This story is the MOTHER of all Conspiracy SCIENCE (not Theory).  It explains so much of American history, and why we are currently in the hands of Khazarian, Babylonian “Jews who claim to be Jews, but who ARE NOT.”

A quick synoposis of bullet points of American History.

1810 – The united States refuse to renew The City of London (Mayer Rothschild et. al.) central bank charter.

1810 – The original 13th Amendment is drafted and sent to states for ratification.  9 states ratify.  This 13th Amendment disallows ANY PERSON WITH A “TITLE OF NOBILITY” from serving in Congress, as well as prevents preferential treatment to select classes of citizenry.

What is a “Title of Nobility”?  When one takes a loyalty oath to the “Temple Bar” of The City of London” – one then receives the “Title” of Squire, or Esquire.  (This is the process known as ‘passing the Bar’ – it is the very basic definition of “The Bar” in attorney history.) In 1810, the covert “agents” of the House of Rothschild and the Babylonian “Temp-el”  (House of Baal) were exposed and NOT ALLOWED to be seated in the SENATE or the HOUSE.   The result:  Declaration of WAR by England resulting in the War of 1812.

The original 13th Amendment was present until the end of the American Civil War – when SOMEHOW the original 13th Amendment was replaced by the abolition of slavery law.   I submit this was because both the North and the South were once again in bondage with the House of Rothschild for massive Civil War debts.   The Civil War basically removed the original 13th Amendment.

Without a doubt,  this “Story Behind the Story” has been covered up and evidence of its history destroyed.  How very TRAGIC!!

PLEASE — you MUST watch this stunning video report, part I and II: