Andreansky, a virologist at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine in Florida who also appears in the documentary.

Combine rabies with the ability of a flu virus to spread quickly through the air, and you might have the makings of a zombie apocalypse.

Rabies Virus Mutation Possible?

Unlike movie zombies, which become reanimated almost immediately after infection, the first signs a human has rabies—such as anxiety, confusion, hallucinations, and paralysis—don’t typically appear for ten days to a year, as the virus incubates inside the body.

Once rabies sets in, though, it’s fatal within a week if left untreated.

If the genetic code of the rabies virus experienced enough changes, or mutations, its incubation time could be reduced dramatically, scientists say.

Many viruses have naturally high mutation rates and constantly change as a means of evading or bypassing the defenses of their hosts.

There are various ways viral mutations can occur, for example through copying mistakes during gene replication or damage from ultraviolet light.

(Related: “New, Fast-Evolving Rabies Virus Found—and Spreading.”)

“If a rabies virus can mutate fast enough, it could cause infection within an hour or a few hours. That’s entirely plausible,” Andreansky said.

Airborne Rabies Would Create “Rage Virus”

But for the rabies virus to trigger a zombie pandemic like in the movies, it would also have to be much more contagious.

Humans typically catch rabies after being bitten by an infected animal, usually a dog—and the infection usually stops there.

Thanks to pet vaccinations, people rarely contract rabies in the United States today, and even fewer people die from the disease. For example, in 2008 only two cases of human rabies infection were reported to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

(See pictures of infectious animals in National Geographic magazine.)

A faster mode of transmission would be through the air, which is how the influenza virus spreads.

“All rabies has to do is go airborne, and you have the rage virus” like in 28 Days Later, Max Mogk, head of the Zombie Research Society, says in the documentary. The international nonprofit is devoted to “raising the level of zombie scholarship in the Arts and Sciences,” according to their website.

To be transmitted by air, rabies would have to “borrow” traits from another virus, such as influenza.

Different forms, or strains, of the same virus can swap pieces of genetic code through processes called reassortment or recombination, said Elankumaran Subbiah, a virologist at Virginia Tech who was not involved in the documentary.

But unrelated viruses simply do not hybridize in nature, Subbiah told National Geographic News.

Likewise, it’s scientifically unheard of for two radically different viruses such as rabies and influenza to borrow traits, he said.

“They’re too different. They cannot share genetic information. Viruses assemble only parts that belong to them, and they don’t mix and match from different families.”

(Take a quiz on infectious diseases.)

Engineered Zombie Virus Possible?

It’s theoretically possible—though extremely difficult—to create a hybrid rabies-influenza virus using modern genetic-engineering techniques, the University of Miami’s Andreansky said.

“Sure, I could imagine a scenario where you mix rabies with a flu virus to get airborne transmission, a measles virus to get personality changes, the encephalitis virus to cook your brain with fever”—and thus increase aggression even further—”and throw in the ebola virus to cause you to bleed from your guts. Combine all these things, and you’ll [get] something like a zombie virus,” she said.

“But [nature] doesn’t allow all of these things to happen at the same time. … You’d most likely get a dead virus.”

Could all this result in a future news story as depicted here:

Now take a minute and read Dr. Henry Makow PhD:  Kabbalist Doctrine Explains World Events

Kabbalist Doctrine Explains World Events

April 24, 2011

h29_19773763.jpgLeft, a man looks over the expanse of ruins left by the explosion of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, Japan. (AP Photo)

by Henry Makow Ph.D

The Kabalist Doctrine of Destruction provides a key to understanding world events.

According to the Kabbalah, which is the secret doctrine of Judaism and Freemasonry, “Evil and catastrophe [are] endemic factors in the process of creation. Without evil there could be no good, without destruction, creation could not take place.” (Kabbalah: An Introduction to Jewish Mysticism, by Byron L. Sherwin, p. 72.)

Kabbalists believe the Old (Christian) Order must be ruthlessly destroyed before the New (Satanic) World Order, based on the Kabala, can be built.

Hence, the Illuminati motto: “Order Out of Chaos.” Hence, the Communist Manifesto advocates the destruction of nation, religion and family and the transfer of all private wealth to the Illuminati bankers, in the guise of the state.

The Doctrine of Destruction explains why war and revolution have been characterized by a gratuitous orgy of genocide, terror and destruction.

It explains the banishment of God from public discourse and the widespread acceptance of obscenity, pornography and the occult. It explains the attack on gender and the promotion of homosexuality to heterosexuals.

It explains why humanity seems cursed by never-ending crises and catastrophes —  economic, political and natural. I believe they are engineered by the Illuminati to attack and destroy anything that smacks of the healthy divine order — spiritual or natural.


