This expose is in response to declarations found on Horowitz’ own website postings (one of 300 URL’s he controls) found at:

When the heat is on, look for this website of the Grand Narcissist Poo-Bah to disappear, just as Sherri Kane’s fraudulent personal profile disappeared after investigations exposed that much of it was bogus mythology as well.

Can you handle the TRUTH folks?  For what it’s worth, here it is.

LEONARD G. HOROWITZ IS NOT,  I REPEAT, NOT  a “Knight of Malta”.  That’s right, he’s not!   He’s not even a Knight Hospitaler.  IT’S ALL A FRAUD.  A SCAM.  A perversion instigated by a truly sick-minded narcissist of the highest international order.   How’s that for a stunning revelation?  It’s all true, folks.

It took a full day of phone calls, and calling in favors from TRUE PATRIOTS I know and admire greatly in Washington, D.C.   — but I have done the research.  I have done my “due diligence”.    The light of TRUTH will now shine on these crooked shysters.  It is truly eye-popping.

In a simple nutshell,  the individual who “knighted” Leonard G. is a man named Charles McWilliams.  He claims to be a M.D. but is actually a huge fraud.   He received his “credentials” solely from a diploma mill in Sri Lanka called the “OPEN”  International University for Complementary Medicine” – the OIUCM (we-see-um).   Indeed – from the largess of Mr. McWilliams, and a whopping donation of $400 – ANYONE can don the black robe with White Cross, travel to NYC, and receive a TOTALLY MEANINGLESS “KNIGHT OF MERIT” award (or DAME of merit if a female) compliments of the bogus Open International University for Complementary Medicine!

From the Chiropractic watchdog website:

“The Sri Lanka Medical Council stated that ‘the ‘OIU Medical School Columbo, S.L.’ listed in Dr. Holder’s resume did _not_ exist (Emphasis his.)

“A colleague determined that there was an ‘OUI’ in Sri Lanka, but it is called Open International University for complementary medicine, and it is not an accredited medical school.’ For an additional fee of $400-US, outstanding students are awarded an M.D. (which is their abbreviation for Masters Degree) or other degrees such as B.Science, or extra credentials. (Parenthetical comment his.)

“We were told that ‘OIU’ has additional prizes for sale such as ‘the Albert Schweitzer Award’ and ‘Knighthood’ (for an additional fee of $400-US).” (Parenthetical comment his.)

Now doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy???  I submit it all makes sense.  If Horowitz truly was a Knight of Malta – he wouldn’t announce it on the internet with pictures of the ceremony itself the way he did.  The Sovereign Order of Malta, which is SECRET MILITARY SOCIETY, would never allow such a thing of a brand-new knight – who takes very severe  blood oaths of Jesuit secrecy with the penalty of death for overt disclosure.    However, an individual afflicted with NPD (Narcissist Personality Disorder) would not hesitate to trumpet the bogus proceeding from the rooftops.   More self-aggrandizement.  Nothing less. Is it harmless chicanery?  You decide for yourself.

Wikipedia’s excellent historical entry on the Knights Hospitaler reveals the bogus operations.  Quote: “The large passage fees collected by the American Association of “SMOM” in the early 1950s may well have tempted a man named Charles Pichel to create his own “Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller” in 1956.[4] Pichel avoided the problems of being an imitation of “SMOM” by giving his organization a mythical history, claiming that the American organization he led had been founded within the Russian tradition of the Knights Hospitaller in 1908; a spurious claim, but which nevertheless misled many including some academics. In truth, the foundation of his organisation had no connection to the Russian tradition of the Knights Hospitaller. Once created, the attraction of Russian Nobles into membership of Pichel’s ‘Order’ lent some plausibility to his claims.

These organizations have led to scores of other self-styled Orders. Two offshoots of the Pichel Order were successful in allegedly gaining the patronage of the late King Peter II of Yugoslavia, and King Michael of Romania.[4]

Did you get that fellow seekers of Truth??  Didn’t the KHAZARIAN BOLSHEVIKS  in reality exterminate ALL OF THE ROMANOFF FAMILY in a very bloody coup?  Of course they did – but that hasn’t stopped scam artists from preying on the gullible.   What is it with America’s infatuation with ROYALTY, HMM??

Here is the late “Prince Michael Romanoff of Romania” and HIS true identity exposed:








Restauranteur, Famous Imposter. He claimed to have been notable people including Rasputin’s Assassin, the son of British Prime Minister William Gladstone and even a cousin of Czar Nicholas II. In 1927 after careers in farming to peddling papers, he moved to Hollywood where he opened a restaurant and began a career as a somewhat actor. It was found later that “Michael Romanoff” was indeed a fake and that his real name was Harry F. Gerguson, the son of Russian Jewish immigrants.
You see, there are many people claiming to be Michael Romanoff.  They are all Khazarian impostors after the order of Bernie Madoff.
It figures Leonard Horrowitz would be involved in something like this.
Here is what the NPD Horowitz himself posted concerning this sham knighting ceremony – with my comments in brackets.

Sovereign Orthodox Order of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem


November 12, 2006


Cathedral of the Holy Protection,  [Actually the correct name is Cathedral of the Holy VIRGIN Protection — Ott]

New York City, New York

A day we won’t forget

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz was honored with the official title “Knight of Merit” by the former Grand Priory in St. Petersburg, high Imperial Protector his highness Prince Michael of Russia. The formal ceremony of investiture, in which nearly 40 new knights were similarly recognized, occurred under the Order established in New York by Russian nobility headed by Count Nicholas Bobrinskoy (recently deceased). The Order has remained under the protection of Prince Andrew, a double Romanoff, the oldest son of the Grand Duke Alexander Mikailovich. Now his eldest grandson, Prince Michael Romanoff, serves as the organization’s Sovereign Protector.   [All bogus MYTH HISTORY — Ott]

For this ceremony, as a tribute to Nicholas Bobrinskoy, HH Prince Michael of Russia flew in from Australia to stand in for the deceased Count, and will continue to do so until a new Grand Prior is elected by all the Knights and Dames in good standing.

