Consider that the Satanic “Book of Shadows” prescribes a wedding the world would follow where a blue-blood marries a commoner on the day before Beltane Eve (Beltane = May 1).   On Beltane during the “Grand Climax” astrological alignments, the world would be given news that would result in “exultation” and “dancing in the streets” — a celebration to last exactly 3 weeks (or 21 days)).

Funny how Prince William’s “wedding” was Friday, April 29 – (the day before Beltane Eve).  Funny  how USA-ma Bin Laden is killed on Beltane – and the world rejoices (dancing in the streets of NYC and Washington).   Funny how Prince William’s “honeymoon” lasts exactly 3 weeks – ending Sunday, May 22.

Funny how many Goyim never question.

This video basically exposes the psy-ops.