The present day Illuminati grew out of the satanic “Sabbatean-Frankist” Jewish heresy in the 17th and 18th centuries. The bankers and half the Jews of Europe adopted this pestilence and spread it to the Gentile elites through Freemasonry.

Thus, Illuminati Jews characterize the “Jewish” role in terms of the destruction of civilization.

For example, in the book “You Gentiles” (1924) Maurice Samuel writes:

“In everything, we are destroyers–even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief…We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.”  (p. 155)

In 1928, Marcus Ravage, a Jewish Rothschild biographer wrote an essay entitled, “The Real Case Against the Jews.”

“You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom not merely of the latest great war but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it.”

(THE CENTURY MAGAZINE, JANUARY 1928, Vol. 115, No. 3, pp. 346-350.)

Most Jews (and liberals/leftists in general) are unaware of this kabbalistic plot. They have been duped and manipulated by spurious appeals to ideals of “social justice” and “equality.”


Religio means “to go within” i.e. “to know and obey” God. In any true religion, God comprises absolute spiritual ideals — love, truth, justice, goodness, beauty, harmony — pure and unalloyed. God is nothing if not Moral – i.e. Good.

Evil is the absence of God, just as darkness is the absence of light.

The KaBbalah is satanic because it says evil is part of God: “God has two sides; [both] are essentially one thing; what we experience as evil is as Divine as what we experience as good.”

Hence the expression gaining currency today: “It’s all good.”

The Kabalist exegesis continues:

“Many texts in the Kabbalah, including the Zohar, say that the task is not to destroy evil but to return it to its source — to “include the left within the right,” in the Zoharic metaphor, “to uplift the fallen sparks” in the Lurianic one. In Chabad Hasidism, it is stated that evil exists as part of the Divine revelation itself. Indeed, to think that evil really is separate from God is, itself, the essence of evil, which is precisely the illusion of separation.”

“Letting go of the reality of separate evil, and really accepting that the sitra achra [impurity, occult, evil] is a side of Divinity, is easy on paper and very difficult in reality. … Still, to the extent it is possible to do so, the notion is indeed life-changing. Everything is a flavor of Divinity.”

Kabalists also believe in “redemption through sin” i.e. deliberately flaunting the Old Law by doing evil (adultery, incest, pedophilia.) The  destruction of civilization (i.e. chaos)  will provoke the return of the Messiah (the anti-Christ) who will rebuild the world according to Kabbalist specifications, with the Illuminati bankers playing God.

In true religion, you do not obey God by doing evil.

Kabbalists also believe God is unknowable and has no form. In contrast,  true religion assumes God is present in the human soul. Obeying this voice, (conscience) is what makes us human.


Call it illuminism, secularism, luciferianism, humanism or paganism: It’s all Kabbalah.

Modern Western civilization has no moral legitimacy (and no future) because it is based on a rebellion against God, who represents the path of our spiritual development.

Humanity had been hijacked by psychopaths intent on destroying the “old order” (Reality) and building a bizarre, solipsistic, violent, depraved dystopia in its place.

These psychopaths control our government’s credit and the mass media. Thus, they are able to purchase our leaders and dupe society into embracing its own downfall.

Finally, it is OK I think to inject a bit of humor in this very dark subject.   I’ll leave you with this.  It’s satire, but pretty accurate actually, considering that DUBYA recruited Utahn MIKE LEAVITT to lead the BIRD FLU HYPE and HYSTERIA!!!  (Remember that??  Why is this “dire threat” to America and the world no longer nabbing headlines??????)

THE TRUTH ABOUT ZOMBIES — National Geographic Special!!

If you think the CDC’s latest declaration shared on this blog is all a spoof and a joke, better think again!!!!

The author of the CDC WARNING, REAR ADMIRAL ALI KHAN knows a thing or two about BIO-TERRORISM.  He receives briefings from the heads of NAVY INTELLIGENCE.  Khan knows that just ONE of the “designer lab-viruses” created at Ft. Detrick by our KHAZARIAN FRIENDS at AIPAC is a combination rabies and influenza virus — it produces VIOLENT RAGES AND MANIACAL ACTIVITY in those infected, and incredibly, it is not transferred via infected saliva (bites) but is AIRBORNE — and can be easily spread just as a flu “pandemic”.

Last October 30, the day before All Hallow’s Eve, the good folks at National Geographic broadcast a program titled “The Truth About Zombies”.  It is scheduled to be re-broadcast on June 8 – 2011.  WHY??