Chevalier (“Sir” is the exclusive title in the British monarchy) Leonard George Horowitz was nominated for knighthood by Professor Sir Charles McWilliams, Chancellor of the World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners,  [his own creation and spawn of the bogus OIUCM – Sri Lanka — Ott] and Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller, Dr. McWilliams recognized Dr. Horowitz for his work in natural medicine and vaccination risk awareness that has helped save thousands of lives, especially childrens’.

During the ceremony, Dr. Horowitz pledged to serve the organization’s mission to continue serving humanity, the sick and needy, with an open-hearted acknowledgment of the Source of love and humanitarian contribution, [Choke, Gag, Etc. —- Ott]  Judeo-Christian and otherwise.

It’s all a huge scam, folks.   Wow!!!

Now let’s take a deeper look into the We-See-Um (OIU CM)   This little club appears to be a rogues gallery of purveyors of sleight-of-hand and magic – including witchcraft.  Just look at their official logo and history, and you can get an idea of their true agenda.  Their logo is of all things, a Pentagram on a midnight black background  – the sacred geometry of the International Satanist.  (The HEXAGRAM was already taken, you see!)

OICUM Seal and Logo


From the OICUM Website:

“This International Organization formed in 1962 congruent to the policy objectives of the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. In 1962 The WHO and UNICEF sponsored an International Conference in USSR at Alma Ata, at the University of Kazakhstan.   At this conference the ALMA ATA DECLARATION defined a global strategy for public health and preventive medicine which epitomized as “HEALTH FOR ALL BY 2000 A.D.”
It was decided in 1987 to constitute The Open International University for Complementary Medicines with special emphasis to conduct an intensive clinical training program on various Complimentary and alternative therapies world wide, working with conjunction with other affiliated originations. The Sri Lanka Government was requested to enact legislation to enable The Open International University for Complementary Medicines to be constituted as a privately funded postgraduate institute. In March, 1988 onwards, degrees are being conferred and training courses are being conducted under the U.N. theme “Health for all by 2000 A.D.”

Oh yes, indeed – doesn’t this sound like a most fantastic “humanitarian” agenda?   Imagine, top U.N. Khazarians composing the W. H.O. meeting in Soviet Russia during the height of the “Cold War” – and there issuing something called the “Alma Ata” Declaration.  Alma = fostering mother.  This then is the heart and soul of the New International Order.  To place everybody in the world under a universal system of “HEALTH CARE” as directed by the Club of Rome and the World Health (Hell) Organization!!   Isn’t it funny how COMMUNISTS and SOCIALISTS from Adolf Hitler to Barack Obama seem inordinately pre-occupied with providing universal “Health Care”??

Here is just one small snippet from this “Alma-Ata Decree”:    “The International Conference on Primary Health Care calls for urgent and effective national
and international action to develop and implement primary health care throughout the world and particularly in developing countries in a spirit of technical cooperation and in keeping with a New International Economic Order.  

A WORLD-WIDE HEALTH CARE PLAN will ring the cash registers of Big Pharma like never before.  Don’t forget who Horrowitz NPD worked for as their “TOP ADVISER” before moving to Sandpoint, Idaho — the world’s largest health-care provider –  HENRY SCHEIN INC.

DO YOU GET IT YET, PEOPLE????  Leonard G. Horowitz is without a doubt one of the Club of Rome’s premier agent provocateurs.  They awarded him their bogus BS “KNIGHT OF MERIT”!!!  He has the credentials legitimately of course – a master’s degree in PUBLIC HEALTH from HARVARD, no less.   His job, I submit, is to identify, monitor, then attack and destroy LEGITIMATE NATURAL  HEALTH PRACTITIONERS AND NUTRITIONISTS — for they are the big monkey wrench in the gears.

In 2006, just a few months before they inducted Horowitz into their hall of dishonor, these arch-criminal wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing held their international conference in NYC.   Because it was held on American soil, there was a press release on the event – but this “International Congress” meets somewhere on the planet each and every year just as the Bilderbergers do as well.  It’s funny how not even the alternative media is exposing this little shindig (that is until now.)   From their 2006 Press Release we read:  “Prof. Dr. Dame [yep, she too has been “knighted” and paid her $400 black-robe rental fee — Ott] Linda Lancaster, Chancellor of OIUCM USA, says, “Teaching peace must begin with health practitioners. As a community, we each need to stay focused on our inner environment and bring peace awareness to our patients.” She adds, “We are continually challenged by the destruction of the essence of man. Through OIUCM’s World Congress of Integrated Medicine we aim to support peace through integration of all medicines worldwide.”

“Many prominent international dignitaries, doctors and humanitarians will also participate in the World Congress, including Peace Ambassador and Economist Alfredo Sfeir-Younis of the World Bank; Rima Laibow, M.D., Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation, who will discuss the threat to global food and nutrition quality posed by worldwide CODEX Alimentarius. celebrity actor Anthony Edwards  an Emmy Award-winning American actor and director, who will talk about latest research on autism and Prof. Dr. Sir Charles McWilliams who will share the very fascinating history of the Order of the Knights of Malta Knights of Malta and Knights of Rhodes.

Excuse me. What is an executive of the Rothschild WORLD BANK doing rubbing shoulders with the likes of Rima Laibow???

There it is folks.   How much more evidence do you need to put a stop to the clearly criminally fraudulent antics of Leonard Horrowitz NPD??

OICUM Seal and Logo