Let me publicly apologize to Jeff Rense.  It appears that I wrongfully sent him a terse and blistering e-mail yesterday concerning Leonard Horowitz.  You see, my counsel has advised me to print out and totally analyze EVERY e-mail I sent or received from Horowitz and Kane over the last year.   In reviewing an e-mail dated August 12, 2010 issued by Horowitz to me that I had previously ignored, I found this attached to it from what I recognized was Jeff Rense’s personal e-mail address concerning the beginning of the rhetoric between myself and Horowitz:

–Forwarded Message Attachment–
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 18:13:27 -0700
Subject: Re: Please Circulate URGENTLY

Dear Brother…
I’ve been watching this but I don’t want to step in at this time.  I was just named in a $30 MILLION lawsuit
involving Larry Sinclair,, barnes and noble, books-a-million, etc.  I was ONLY named …
I did ZERO to warrant it …to try to destroy me…yet again.   They are upping their efforts.
I know about Szymanski…a phony, slimey sob if there ever was one.  Ott never met a CONspiracy
he didn’t like.  Good people are dying.  I do not believe they will touch you…they would all be burned
to death by the LIGHT that you bring and that surrounds  you.  I must be careful right NOW because of the
LEGAL SHIT they have thrown at me.   I may be bent a bit, but I am not broken. I hope you understand.
My thoughts and best to you and Sherri.
PS –  I don’t believe Fulford is not on the inner circle of anything.  He’s been easily tricked before and
has retreated when I have warned and informed him about that which he is promulgating.  That showed
some interesting flexibility.  I’d suggest a direct phone call to him.
Rense’s reply to me was IMMEDIATE and I believe it was heartfelt and sincere.  We began a dialogue.  Rense immediately declared he NEVER opens an e-mail with the salutation “Dear Brother —–”  Nope — that is Horrowitz through and through.  Brother this and Brother that – puke, gag.  What is he, a Mormon?  That’s the first clue.  The second was Rense telling me about how his IP service was hacked — just EXACTLY as mine was during this exact time frame.  I too had a number of very important e-mails changed and altered.
Today I had a very interesting discussion with Joe McNeil, the owner and founder of The Micro Effect network that produces my radio show The Story Behind the Story.  He has had his T1 lines hacked into and altered.  This hacking happened at the central communications hub in Denver.   Let’s see, the Micro Effect lines get hacked, my computers get hacked, ditto with Jeff Rense.  Suddenly a bogus e-mail appears that is clearly designed to get me to distrust and even attack Jeff Rense.   The scary thing is, it almost worked.  Luckily, Jeff set me straight, and I was patient enough to listen.
For those who may be interested, here is the exchange that precipitated this HoriKane Storm.   Horrowitz’ comments are in black, and my answer to him is in red.  After that, I ignored his “reporting” — that is until he crossed all lines of decency and honor.  He basically awakened the sleeping giant, and now we’ll see who has credibility and who doesn’t.
First – I e-mailed Sherri Kane taking her to task for what I considered the basest form of Yellow Journalism:

On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 6:37 AM, True OTT wrote:
Sherri Kane, aka Cherie Caine:

You have lost all credibility — and you WILL be exposed for who you and Horowitz really are.  (I checked, FOX News has no record of a “Sherrie Kane” ever working for them.)

Thanks for removing ALL DOUBT with your latest blog dribble and half-truth smears against Don Nicoloff and others.  “Bonnie and Clyde” indeed.  Who do you think you’re fooling??

FYI I was very close friends with Don Harkin – I was there with Ingri at his burial to offer my love and support — funny – I don’t remember seeing you nor “Clyde” anywhere around!  How DARE YOU accuse Nicoloff of complicity in his death???  How dare you attempt to smear me for what OTHERS have written?

Thanks also for finally admitting the truth about Lenny “the Shill” Horowitz and his Knights of Malta affiliation.  Truth is truth.