Could the release of this ZOMBIE VIRUS be the Edomite’s agenda for apocalypse???   I submit it makes sense.  Why infect citizens with mere influenza swine flu strains?  People run a fever, go to bed, and that’s it.  But here’s a virus that turns people into violent lunatics.  What better scenario to declare martial law and bring in the complete and total police state?

And what about a “vaccine”?   Could this be waiting in the wings as well?  Take it to the bank, folks.   Keep in mind that the vaccine would create a mild form of the disease.  More chaos.  More need for big brother.

Here is what National Geographic’s website has to say:

blog post photo
In a memorable moment from George Romero’s 1978 movie 
Dawn of the Dead—which is sort of The Godfather: Part II of zombie apocalypse flicks—some of the ordinary humans fleeing the growing onslaught of reanimated, cannibalistic corpses pause to ponder a nagging question.

FRAN: What the hell are they?

PETER: They’re us, that’s all. There’s no more room left in hell.

STEVE: What?

PETER: Somethin’ my granddaddy used to tell us…You know Macumba? Voodoo…Granddaddy was a priest in Trinadad. Used to tell us…When there’s no more room in hell…the dead will walk the Earth.

And hey, in a macabre, twisted sort of way, that actually is an appealingly simple, straightforward explanation. When there’s no room left in hell, the dead will walk the Earth. The whole existential panic turns out to be just a simple equation driven by scarcity of resources, just as in the days before that suburban shopping mall became a refuge from hordes of entrail-gnawing ghouls, suburban moms in station wagons would come into conflict over the precious few remaining parking spaces.

At least that’s the way it works in Romero’s horrifying alternate reality. But what about our actual one? Is there any even remotely plausible scenario in which the undead actually could rise and attack the rest of us in an effort to satisfy their craving for human innards tartare?

It’s a question worth pondering, if only because an actual scientific study published in 2009, “When Zombies: Attack! Mathematical Modeling of an Outbreak of Zombie Infestation,” concluded th
at a zombification outbreak would quickly escalate into a global catastrophe that would threaten the human race’s existence. And that’s even if every deer hunter in Pennsylvania was deputized as a zombie executioner. The takeaway:

While aggressive quarantine may eradicate the infection, this is unlikely to happen in practice. A cure would only result in some humans surviving the outbreak, although they will still coexist with zombies. Only sufficiently frequent attacks, with increasing force, will result in eradication, assuming the available resources can be mustered in time.

Furthermore, these results assumed that the timescale of the outbreak was short, so that the natural birth and death rates could be ignored. If the timescale of the outbreak increases, then the result is the doomsday scenario: an outbreak of zombies will result in the collapse of civilization, with every human infected, or dead. This is because human births and deaths will provide the undead with a limitless supply of new bodies to infect, resurrect and convert.

Yet still, you scoff, because zombies don’t exist, except in Haitian folklore, horror movies and TV shows.
 But that’s where you may be making a fatal mistake. Don’t forget that ethnobotanist Wade Davis, author of the 1985 book The Serpent and the Rainbow, came up with a possible science-based explanation for the Haitian zombie myth. Davis obtained samples of powder from voodoo priests and found that the mixtures included the flesh of puffer fish, whose skin and organs are laced with tetrodotoxin, a potent neurotoxin. In small doses, terodotoxin can slow heartbeat and respiration to death-like levels and induce paralysis. The unlucky victim who ingested the powder would appear to die—only to awaken later in a hallucinogenic haze induced by another of the sorcerers’ concoctions: a paste made of sweet potatoes, cane syrup and datura—a plant containing the psychoactive chemicals atropine and scopolamine.

There’s also a possibility, however remote, that a zombie pandemic could be triggered by a naturally-occuring pathogen. Science journalist, Yale University lecturer and author Carl Zimmer wrote this intriguing 2006 blog post about Toxoplasma gondii, a tiny parasite that is passed from rats to cats who eat them, and then back to rats who feast upon feline poop. The parasite apparently optimizes it’s opportunity to survive and spread, Zimmer notes, by somehow altering the brain chemistry of rats, in a way that causes them to abandon caution and wander recklessly into the open where they can easily be stalked and eaten. What if an analogous parasite suddenly emerged to take over our brains, and turn us into feeble-witted, drooling cannibals as part of a sort of hive-mind scheme to achieve world domination? As Zimmer points out, half the human population of the planet is already infected with toxoplasma, though it only becomes a menace in pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems.

