This is the latest communication with Horowitz and Kane.  I gave them one last “benefit of the doubt” — and wanted to see how they would respond to the evidence demolishing their complaint to the court concerning me.
On Jun 19, 2011, at 4:28  True OTT wrote:

Len and Sherri:

I would hope this e-mail is taken in the spirit with which it is intended.

The way I see it, we have two options.  We can either continue this feud, beating each other up, or we can bury the hatchet and move on.  The choice is yours to make.

Based on the evidence I compiled last week, I am personally willing to give you the benefit of the doubt once again, and move on.  Please keep in mind that what I have written and posted to date is in RESPONSE to wrongful attacks made against me, both online and very publicly at the Con Conference.  Nothing more.  If this conciliatory e-mail is ignored, I have to conclude that you are not interested in the cause of truth, but are instead focused on continuing in the wrongful and malicious character assassination of myself and others.  If so, rest assured that I have no choice but to fight back with at least equal vigor.

I spent last week in Northern Idaho.  I enlisted the help of friends in the C.D.L. police department to make inquiries and if possible, to locate Mr. David Main.   As you are likely well aware, Mr. Main is quite elusive to say the least.  His e-mail addresses are very well insulated from inquiry — even from law enforcement.   This is a clue that Mr. Main is skilled in cyber/computer technology.  I personally have no idea how to shield my e-mail addresses from scrutiny.   I have only two.   Of course, I have NO REASON to shield my addresses.   I have no skeletons in my closet.   “Mr. Main – aka Loquai Adamane” is a different story, it would appear.   He wants and NEEDS to remain in the shadows, for some reason.

The first stop we made was David Main’s “address” – 221 Whiskey Jack, Ponderay.  The premises were weed-choked and neglected – though there were a few flower pots blooming.  There was no answer to our knock.   We then proceeded to talk to the neighbors.  Nobody could tell us anything about the occupants of 221 Whiskey Jack.  Nobody knew “David Main”.

We then observed the mailbox.  I was shocked to see OTTS on the box.  (See attached pic.)  It was surreal to see this mailbox.  How could this be a “coincidence” given all of the other anomalies?

The next stop was the Bonner County offices – where we worked with the assessor and the recorder.  The Warranty Deed of 221 Whiskey Jack was located.  Title of the property is held by: “Lynda Rose Otts, an unmarried woman.”  Nowhere on any paperwork was the name “David Main” – or any other masculine name.   There is no mortgage or lien on the property.  The property was purchased by Ms. Otts on 19 Nov., 1997.   Apparently, she paid cash for it.   Another strange fact was waiting for us in the assessor’s office.  All property taxes notices were not sent to the physical address, but to Ms. Ott’s P.O. Box 127 in Kootenai, ID.   This is much farther than the Ponderay Post Office just down the street.  Why rent a P.O. box in another town, especially when the mailman delivers?

Next stop – the post offices.   First stop, Ponderay – where I met with the post-mistress.  Here name is Gale Boyle.  She can be reached at 208 263-9803.  I talked with her Tuesday afternoon, June 14.  I inquired about who rents “Box 88”.  She said she was not allowed to tell me that.  I then asked her if it belonged to “David Main”.  She then confirmed this. I then asked her if she remembered Mr. Main, and she said yes.  I then asked her if I was David Main – to which she responded “Of course not”.  She then confirmed to me that David Main had produced I.D. in order to rent the box.  I then showed her my Utah D.L. – and the interview concluded.

Let’s recap ok?  David Main, aka John Smith (a very common alias), aka Loquai Adamane (French for adamant change), aka FlameDragon, aka The Hister shows up at a Nampa Idaho address and at 221 Whiskey Jack — yet he is not known by the neighbors.   Neither is “Lynda Otts” who has to have her mail sent to a P.O. Box in Kootenai.   Strange to say the least.

You should know that I have initiated quite a massive inquiry on Ms. Lynda Otts.   Apparently, she is 63 years old and she too has numerous aliases and multiple addresses.   One listed residence is San Dimas CA.   — Simi Valley – home of the computer chip.   The investigative trail links her via marriage and/or joint residencies to a gentleman named .   Mr. —-, I believe to be the mysterious David Main.   ——– most impressive CV shows that he is a very skilled computer software engineer with a U.S. Navy/Pentagon background.   In fact, one of his listed clients is a company located in a place called Bluemont, Virginia.  And what is located at Bluemont, Virginia?   The Mount Weather complex, of course.  This online report tells us:

What Do They Do At Mount Weather? 
1) Collect Data on American Citizens: 
The Senate Subcommittee in 1975 learned that the “facility held dossiers on at least 100,000 Americans. [Senator] John Tunney later alleged that the Mount Weather computers can obtain millions of pieces of additional information on the personal lives of American citizens simply by tapping the data stored at any of the other ninety-six Federal Relocation Centers.” 
The subcommittee concluded that Mount Weather’s databases “operate with few, if any, safeguards or guidelines.” 
2) Store Necessary Information: 
The Progressive article detailed that “General Bray gave Tunney’s subcommittee a list of the categories of files maintained at Mount Weather: military installations, government facilities, communications, transportation, energy and power, agriculture, manufacturing, wholesale and retail services, manpower, financial, medical and educational institutions, sanitary facilities, population, housing shelter, and stockpiles.” This massive database fits cleanly into Mount Weather’s ultimate purpose as the command center in the event of a national emergency. 
3) Play War Games: 
This is the main daily activity of the approximately 240 people who work at Mount Weather. The games are intended to train the Mount Weather bureaucracy to managing a wide range of problems associated with both war and domestic political crises. 
Decisions are made in the “Situation Room,” the base’s nerve center, located in the core of Mount Weather. The Situation Room is the archetypal war room, with “charts, maps and whatever visuals may be needed” and “batteries of communications equipment connecting Mount Weather with the White House and ‘Raven Rock’, the underground Pentagon sixty miles north of Washington, as well as with almost every US military unit stationed around the globe,” according to the Progressive article. “All internal communications are conducted by closed-circuit color television (senior officers and ‘Cabinet members’ have two consoles recessed in the walls of their office.)” 
Descriptions of the war games read a bit like a Ian Fleming novel. Every year there is a system-wide alert that “includes all military and civilian-run underground installations.” The real, aboveground President and his Cabinet members are “relocated” to Mount Weather to observe the simulation. Post-mortems are conducted and the margins for error are calculated after the games. All the data is studied and documented. 
4) Civil Crisis Management: 
Mount Weather personnel study more than war scenarios. Domestic “crises” are also tracked and watched, and there have been times when Mount Weather almost swung into action, as Pollock reported: “Officials who were at Mount Weather during the 1960s say the complex was actually prepared to assume certain governmental powers at the time of the 1961 Cuban missile crisis and the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. The installation used the tools of its ‘Civil Crisis Management’ program on a standby basis during the 1967 and 1968 urban riots and during a number of national antiwar demonstrations, the sources said.” 
In its 1974 Annual Report, the Federal Preparedness Agency stated that “Studies conducted at Mount Weather involve the control and management of domestic political unrest where there are material shortages (such as food riots) or in strike situations where the FPA determines that there are industrial disruptions and other domestic resource crises.” 
The Mount Weather facility uses a vast array of resources to continually monitor the American people. According to Daniel J. Cronin, former assistant director for the FPA, Reconnaissance satellites, local and state police intelligence reports, and Federal law enforcement agencies are just a few of the resources available to the FPA [now FEMA] for information gathering. “We try to monitor situations and get to them before they become emergencies,” Cronin said. “No expense is spared in the monitoring program.” 
5) Maintain and Update the “Survivors List”: 
Using all the data generated by the war games and domestic crisis scenarios, the facility continually maintains and updates a list of names and addresses of people deemed to be “vital” to the survival of the nation, or who can “assist essential and non-interruptible services.” In the 1976 article, the “survivors list” contained 6,500 names, but even that was deemed to be low.

Hopefully you now understand that I am NOT David Main.  I am writing this post to you for one reason only.  I can see how all of this may have started.  You received these weird cryptic e-mails that mirrored one of my earlier e-mails.  If I were in your place, I would do a quick online people search to see what I could find on David Main.  You would have also uncovered his address of 221 Whiskey Jack.  Its a simple thing to then have one of your employees in Sandpoint take a look at the address.  They see the mailbox with OTTS on it, and not “MAIN”.  The logical conclusion is then Ott = Main — and the rest is history.

The damage has been done, however.   I understand that it is going to be difficult for you to recant and apologize.  It is hard to publicly admit mistakes.  I understand this, and so I am not demanding public retractions from either of you at this point.  However, I am demanding that you notify the court and voluntarily rescind the complaint filed there at your earliest convenience.  I have prepared my response, and will send it overnight to the court tomorrow morning, with a copy sent on to you as well.  It would also be nice to remove all inflammatory posts from your respective websites, especially the URL  I will, of course, reciprocate.

Please understand that I am prepared to defend my good name with all the assets at my disposal.  If this means a nasty lawsuit, then it will happen.  I am not making threats, you understand — but I most definitely will defend myself most vigorously.

Please respond ASAP.

Respectfully submitted,

A. (Alma) True Ott


Horowitz then responds in this manner:


Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2011 14:22:29 -1000
Subject: Reply from Dr. Horowitz

Dear Mr. Ott,

Your latest mail indicates you may be a victim of cyber-stalking, a reasonable consideration. We know that you are a COINTELPRO agent, and we understand your agenda, the question you raise is why, suddenly, you might be targeted by people within your group, or as you suspect and wrote earlier, NSA?
In any case, with your new links and suspicions tracking to Mr. Jeff Haney, please contact the FBI in Salt Lake City to report your determinations first hand. I prefer you issue your defense with criminal investigators.