“One of the concordant orders of Freemasonry was called “The Knights of the Order of the Hospital,” and they were called “Knights Hospitalers.” They were the Masonic Order that founded, organizes, directs, and finances Hospitals and health care, throughout the world.”
— Jordan Maxwell; Matrix of Power

The Knights of Malta is a world organization with its threads weaving through business, banking, politics, the CIA, other intelligence organizations, P2, religion, education, law, military, think tanks, foundations, the United States Information Agency, the United Nations, and numerous other organizations. They are not the oldest but are one of the oldest branches of the Order of the Quest in existence. The world head of the Knights of Malta is elected for a life term, with the approval of the Pope. The Knights of Malta have their own Constitution and are sworn to work toward the establishment of a New World Order with the Pope at its head. Knights of Malta members are also powerful members of the CFR and the Trilateral Commission.
— Bill Cooper; Behold A Pale Horse

At the recent “Conspiracy Conference” – Horowitz was asked to comment on his “Knighthood” – and as usual, his narcissistic ego took front stage as he attacked the honest questioner instead of answering this most salient question.   I was eager and willing to give Lenny the benefit of any doubt — hoping that he accepted his knighthood out of ignorance and swelled ego — but after this, I am convinced he is sleeping with the enemy. (Literally).  Why would the Knights Hospitalier hierarchy ever wish to extend an invitation of “knighthood” to a valiant and vocal opponent in the first place, Ms. Kane — and why would such an honest “opponent” ever accept their overtures???  The answer to this is clearly self-evident! Lenny is very likely another “Hal Turner”.

Sherri: Why should anyone believe the writings and speech of a very vocal and shrill PETA activist who concurrently holds an exclusive membership in a preeminent world hunting club whilst promoting anti-hunting animal rights and raising donations from the ignorant masses???  Clearly Lenny, and thus you by association, has a serious conflict of interest problem.   As Lincoln said so well: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

In your “blog” – you attack Fulford for the “false Knights of Malta List” with Horowitz’s name attached – while you admit yourself in the same blog that Lenny is a Knight Hospitaler!!!  How stupid do you think we, ‘The Goy’ are, or are you so mind-warped that you simply can’t grasp reality when it is sitting on your Khazarian face??

True Ott

To this, Kane responded with extreme refinement and high class fitting a woman of her social stature:
On Aug 11, 2010, at 8:48 AM, Sherri Kane wrote:
Thank you for your email. It’s so timely, considering just last night, I received a threatening phone call from your barking dog, Tim White. The light of truth has made you scurry from beneath the covert operation, that you administer, to reveal the cockroach you are! Thank you for exposing yourself, Ott!
You are done and shall be investigated in a murder and libel conspiracy for the assassinations of Edward Harle and Don Harkins and for libeling Dr. Horowitz, and now me, with your obvious Jew hating words.
Because your big lie is that I made the claim that Don Nicoloff was involved in the murder of Don Harkins–It was Edward Harle aka Christopher Story that urged Ingri to investigate Don Nicoloff, and the statement I published is a quote from Ingri, if you read it, you idiot!  All we have done, is put the truth out on the table, and all the guilty parties, yourself included, are signing your own warrants for arrest.  By the way, did your parents name you “True” “Ott”?  If so, that might explain, your lameness, if not, you must have named yourself “True” to promote your lies.
Regarding the libelous “pillow-talk” threats made from both you now and your barking dog, Tim White last night, it is completely transparent, showing everyone, you detract from factual disclosure to apply the standard agent provocateur strategy of character assassinating the messenger, rather than refuting honest evidence-based reporting.
Respond to this question, who in Rockefeller’s organization, pays you?
You are hereby noticed that your emails are being posted, in an ongoing log of criminal conspiracy, as evidence, to be presented to “We the People,” and investigating officials.
Present your evidence of me, changing my birth name, you liar!  Your investigation of me defecting from Fox is as pee-brain as you have made yourself look. More of your distraction and delusion.
You have nothing to say but libel, and every intelligent person sees it.  That’s your game..the counter-intelligence game..libel..smear…degrade…creating dissonance and division. The old Illuminati game. We see you “False Ott”