Another disturbing scenario is a manmade zombie pandemic. As investigative journalist John Marks documented in his book, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, U.S. government scientists spent much of the Cold War trying to develop a mind-control drug that would turn enemy armies into disoriented, helpless, easily-manipulated captives—which, now that we think about it, sounds a lot like zombieism, doesn’t it? As this 2003 article from The Nation details, Russian security forces apparently used a behavior-altering chemical weapon against Chechen terrorists who had seized a Moscow theater, in a failed attempt to capture them without endangering their hostages. (Instead, the gas may have killed many of the innocent people trapped inside.) The Nation also reported that the Pentagon’s Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program was trying to develop similar psychoactive weapons, and had investigated the use of ketamine, a hallucinogenic drug sold illegally in the street as “Special K.” What if terrorists or some megalomaniac dictator someday got hold of such a mind-control weapon, and somehow dosed a large portion of the U.S. population?

That’s a scenario as frightening as any low-budget horror movie director could come up with.

This is not funny, people.   If it IS nothing but a “spoof” — then there are are way too many people at the CDC with way too much time on their hands.  They need, apparently, to manufacture ANY KIND of emergency — even if it means something right out of Michael Jackson’s THRILLER video.
However, I submit there is a “Story Behind the Story” on this.   Consider the recent NON-FICTION book “Project Soul Catcher – Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed” by Robert Duncan.   On page 20 we read: ” The U.S. Army called their projects Zombie I-V when ZOMBIFYING human beings.  Their research involved creating remote controlled soldiers who would blindly follow instructions like ZOMBIES without questioning the morality and ethics of what they do.   The ZOMBIE slaves receive their instructions through an ear piece or BRAIN CHIP IMPLANT.   Modern technology directly sends the instructions to the brain via neural encoded instructions, often called bioamplificaitons, without BRAIN CHIPS.  This technology is called “mind control” via “psychotronics”. 
     These programs by the US DoD/CIA have created sleeper agents, assassins, and AN ARMY OF DISPOSABLE ASSETS all over the world.  Current estimates of sise are ten thousand people, with ten thousand “handlers”.  ——- ZOMBIES, hypnotized humans, can be used to COMMIT ACTS OF AGGRESSION with several levels of indirection and therefore have a HIGH DEGREE OF PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY for the criminal minds that activated them.   Proxy wars are nothing new as a strategy but these technological methods are.
If that isn’t strange enough, consider the fact that there are indeed “ZOMBIE VIRUSES” that the military has developed – that may very well be released on America in the near future!!   The virus acts just like a computer virus — short-circuiting the human brain neurons and making the individuals infected viciously attack other people.   W
In light of this, I submit the CDC post is sobering.  It is definitely not FUNNY!!

Social Media: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

The following was originally posted on CDC Public Health Matters Blog on May 16th, 2011 by Ali S. Khan.

Image of zombie

There are all kinds of emergencies out there that we can prepare for. Take a zombie apocalypse for example. That’s right, I said z-o-m-b-i-e a-p-o-c-a-l-y-p-s-e. You may laugh now, but when it happens you’ll be happy you read this, and hey, maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two about how to prepare for a real emergency.

A Brief History of Zombies
We’ve all seen at least one movie about flesh-eating zombies taking over (my personal favorite is Resident EvilExternal Web Site Icon.), but where do zombies come from and why do they love eating brains so much? The word zombie comes from Haitian and New Orleans voodoo origins. Although its meaning has changed slightly over the years, it refers to a human corpse mysteriously reanimated to serve the undead. Through ancient voodoo and folk-lore traditions, shows like the Walking Dead were born.

Photo: A couple dressed as zombies - Danny Zucco and Sandy Olsson from the movie Grease walking in the annual Toronto Zombie Walk.A couple dressed as zombies – Danny Zucco and Sandy Olsson from the movie Grease walking in the annual Toronto Zombie Walk.

In movies, shows, and literature, zombies are often depicted as being created by an infectious virus, which is passed on via bites and contact with bodily fluids. Harvard psychiatrist Steven Scholzman wrote a (fictional) medical paper on the zombies presented in Night of the Living Dead and refers to the condition as Ataxic Neurodegenerative Satiety Deficiency Syndrome caused by an infectious agent. The Zombie Survival Guide identifies the cause of zombies as a virus called solanum. Other zombie origins shown in films include radiation from a destroyed NASA Venus probe (as in Night of the Living Dead), as well as mutations of existing conditions such as prions, mad-cow disease, measles and rabies.The rise of zombies in pop culture has given credence to the idea that a zombie apocalypse could happen. In such a scenario zombies would take over entire countries, roaming city streets eating anything living that got in their way. The proliferation of this idea has led many people to wonder “How do I prepare for a zombie apocalypse?”

Well, we’re here to answer that question for you, and hopefully share a few tips about preparing for real emergencies too!

Better Safe than Sorry

Photo: Some of the supplies for your emergency kit.Some of the supplies for your emergency kit.