Your request to cancel the court hearing on Tuesday is unwise, considering the safety of all Americans must be considered foremost. If your suspicions concerning —— and Main are accurate, it lends additional evidence to Kane’s and my concern that racist terrorist groups are funded by US tax dollars to incite domestic violence, divide religious and ethnic groups, and foment terrorism and terrorist attacks. This is a clear and present danger. Whistleblowers like us, working to determine and tell the truth, are ethically compelled to do our jobs in service to God and country, in helping to protect people everywhere.

Frankly, the “olive branch” you extend remains poisoned by widespread Internet libel and many threatening e-mails–what you and your networked propagandists have attempted to do to me and Ms. Kane to shut us up, including the following agents: White, Studer, Adachi, Millar, Oxley, Hilder, Fahey/Carpenter, Szymanski/Ericson, Nicoloff, and Phelps.  All in this organized libel-ring appear to serve Mr. Gunderson–definitively linked by marriage to Diana Rively (according to his own hand writing) to Anton LaVey and Michael Aquino’s Church of Satan. Add Gunderson’s published resume that includes a reference to his supervisor position in the FBI/CIA MKULTRA COINTELPRO operation after serving in Los Angeles as FBI, Division 5, director. This agency was used to “disseminate intelligence on government corruption,” according to Gunderson’s previous associate, Barbara Hartwell. Add to this highly incriminating material evidence Mr. Aquino’s MKULTRA leadership in NSA, COINTELPRO, the Temple of Set, and numerous successful defenses against criminal child abuse, kidnapping, and child trafficking, and I understand your anxiety.

I can also understand your sudden determination to distance yourself from Timothy Patrick White, and aversion to posting substantive responses to my previous request to you to “come clean” in-so-far-as your ties to Gunderson, White, Millar, Szymanski, Nicoloff, and Phelps. You have all published e-mails and articles referencing your similarly racist ideologies, that appear to originate with Mr. Phelps, best explaining your group’s “anti-Khazar” “anti-Zionist,” and widely perceived to be “anti-Jewish,” rantings.  Since you are only one member of this obviously well-organized and outspoken libel and harassment team, you are unable to provide the relief necessary to remedy much of anything, since everything published is already archived and circulated in the public domain.

FYI, all such attacks against Sherri Kane and myself are transparent and stupid, far more degrading to you, than me. You and your allies’ allegations concerning my, or Ms. Kane’s sexual impropriety, is ludicrous, especially considering the weight of evidence being advanced to your disadvantage. Every reasonably intelligent reader of your team’s libelous propaganda can only conclude your evasion of Ted Gunderson’s handwritten letter to Barbara Hartwell, and other substantive material facts as stated above, indicts you and undermines any good you think you are doing, offensively or defensively.

We pray that you will appear in the California Superior Court in Laguna, as served and acknowledged, on Tuesday, June 22, 2011, at 9:30AM, to present your defense of your e-mails, publications, and network of collaborators’ malicious libel linking you, through Mr. Main, White, Millar, Gunderson, and the MKULTRA mind-control program, including the training of programmed assassins, to the Church of Satan/Temple of Set and Jeffrey Loughner, gunman in the “Tucson Massacre.”

Sincerely yours,

Leonard G. Horowitz
My final response:

Mr. Horowitz:

More Jesuitical Arguments.   You are without a doubt the undisputed master of this.
The issue is not Gunderson, White, Millar, etc.   The issue is simply, as stated by Ms. Kane UNDER OATH TO A COURT OF LAW UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY, is True Ott actually a cyber-stalking satanic murderer utilizing the alias of David Main/Loquai Adamane?   This is the substantive focus of the complaint.   Anything else is superfluous.
Do you really believe this “hearing” will evolve into a discussion of the wild conspiracy theory you project below?   A theory with hearsay and convoluted testimony from other questionable, self-proclaimed CIA operatives as its primary fabric?  With all due respect, if indeed you think this, you are delusional.   Don’t you think it even remotely possible that Hartwell, Phelan, et. al. are themselves the very COINTELPRO agents working for the billionaire CIA “Finders” to discredit Gunderson?   (If Gunderson was all you say he is, he would be as wealthy and well-healed as the heal Aquino, don’t you think?) Again, this is not about Gunderson — it is about me and your false accusations.
You go wild and crazy over me speculating about why you were inducted into the Knights of the Hospital (a division of the K of M).   About what you could have possibly done to merit such an honor from the Club of Rome.   Yet you apparently cannot empathize with my complete outrage over the attempted character assassination of myself with such malice aforethought.  I have never accused you of murder and mayhem, Leonard.  Only of you accepting questionable honorariums, and of possible high hypocrisy.   Going into a court setting, and swearing UNDER OATH to such defamatory and scandalous charges, is crossing the line.
The focus is, WHO THE HECK IS DAVID MAIN?   I have provided proof to the court (at substantial out-of-pocket expense) that True Ott is NOT David Main.   Again, this is the central component of Kane’s complaint.  When Kane’s allegation under oath is proven baseless and false — then the entire house of cards argument crumbles.  in case you didn’t know, perjury is a crime, Mr. Horowitz — and with your “DEMAND LETTER” you have become an accomplice.
Again, if you have any honor and decency, you should notify the court tomorrow and rescind the complaint.
True Ott