And finally, here is Leonard G. Horrowitz’ post to me, with my answer in red.  Keep in mind as you read this, that in the Con Conference video excerpt in my earlier post,  — he comes across as a person who is all buddy-buddy with Texe Marrs – and who talks the talk concerning “Jew” World Order, etc.   Now look at his TRUE stance on the matter – and his veiled threats:

From Leonard Horrowitz:


I am in receipt of your mail, and Kane’s reply.
You have totally exposed yourself.  That’s good — for unlike you, I am totally, 100% transparent!  No mistresses meeting up in hotel rooms, no unseen hidden hands influencing my decisions and my rhetoric.
Jordan Maxwell and I have always been on the same page. Last year I arranged to give Jordan a humanitarian award for his loving labors and truth-telling.  Wow — I didn’t have any idea you were in charge of “arranging humanitarian awards”  thanks for sharing that! Your abuse of Maxwell’s disclosures to libel and defame me is the “icing on the cake” of your criminal complicity and provocative agency in conspiracy with Szymanski and White.   Since when is using Maxwell’s quote on the Knights Hospitaler secret society “libeling and defaming” you – unless you are indeed guilty as charged?? Methinks thou protesteth WAY TOO MUCH, Brer Horrorwitch.  
(I am cc’ing Jordan on this for his comment on my position that the current state of the Hospitaller organization is in practical stagnation, primarily due to the dissonance that people within the North American organization that operate like you generate. True humanitarians have little chance to advance loving labors through this, or any organization, because of the agent provocateur infiltrations by people of your ilk.)  So, are you saying that Mr. Jordan was DEAD WRONG in his characterizations of the Knights Hospitaller and that they are nothing but a charitable bunch of do-gooders and humanitarians???  Oh yes, I see — the Freemasons don’t worship the “God of the East” – (Lucifer, the “light-bearer” according to Albert Pike) either, do they Lenny??
As far as Nicoloff, he has a lot of explaining to do, THANKS TO YOU! You engaged him in this matter; Kane didn’t, and I didn’t.  Oh yes, I see!!!  This is ample reason for you to accuse him PUBLICLY of murdering Don Harkin and Chris Story!!! 
The truth is now out-pouring. Yes indeed, thanks to me! Don Nicoloff owes me more than an apology, and he knows it. I have never been anything but kind and professional with Don, until YOU engaged him in your personal dialogue Sherri Kane. Now YOU, via your agency of provocation intending division and dissonance among us, have brought Nicoloff, White, Eric Jon Phelps, besides Szymanski, into the spotlight whereby the world shall watch you scurry, as Kane wrote, like a cockroach running from the light, spreading dirt in your wake.  HUH???  Look closer at Ms. Mossad Kane’s “e-mail chains” and perhaps you will see that it was Mr. White who forwarded the communications to Phelps et. al.    Again, more false character assassination on  YOUR part.     
How stupid of you to expose yourself in your e-mails to Kane, as a Jew-hating man.  Didn’t know that Khazars are truly blood-line, racial Jews!! Nope, as a true Christian, I agree with Christ’s teachings to John found in Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 — i.e. the Khazar Race is the “Synagogue of Satan” and are merely MASQUERADING as racial Jews to control the world.  Like Christ said, I too, “Know their abominations” – their rituals and their crimes against innocent children.  Are you saying this is YOU, Lenny??   What percentage of your hate for Jews, in general, tainted your relationship with me?  That all depends on your covert actions and ties to the secret societies, Lenny!!  You are the one who attacked me, not vice verse.  I trust nobody, especially you and Kane!   How self-loathing and stupid of you to hate Jews your words, not mine — I only dislike and abhor liars and deceivers as the snakes they are! and claim to be Christian; especially when our Messiah was a Jew who came to enlighten the Jews. Wrong again, bubba — Christ was an auburn-haired, blue-eyed Galilean – not a racial Sephardic Jew – and MOST DEFINITELY NOT a member of the Synagogue of Satan- the Khazars. The Galileans attended the synagogues – but were of a different race altogether.   You and your gang, White, Szymanski et al., are slurring Jews like the Jewish hypocrites did to Jesus.   How convenient for you to use the ADL’s proven method of crying anti-Semitism whenever TRUTH is exposed.  PLEASE — try again!  Or are you, in your ultimate narcissism – claiming to be as important as Jesus???
YOU ARE EXPOSED, as an agent provocateur, turning tables on truth and light to create deception and darkness by the only ammunition you have–defamation and libel. Everyone shall see what you do. Keep the e-mails coming with revelation you sick man.  You can bet on it –  revelation is synonymous with empirical TRUTH, Leonard. 
Sherri raises a great question. Who pays you to spew your venom. “True Ott”?  That doesn’t even warrant a response.   That is such a typical “intelligence operative” pat accusation that it is laughable!!     
Len Horowitz