So what do you need to do before zombies…or hurricanes or pandemics for example, actually happen? First of all, you should have an emergency kit in your house. This includes things like water, food, and other supplies to get you through the first couple of days before you can locate a zombie-free refugee camp (or in the event of a natural disaster, it will buy you some time until you are able to make your way to an evacuation shelter or utility lines are restored). Below are a few items you should include in your kit, for a full list visit the CDC Emergency page.

  • Water (1 gallon per person per day)
  • Food (stock up on non-perishable items that you eat regularly)
  • Medications (this includes prescription and non-prescription meds)
  • Tools and Supplies (utility knife, duct tape, battery powered radio, etc.)
  • Sanitation and Hygiene (household bleach, soap, towels, etc.)
  • Clothing and Bedding (a change of clothes for each family member and blankets)
  • Important documents (copies of your driver’s license, passport, and birth certificate to name a few)
  • First Aid supplies (although you’re a goner if a zombie bites you, you can use these supplies to treat basic cuts and lacerations that you might get during a tornado or hurricane)

Once you’ve made your emergency kit, you should sit down with your family and come up with an emergency plan. This includes where you would go and who you would call if zombies started appearing outside your door step. You can also implement this plan if there is a flood, earthquake, or other emergency.

Photo: Family members meeting by their mailbox. You should pick two meeting places, one close to your home and one farther away.Family members meeting by their mailbox. You should pick two meeting places, one close to your home and one farther away.

  1. Identify the types of emergencies that are possible in your area. Besides a zombie apocalypse, this may include floods, tornadoes, or earthquakes. If you are unsure contact your local Red Cross chapter for more information.
  2. Pick a meeting place for your family to regroup in case zombies invade your home…or your town evacuates because of a hurricane. Pick one place right outside your home for sudden emergencies and one place outside of your neighborhood in case you are unable to return home right away.
  3. Identify your emergency contacts. Make a list of local contacts like the police, fire department, and your local zombie response team. Also identify an out-of-state contact that you can call during an emergency to let the rest of your family know you are ok.
  4. Plan your evacuation route. When zombies are hungry they won’t stop until they get food (i.e., brains), which means you need to get out of town fast! Plan where you would go and multiple routes you would take ahead of time so that the flesh eaters don’t have a chance! This is also helpful when natural disasters strike and you have to take shelter fast.

Never Fear – CDC is Ready

Photo: Get a Kit, Make a Plan, Be PreparedGet a Kit, Make a Plan, Be Prepared

If zombies did start roaming the streets, CDC would conduct an investigation much like any other disease outbreak. CDC would provide technical assistance to cities, states, or international partners dealing with a zombie infestation. This assistance might include consultation, lab testing and analysis, patient management and care, tracking of contacts, and infection control (including isolation and quarantine). It’s likely that an investigation of this scenario would seek to accomplish several goals: determine the cause of the illness, the source of the infection/virus/toxin, learn how it is transmitted and how readily it is spread, how to break the cycle of transmission and thus prevent further cases, and how patients can best be treated. Not only would scientists be working to identify the cause and cure of the zombie outbreak, but CDC and other federal agencies would send medical teams and first responders to help those in affected areas (I will be volunteering the young nameless disease detectives for the field work).To learn more about what CDC does to prepare for and respond to emergencies of all kinds, visit:

To learn more about how you can prepare for and stay safe during an emergency visit:

To download a badge like the one above that you can add to your social networking profile, blog, website, or email signature visit:

USA-ma Bin Laden Psyops Exposed

Consider that the Satanic “Book of Shadows” prescribes a wedding the world would follow where a blue-blood marries a commoner on the day before Beltane Eve (Beltane = May 1).   On Beltane during the “Grand Climax” astrological alignments, the world would be given news that would result in “exultation” and “dancing in the streets” — a celebration to last exactly 3 weeks (or 21 days)).

Funny how Prince William’s “wedding” was Friday, April 29 – (the day before Beltane Eve).  Funny  how USA-ma Bin Laden is killed on Beltane – and the world rejoices (dancing in the streets of NYC and Washington).   Funny how Prince William’s “honeymoon” lasts exactly 3 weeks – ending Sunday, May 22.

Funny how many Goyim never question.

This video basically exposes the psy-ops.

Ok, here is another breakthrough.

Take a half hour and listen carefully to this testimony and interview of a debt collector named “Al”.  What more is needed to arrest this con-man and his cabal in Washington??

Citizen GRAND JURIES should be convened immediately, and this man INDICTED.   If this FRAUD is allowed to stand, the rule of law is completely nullified — all prisons should be emptied of criminals immediately, and all law enforcement personnel should immediately be given pink slips!!!

