This public letter is being written and openly posted on my ONLY personal web blog, in rebuttal to the baseless, inherently false and libelous allegations posted by Ms. Kane “on behalf of”  Mr. Leonard Horowitz.

I do not wish to speculate as to the possible motivation inherent in such a vicious and mean-spirited personal attack.  I will leave that to my readers to form their own conclusions.

In my business office, I have a little sign titled “Zoob’s Law” which reads: “Generally people tend to oppose that which they don’t understand – the DEGREE of their opposition being directly proportionate to their ignorance!”   I like that proverb! I have found it to be a true statement.   PERHAPS, Ms. Kane and her good friend Leonard Horowitz have made an honest mistake in judgment, and simply do not understand A. (Alma) True Ott.  Sadly, however, they have willfully chosen to resort to tortuous slander and libelous defamation of my personal character.

Oddly, Horowitz claims to be a natural healer via an exclusive “love frequency” and claims to vigorously oppose those who would covertly create disease and death via big pharma and mass vaccinations.   The latter is commendable and admirable, for it is my desire and motivation as well, while the former is scientifically questionable and smacks of new-age sorcery, not healing naturopathy.  Yet, for some reason, Kane and Horowitz are wrongfully attacking an individual who in reality is nothing less than a pure comrade and colleague in this minefield of propaganda-induced misinformation from the military-industrialist complex.  I find it strange that their energy has been wrongfully focused on harmless old A. True Ott, while individuals like Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger et. al. (the primary creator of the resurrected, cloned 1918 killer virus) of Ft. Detrick and the Centers for Disease Control appears to have been ignored by their vast investigative prowess!!!  One has to ask if perhaps their common ethnicity (Khazarian, IMPOSTER Jews) may possibly be one reason for such blatant omission.

Throughout her libelous text, Ms. Kane accuses me of lying about having a false PhD.  Yet, no mention is ever made that “Dr.” Horowtiz is a DDS – a DENTIST by training.  One should therefore ask, what makes HIM qualified to dispense naturopathy and nutrition to the masses any more than A. True Ott???   Does his HARVARD credentials mean he is a demi-god, Ms. Kane, who walks on water and therefore NO OTHER PERSON IS QUALIFIED TO RESEARCH AND REPORT on any related subjects??

For the record, PhD programs in the field of NUTRITION were virtually non-existent in the early 90’s.  A colleague and mentor of mine in Alexandria Virginia introduced me to a PhD program in 1994 which was brokered by the American College in Washington.  That, at least, is who I paid my tuition dollars to in 1994.   They did not teach it.  They merely supplied the contact and text of the courses offered.

For the record, Ms. Kane, let me be the first to publicly declare that my doctorate degree is NOT accredited by the MASONIC BOARD OF REGENTS of America.   I am actually proud of this fact, not embarrassed by it.  This incredible, unaccredited PhD course taught me unvarnished truth and more importantly how to think critically.  The “professors” declared up front that the degree was not “accredited” – and then went on to explain to me what this actually means.  It means primarily that there are no black robes and ‘mortar boards’ given upon completion.  There is no “Pomp and Circumstance” – only pure education.  The curriculum, you see, was not dictated on an outcome-based “master business” model.  For a more thorough analysis of this TRUTH, the reader should become acquainted with one Mr. John Taylor Gatto and his seminal expose titled “Underground History of American Education”.  This, dear reader, is a HUGE PART of the false “Establishment” of higher education – especially the pomposity of the “Ivy Leagues” – of which Horowitz is a very PROUD product.

For the record, the course list of study for my PhD was prepared by individuals associated with the Benedict Lust Foundation and the Kneipp Institute of Germany.  I enrolled in the program in 1994, and “graduated” on June 14, 1996.   I have attached a copy of my transcripts and course list for those who would question.

I submit that whether a PhD is accredited or not is ultimately irrelevant.  What SHOULD matter most is what is learned, and more importantly, what knowledge is applied and how many people are helped via this knowledge.  Is society better or worse from the applied knowledge, “accredited” or otherwise?   This “education” was and is the basis for the foundation of my company, Mother Earth Minerals, Inc. – which started business originally in 1997 as “Energy Images”.  Ms. Kane accuses me of copying and plagiarizing the works and writings of her good Dr. Horowitz, yet the truth is, my business product line precedes the good Dentist’s “Oxy-Silver” product by many years.   How EGOTISTICALLY SADISTIC of them to denigrate me solely to aggrandize their own business and profit motives!   Again, what is their MOTIVE for such an attack?

For the record, I HAVE NEVER USED ALIASES!!!!  I don’t need to, for I am completely transparent.  The website is not mine in any way, shape or form.   It belongs to a Mr. Alex Studer who is ardently trying his best to help awaken individuals, and who, by his own free will and choice, publishes many of my writings and postings.  Furthermore, I can only take responsibility for what I personally write and post, not for what others WRITE ABOUT ME!!!

Indeed, I formed a grass-roots organization in Cedar City, Utah to oppose the development of the “World’s Largest CAFO (Confined Animal Feeding Operation) called Circle 4 Farms.   What Ms. Kane conveniently ignores is that organizations like the Sierra Club happened to agree with many of our concerns.  This hardly means that I endorse the Sierra Club and its leaders, much less am “funded” by them.  Please!!! This conclusion is the logical equivalent of declaring that since one dog happens to be a poodle – then voila – in Ms. Kane’s demented logic – all dogs MUST be poodles!!!!

Finally, in conclusion Ms. Kane, on the record, I VOTED FOR GEORGE H.W. BUSH, and was deeply sorrowed when Slick Willy Clinton defeated him!!  I was naïve and ignorant at that time you see.  The contents of the “Gemstone” file that I did indeed share with John Kennedy Jr. changed my concept of the man and his organized crime family.  Kennedy, indeed, hired P.I.s and verified EVERYTHING in the file.   John Jr.’s exact words to me days before his death were: “If Dubya thinks he can run for dogcatcher after I am finished with his old man – he is in for a rude awakening.”

If this makes me a “Bush-hater” – too bad, so be it.  It is simply the truth.  Tell me, Dear Ms. Kane – are you a Bush supporter??   Do you believe his official version of 9-11??  Do you think the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are justified?   Do you think Israel is 100% benevolent and has never benefitted in any way from the post 9-11 events???

Finally, in conclusion, there is little doubt in my mind who the REAL Co-intelpros are here.  It should be crystal clear even to the blindest dupes.  Simply answer the following questions, dear reader:  Who has allegiance (via his Alma Mater) of the Ivy League elitists, Dr. Ott or the good Dentist Horowitz?  Who has openly bragged about his elite membership in the Knights Hospitalers, Ott or Horowitz?  Who is of the exact same ethnicity as top illuminati kingpin Evelyn Rothschild??  Who is the phony “doctor of Nutrition” – and who is the REAL DEAL?????  And finally, who has credibility, and who is more than just a little libelously paranoid – and thus quite dangerous to others in so many ways??

With the most deepest regrets for the necessity of this letter’s content,

I am, A. (Alma) True Ott, PhD (with a Certificate of Live Birth to Prove it!)