What caused him to call me a “Jew-hating man”??  I used the word Khazar – which is what Horrowitz is.  That’s about it.   That and “Goy”.   Let’s see, it’s ok for Lenny the Khazar to say “Jew” World Order — but I can’t say Khazar or Khazarian???

And now for the final proof of arrogance and  narcissism from Len Horowitz.  He actually has the Chutzpah to issue me a demand letter – a sort of a blackmail note in exchange for my licking his boots and begging his forgiveness!!!!  Let’s see, he’s the one defaming ME and MY character.  He’s the one setting up a URL with my name on it going to his libeling lies — see   I am the aggrieved party with ample grounds for a massive defamation of character lawsuit — and HE gives ME a demand letter??   It’s beyond amazing.  Here is the demand letter with once again, my responses highlighted in red:


(a.k.a., “Dr. True Ott,” John Smith, Loquai Adamane, and David Main)



 This letter serves as official NOTICE OF DEMAND TO A. TRUE OTT, TO CEASE AND DESIST LIBEL, HARASSMENTS, AND CYBER-STALKING; and to remedy damages caused by e-mailing Sherri Kane, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, or any organization, institution, or individual affiliated with them or their business activities, including Tetrahedron Publishing Group, Healthy World Affiliates, LLC, Healthy World Distributing, LLC, and/or any related Internet entity including,, and/or

You have been served with a summons to appear before the California Superior Court to explain why a permanent restraining order should not be levied upon you for issuing libelous mailings and Internet publications of a malicious and racist nature damaging the Complainants.

You have indicated your attorney, Celeste C. Canning, of Ogden, UT, may represent you in Court on June 22, 2011. In service to expediency and economy, the following DEMANDS are made upon you to forego extended litigation involving you and your company in violations of the Lanham Act, title 43a, unfair competition, using libel to damage Complainants by deceiving the public. YOU ARE DEMANDED TO:

1) Publish an “Open Letter of General Apology” to Plaintiffs and the Public including your:

a. Admission(s) of malicious intent to harass and discredit Plaintiffs; I have no “malicious intent” to harass “plaintiffs” – only to speak the truth!

b. Confession(s) of bigotry or hate for Jews used to justify your malicious actions against Plaintiffs, including the misrepresentation that Dr. Horowitz had anything to do with your arrest by FDA officials, IF that even occurred, and your published endorsement of Greg Szymanski’s “Knights of Malta” smear campaign against Dr. Horowitz;  I confess.  I don’t hate jews. I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true. I have many jews who I consider dear friends.  I don’t care much for Khazars who belong to Secret Societies and prey on the innocent, however.  In other words, I don’t care much for “ritual murders” and Khazarian “blood libel”.  I respect and honor all men and all women regardless of their race or nationality, but I detest some of their criminal actions.  I already told you, I only have my suspicions about you and my earlier arrest.  With your latest actions, these “suspicions” are strengthened, not lessened, however. Why are you such a Gentile-hater Mr. Horowitz???