Changing History – the ORIGINAL 13th Amendment GONE!!!

This story is the MOTHER of all Conspiracy SCIENCE (not Theory).  It explains so much of American history, and why we are currently in the hands of Khazarian, Babylonian “Jews who claim to be Jews, but who ARE NOT.”

A quick synoposis of bullet points of American History.

1810 – The united States refuse to renew The City of London (Mayer Rothschild et. al.) central bank charter.

1810 – The original 13th Amendment is drafted and sent to states for ratification.  9 states ratify.  This 13th Amendment disallows ANY PERSON WITH A “TITLE OF NOBILITY” from serving in Congress, as well as prevents preferential treatment to select classes of citizenry.

What is a “Title of Nobility”?  When one takes a loyalty oath to the “Temple Bar” of The City of London” – one then receives the “Title” of Squire, or Esquire.  (This is the process known as ‘passing the Bar’ – it is the very basic definition of “The Bar” in attorney history.) In 1810, the covert “agents” of the House of Rothschild and the Babylonian “Temp-el”  (House of Baal) were exposed and NOT ALLOWED to be seated in the SENATE or the HOUSE.   The result:  Declaration of WAR by England resulting in the War of 1812.

The original 13th Amendment was present until the end of the American Civil War – when SOMEHOW the original 13th Amendment was replaced by the abolition of slavery law.   I submit this was because both the North and the South were once again in bondage with the House of Rothschild for massive Civil War debts.   The Civil War basically removed the original 13th Amendment.

Without a doubt,  this “Story Behind the Story” has been covered up and evidence of its history destroyed.  How very TRAGIC!!

PLEASE — you MUST watch this stunning video report, part I and II:

INCREDIBLE ADMISSIONS!!!! Sobering Declaration!

I personally think it possible that a false flag “nuke” may be triggered on 5-22. In the Simpson’s episode shown at the above link, we hear:  “5-4” — “No time for a countdown”.   The sinister shadow government agent says this before he triggers the device.

This could either mean the 4th day of May, or the 22nd day of May – which equates in Khazarian gematria to 4 (2+2).   Of course, it could also be completely meaningless and nothing but pure coincidence.     

I submit this may be pure Illuminati code given by Khazarian Rupert Murdoch as a hidden warning.   I submit that Homer, who symbolizes the average dopey-headed idiot American goyim, is blissfully asleep in his hammock – even as the shadow government initiates a false-flag nuke attack on America.  

The clock originally in the center of Springfield (symbolic of small-town America) lands in Homer’s backyard, and wakes him up from his sleep.  Homer suddenly realizes it is time for dinner – time for sustenance – his means of survival in other words – and he goes to find something to eat.  The clock that lands in Homer’s yard, to me at least, is showing a date.   To the left of the clock is a 1 and the face of the clock is 0 — 10.  The little hand is pointing to the 6, and the big hand on the 11.   I clearly see 10-6-11.    

What this could possibly mean is the following:  On the 22nd day of May, a false-flag Nuke attack will be launched against innocent Americans.  Six (6) months later, on the 6th day of October, 2011 – the time will run out against the average American leisurely sleeping in his backyard.  

As we discussed on my radio show, the world is witnessing a group tied to false-prophet Harold Camping convincing millions of people in 55 countries that the “Rapture” will happen this Saturday, May 21 – and that some cataclysmic “day of judgement” will happen on Sunday, May 22.  Notice also that the Camping crowd is declaring that the End of the World is October 21, 2011 – WOW, just as the Simpson cartoon also may possibly be declaring.  See a sample of this phenomenon at this website:

Of course the obvious question is who is paying for these thousands of expensive billboards worldwide???  This smacks of psy-ops propaganda.  

I just received this from Holy Ghost Troop CO Captains Eric May.  HE IS RIGHT ON!!!  I couldn’t have put it together any better.   Notice that Netanyahu is now on American soil, and that Obama will be leaving for GAELIC IRELAND on Sunday 5-22.   Isn’t that just peachy??

With all of the flooding of the New Madrid Fault Zone area, and even more heavy moisture on the way — the area is ripe for a planned “event contract” — as outlined by DARPA and Virginia Tech.   

BREAKING! Netanyahu Now in USA for False Flag ASAP!

By Captain Eric H. May, Ghost Troop CO

“Today Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was present for both the U.S. 9/11 and the U.K. 7/7 terror attacks, comes to Washington, DC, and will remain in the U.S. until late next week. The last time he visited, secret national level nuclear war games began, and four U.S. nuclear reactors had emergencies.”

