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USA-ma Bin Laden Psyops Exposed

Consider that the Satanic “Book of Shadows” prescribes a wedding the world would follow where a blue-blood marries a commoner on the day before Beltane Eve (Beltane = May 1).   On Beltane during the “Grand Climax” astrological alignments, the world would be given news that would result in “exultation” and “dancing in the streets” — a celebration to last exactly 3 weeks (or 21 days)).

Funny how Prince William’s “wedding” was Friday, April 29 – (the day before Beltane Eve).  Funny  how USA-ma Bin Laden is killed on Beltane – and the world rejoices (dancing in the streets of NYC and Washington).   Funny how Prince William’s “honeymoon” lasts exactly 3 weeks – ending Sunday, May 22.

Funny how many Goyim never question.

This video basically exposes the psy-ops.

Ok, here is another breakthrough.

Take a half hour and listen carefully to this testimony and interview of a debt collector named “Al”.  What more is needed to arrest this con-man and his cabal in Washington??

Citizen GRAND JURIES should be convened immediately, and this man INDICTED.   If this FRAUD is allowed to stand, the rule of law is completely nullified — all prisons should be emptied of criminals immediately, and all law enforcement personnel should immediately be given pink slips!!!