c. General notice to third parties to cease and desist libel against Plaintiffs; as third parties are extending your libel, including the parties cited below that are complicit in your Jewish-hate-related cyber-stalking and libel, including those noticed by your e-mails:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Libel means untruths published with a clear and malicious desire to hurt another party physically or emotionally, Mr. Horowitz.  It is YOU who is engaged in libel – saying I am involved in Jared Lee Loughner’s death cult, and involved in murder and espionage — oh yes, and the HISTER group (whatever that is.)  NOTHING YOU HAVE CHARGED HAS ANY BASIS OF PROOF WHATSOEVER!!!  Zero, Zilch Nada.   You claim I have an alias – David Main.  I have sent you PROOF that this is not true at all. There is indeed a REAL PERSON named David Main on the tax rolls of Ponderay Idaho.  You have chosen to ignore my reconciliatory post showing you the proofs.  You could have investigated David Main yourself – since you and Kane call yourself investigative journalists.  No – instead, you make defamatory, libelous, and ACTIONABLE claims and even go so far as to sign a TRO complaint and call for hearing.  You have failed to offer me even a snippet of an apology after 72 hours.    

d. Notice of apology for Jewish-hate-related libel to the parties in the media, especially at Coast-to-CoastAM, that you and your conspirators-in-libel repeatedly mailed in efforts to smear Plaintiffs:;;;;

I have never sent anything to Coast-to-CoastAM radio.  NOTHING.  Zero, Zilch, Nada.  Can’t apologize for something I didn’t do. I can’t and won’t answer for other people, Mr. Horowitz. 

e. Notice to Ken Adache, Jeff Rense, David Icke, and others controlling websites on which you have published, to publish your “Open Letter of General Apology,” and remove any libelous materials damaging Plaintiffs that were previously published.

They are welcome to post this Demand Letter and my answers to your libelous and tortuous claims as they see fit.  They are independent.  I have no control over what they do or do not choose to write or print or “remove”.  The fact that you even THINK I do is more than just a little creepy.     

2) Issue a written statement to the FBI, San Francisco bureau, cc’ing Complainants, explaining your, and/or your aliases’, mailings’ that reference:

a)  “The Hister” Neo-Nazi Jewish-hate group;

That’s easy – never heard of them before you began posting your Gentile-hate accusations.  Why don’t you tell ME who or what “the Hister” is, Mr. Horowitz?  Incidentally — Gen-tile means Gen = ORIGINAL or FIRST as in GEN-uine, and GEN -esis.  TILE has to do with blood line or ancestry.  The opposite of the prefix GEN – is simply – if not the GENuine Man – he must have a REPresentative.  Opposite antonym of Gentile = Reptile.  No wonder Christ called the Scribes and Pharisees “Serpents – and “Generation of Vipers.”   True Ott is proud to be a Gentile.  What are you??

b) What relationship you have with The Hister;

I think maybe I could have had an Aunt Hister somewhere in my German or Norwegian ancestry.  I’ll have to check on this for you.

c) Why your mail states intent to recruit members into this group; and

Only David Main’s “mail” states intent to recruit members.  I have no group to recruit anybody into. 

d) Why the Jewish Congresswoman, Gabrielle “gifford,” shot by “order” as written by your alias, was sent to Plaintiffs, as this material matter bears on current FBI investigation(s) of the Loughner slayings, terrorist threats to Americans, and the MKULTRA mind control program referenced by Loughner and you, in your mail, and repeatedly as a claimed expert in this field.

That would be a GREAT QUESTION to ask Mr. David Main, who resides at 221 Whiskey Jack, Ponderay Idaho 83852.  Why don’t you have the FBI round him up for questioning? While you’re at it, why don’t you have them ask Loughner’s mother how it is she happened to be a member of the same Sabbatean Synagogue as Ms. Giffords.  Seems a bit strange to me, Rabbi. 