Constitutional Captains Coup

Yesterday was the beginning of an ominous set of events in the U.S. and Israel, the sum of which warrants — demands– the most dire conclusions and counteractions. As principled patriots read and reflect, I urge them to listen to and learn from my recorded broadcast of military coup orders accepted, even applauded, by half a dozen Ghost Troop officers,. Most of us were mere captains,  but we acted decisively — in accordance with our military training — to preempt what was clearly treason under Article 3, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution:

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

BP was trying to destroy the dilapidated refinery in Texas City, Texas — and its citizens. The events were historic, and all of us, from all branches of the military, agreed that any U.S. commissioned or noncommissioned officer — and most of us had been both — would have done the same thing we had done, if confronted by the same circumstances. I only discovered last year that Israeli security had set up Texas City with its counterterror program.

With informed circles of the military now aware that foreign and domestic enemies are now preparing another false flag operation, with preparations remarkably similar those of 2005, I exhort them to cross all normal barriers to obey the dictates of conscience and defend the American people. The Romans expressed out duty succinctly: Salus populi suprema lex est. (The welfare of the people is the highest law.)

For the record:, our actions are all copied and confirmed in BP 7/28 Nuke Plan vs. U.S. Officers Coup. Afterwards, we identified ourselves to military high commanders and a dozen different local and national law enforcement agencies. Everyone knew what we had done, and everyone was afraid to get involved. We were never questioned, arrested or tried for our actions. As the coup’s commanding officer, I had a strong hunch that I wouldn’t be alive much longer, and I was half right. Within a couple of months I began to feel weak and sluggish, then was diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. Now I write using an eye-controlled computer; I’m a quadriplegic on a ventilator. I’m glad to have done what I did, and only wish I could do it again.

False Flag  Factors

There are two kinds of false flag attacks that threaten the American people for the rest of May, geological and nuclear. Fukushima suffered both two months ago, and demonstrated the logical extreme of disaster capitalism: depopulation.

National Level Exercise (NLE) 2011 has begun, joining ongoing Vigilant Guard 2011, which was kept secret until it began Saturday. The two war games script terrorist attacks, earthquakes and cyber-warfare.

Space Shuttle Endeavour has lifted off, and will remain in orbit for the rest of the month. Its sister Discovery was aloft when Japan’s megaquake cycle began with a 7.2 quake on March 9. It was also orbiting during what was probably aHAARP attack against the Houston area on July 28, 2005, as the nearby BP refinery ten miles south of NASA exploded and burned. Because of these events many researchers consider the Space Shuttle program to be part of the Star Wars offensive panoply.

Rahm “The Bomb” Emanuel has been inaugurated as Chicago mayor. He is an Israeli military veteran whose father was a member of the notorious Jewish Irgun terror organization. In the last two weeks he has appointed Gene McCarthy, a key NYC 9/11 police official, as Chicago’s top cop, and Jewish Chicago Police Department apparatchikMichael Masters as head of Cook County Homeland Security.

Israelis are celebrating the 151st birthday of Theodore Hertzl, who was the father of Zionism, and is alleged to have written the notorious Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, a book setting forth a plan for Jewish world domination, which Jews denounce as an anti-Semitic forgery.

Today Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was present for both the U.S. 9/11 and the U.K. 7/7 terror attacks, comes to Washington, DC, and will remain in the U.S. until late next week. The last time he visited, Barack Obama left the country on a visit to India, secret national level nuclear war games began, and four U.S. nuclear reactors had emergencies. All this, five months before the meltdown in Fukushima — where Israeli security was in charge.

Saturday, May 21, has been heralded by a nationwide billboard campaign as the day when Jesus will return, initiating the rapture.. Thousands of billboards have programmed Christian Zionists to pray for an apocalypse, and they just may get what they want.

On Sunday, May 22, Obama will be leaving the country, this time for Ireland, not India. As I have pointed out elsewhere, the Cabal that masterminded 9/11 uses Cabala coding to organize and orchestrate terror events:

  • Candidate Obama received a warning when his campaign aircraft nearly suffered a catastrophic failure on 7/7, 2008; the anniversary of the London bombings.
  • He may have dodged assassination on 9/11, 2009, in what CNN and FOX described as an attack on his motorcade as it crossed the Potomac. Later on official Washington pronounced it an unannounced military exercise.
  • On 4/19/11, the anniversary of Waco and Oklahoma City, and first day of the Jewish passover, Michelle Obama had a close call in the skies over the capitol.

Now the threatened Obamas are flying to the Emerald Island on 5/22, where Friday the 13th “news” stories have revealed an Irish Muslim plot to assassinate him, followed by a report that Osama bin Laden had planned toassassinate him. The POTUS is a puppet, a coerced collaborator on notice to get the job of 9/11-2B done — or else.

Earthquake Extermination Estimates

“Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that’s why this is so important.” — Secretary of Defense William Cohen, 1997

Nuclear Nightmare Notes

The four states identified by the Chicago FBI as sources of nuclear bomb threats (Texas, Oregon, California and Florida) should be considered secondary targets after Rahm the Bomb’s “Phoenix City” (another name for Chicago). Ghost Troop Cyber-Cavalry has led infowar missions to interdict potential false flag operations in three of the five threatened states. Attempts on Chicago, Houston and Portland have been repeated since 2004, and have each been countered by the same intelligence and information tactics of detection and denunciation. Most of the attempted false flags were in conjunction with major military exercises — like those running now.

“Holy Horde” History

  1. 11/26/10, Portland, OR, “Tree Bomber” false flag attempt
  2. 11/6-11/10:  USA, Biden/Netanyahu nuclear reactors false flag attempt
  3. 7/31-8/14/09: Ft Leavenworth, KS false flag attempt against Kansas City
  4. 7/30/09: Bryan, TX, El Dorado Chemical fire — (1) alert (2) analysis
  5. 2 /16-17/09, Chicago, IL, Stimulus Bill false flag attempt
  6. 10/18-19/07: Portland, OR, TOPOFF-4 false flag attempt
  7. 10/18/07: Port Arthur, TX, Dow Chemical explosion
  8. 7/19/05: Beirut, Lebanon, Israeli false flag attempt against Orient Queen
  9. 7/2/06: Baytown, TX, ExxonMobil refinery explosion — the alert
  10. 5/3/06: Sears Tower, Chicago, IL,  false flag attempt
  11. 2/1/06, Morganton, NC, Synthron Chemical explosion
  12. 1/31/06: Texas City, TX, BP refinery false flag attempt
  13. 7/28/05: Texas City, TX, BP refinery explosion
  14. 9/26/04: New Caney, TX, pipeline explosion – the alert
  15. 4/19/04: Sears Tower, Chicago, IL, false flag attempt
  16. 3/30/04: Texas City, TX, BP refinery explosion

Judging Judas Jones

It’s important to note that Alex Jones and the mainstream alternative media will not expose false flag operations. They are collaborative, well-fed media hogs, much more interested in the troth than the truth. In my eight years as a tactical, operational and sometimes strategic commander in the real infowar, I have never seen Jones involved in any action, except as a fifth columnist. In the 16 events above, he and his cohorts accused those doing the fighting of being COINTELPRO, urging listeners to ignore our accurate warnings. He has destroyed interviews that proved our validity and published false articles to obfuscate our successes. Specifically, he perpetrated one or more of these acts in items 8, 10, 12, 13 and 16. In the others he simply ignored the action to broadcast distraction.

False Flag Footnotes
  1. CPT MAY Veterans Today Author’s Archive
  2. “9/11 was good for u!” — The case against Israel
  3. Article 3, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution
  4. National Level Exercise NLE 2011 Private Sector Participation
  5. Responders Train For Cyber Attack On Madison Power Grid
  6. Endeavour soars on 2nd-to-last space shuttle trip
  8. High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) homepage
  9. Emanuel sets inauguration plans
  10. 9/11 forged Emanuel’s pick for police superintendent
  11. Former Weis aide to run Cook County homeland security
  12. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
  13. Jewish Virtual Library denunciation of The Protocols
  14. MOSSAD MAYOR: Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel
  15. Netanyahu in New York on 9/11 and London on 7/7
  16. Netanyahu Knesset speech may be precursor to DC visit
  17. Nuclear drill puts national focus on Kings Bay
  18. Biden/Bibi Nuke War Game Begins w/4 Real China Syndromes!
  19. Zionist Security Firm in Charge at Japanese Nuke Facilities Prior to Disaster
  20. Billboard blitz promotes a May 21 rapture
  21. Obama To Visit Ireland In May
  22. Obama Campaign Plane Emergency: Report Shows it Could Have Been Catastrophic
  23. Potomac River training exercise sparks fears of DC attack
  24. Michelle Obama’s plane in close call
  25. Is anywhere safe? Ireland arrests ‘Taliban Terry’ over threats to kill Obama
  26. Kill Obama: Bin Laden plotted to assassinate President before 2012 election
  27. U.S. Department of Defense News Transcript
  28. NLE-11 Map of Scripted 7.7 New Madrid Earthquake
  29. Pyblic Intelligence: National Level Exercise
  30. Nuke Coded 329211 a Real Threat
  31. Threats Claim Nuclear Bombs Hidden All Over U.S.
  32. Ghost Troop: The Art of Info-War
  33. Holy Ghost Troop vs. the Synagogue of Satan