3)  An “Open Letter of Public Apology” for misrepresenting yourself as a “Ph.D.” in nutrition, falsely claimed to have been granted to you by the “American College in Washington, D.C.,” in order to sell health supplements under false pretenses through your company, Mother Earth Minerals, Inc. of Ogden, UT, in competition with Dr. Horowitz and his and; and for any financial damage this may have caused to Dr. Horowitz, his partners, and their businesses; and finally,

As I told you before, my PhD is not accredited by the Masonic Robe Education Establishment of America and Canada–  (The Regents) but the PhD is indeed earned – WELL EARNED with very original research in molecular frequency as those who have known me and my work for the last 20+ years can readily attest. My nutrition book “Wellness Secrets” has been used as a textbook in such prominent ACCREDITED UNIVERSITIES as Drexel.  I’d be happy to share my Doctoral Thesis with you sometime if you promise (with a non-circ agreement) not to appropriate it for your own selfish uses.  In Naturopathy circles in West Germany, the Kneipp Institute PhD’s are the equivalent of Harvard grads here in America, Leonard – so PLEASE, I deserve and demand a little more respect if you please.  Don’t ever again attempt to link me with those phony diploma mills.  I have had my credentials since 1996.   

4) An “Open Letter of Explanation” as to:

a) Your association with Ted Gunderson, a self-proclaimed MKULTRA/COINTELPRO supervising specialist for American counter-intelligence; and

Ted Gunderson has earned my respect over the last 20+ years by his tireless efforts on behalf of Satanic Ritual Abuse victims from Maine to California.  His research into the CIA group The Finders has made MANY KHAZARIAN MOBSTERS VERY NERVOUS.   He was #3 man in the FBI before his retirement.  No doubt he has made some deals with some shadowy characters in his career.  You have to get a little dirty when collaring and handcuffing a pig in the mud.  You should be ashamed of yourself,  Horowitz.  Ted Gunderson is an American Hero —  a man you could NEVER HOPE TO MEASURE UP TO IN THREE LIFETIMES.  He is today deathly ill with cancer – and yet you slander and libel his good name??  Why? How is a cancer victim a threat to you and yours?  You are clearly doing it to aggrandize yourself at his expense.  Words cannot express the despicable nature of such actions. 

b) Why your extended libel, harassment, and malicious efforts to discredit Dr. Horowitz and Sherri Kane with persons working with Ted Gunderson, are consistent modern cyber-stalking methods and Internet operations of the FBI/CIA/NSA COINTELPRO; and

Oh yes, I see!! You must be referring to Doug Millar – the man who had the gonads to confront your snakey self at Con Conference 2010.  Doug Millar has not discredited you by simply asking an honest question.  You have done that yourself by attempting to obfuscate your KNIGHTHOOD.  Is this what this is all about?  Are you pursuing a vendetta against Doug Millar’s colleagues because he embarrassed you so deeply by his questions last summer???     

c) Why your apparent associations deserve your renunciation, or not, of any and all service to the CIA, FBI, NSA, or other government or non-government agency(ies) operating covertly throughout the media to deceive the public, damage targets including “political dissidents,” most venomously generating anti-American sentiments, hate for American governors, undermining nationalism, and infusing disinformation fueling religious and ethnic intolerance, hate crimes, and terrorist group motivations and operations.

I don’t have any such connections – but I submit that you do. You are the one connected to the “Interface Group” by your own admissions.  Perhaps you should confess who YOU are working for, Horrowitz. 

Upon your compliance with this NOTICE OF DEMAND, and your completion of the aforementioned remedies, the Plaintiff(s) shall drop all charges against you.

There are no “charges” – because I am not David Main.  Are you really that brainless,  Scarecrow??  Now – if you and your “associate” Sherri Kane issue a public apology to me and IMMEDIATELY release the URL to my possession within 72 hours, I will instruct my team of attorneys to cease and desist the preparation and filing of massive Defammation and Libel suit against you and Kane on behalf of myself and others you have so maliciously attacked. 

A copy of this “Notice to Cease and Desist Libel,” with remedies demanded above, is being served upon your named counsel, Celeste C. Canning, the California Superior Court, and the FBI.

Thanks for giving our suit some very convincing evidence.

Sincerely yours,


Leonard G. Horowitz