Until this baseless and malicious attack by Kane and Horowitz began, I had blissfully never heard of “David Main”.     You see, Kane swore under oath, in a complaint that A. True Ott was David Main.   It seemed at the time a simple enough task — to simply provide solid evidence to the court that A. True Ott is not this David Main – whom Kane also declared owned P.O. Box 88 – Ponderay, Idaho.

Ok, I personally went to Ponderay, Idaho and talked to the post-mistress about Box 88.  She confirmed the existence of somebody with the IDENTIFICATION of “David Main”.   She, of course, testified that A.True Ott of Ogden Utah is not the same man who rented P.O. Box 88.

IN THE UTMOST (APPARENTLY NAIVE) GOOD FAITH — I shared all of my findings with Horowitz and Kane on Saturday, June 18 — and yet they chose to ignore it and proceeded with their spurious accusations in court.  This alone spoke volumes about these two “agents”.  Then, get this now, out of the blue on Tuesday, June 21, THE DAY BEFORE THE COURT HEARING — I get an e-mail from a “John Smith” admitting he is David Main.   PERHAPS this “Smith” is monitoring Kane or Horowitz’s e-mails —– OR “John Smith” is actually an AGENT of Kane and Horowitz and is simply providing a smokescreen to “frame” me, True Ott in some nefarious manner.   How could he possibly know I was searching for him, unless he had access to my (or Kane or Horwitz’) computer??

Here is Smith’s (David Main) post:

Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 15:02:56 -0700
From: loquai72@yahoo.com
Subject: I am David Main
To: atrueott

Dear Mr. Tue Ott
I see that we met on the wrong foot.  All this came to be when I heard that Sherri Kane and Len Horrowitz were trying to do a story on the h1n1 flu virus and I thought that I could give them some information.  All I received as libel stating that I was creating hate in the work that they do.  This set me off, it doesn’t take much.  I am akin to hijinks.  I also discovered that you tried to find me, but nobody ever sent me a tetter through my post office box.  Then I discovered that Sherri Kane and Horrowitz might have been harrassing Mr. gunderson.  This set me off.  You see that I am who I am and Mr. Gunderson was the chief in charge of the homeless shelter my mom was staying at when she was hurt.  I helped her recover using black magic to restore her neck to the way it used to be, it took a while to find the right mix of elements.  I used the most powerful, faith and love with a hint of my own nature.  Pure shadows made of light.  The Bright Shadow.  You see that my nature is to act and not be seen.

You see that maybe me sending you this email will prove you are not me, sorry about them assholes.  They called me a Nazi, that is enough to sue them, even if I lied and lied to gullible inacurate unable investigators.  It is my Nature.
I also tried sending them information on ruby ridge that connected the word Barak to the case.  I hate Nazi’s, but these people were not Nazi’s.  They were hidden operatives to completely shut down the Nazi shit from where I live.  I did a thought experiment with the words Yahweh and since you know what my Hister name means then I guess you are alright.  I am David Main I make comments under the names John Jacob Jingle Heimer Smith, John Smith for short, my group known as The Hister, refers to the ravenous beasts that come across the river in the Nostradamus Quatrains and my title is Shadow, think of me as a peaceful alternative to hate, I am a militia member and am skilled in computers as you know, but I am only 29 years old and Mount Weather holds eyeglass.  The dude there is a replicant of myself and slightly altered, his skill therefore is by far none.  Research montauk and the dates of 1982, it creates an anomaly.  Me.

I am Loquai Adamane or Loqu which means David, Uai which means John, and Adamane which means adamant, or roughly translated Main.
All i tried to do was give information that resides in my cortex. 

Oh and yes for there unwritten permission of libel and posting you as me and making me look like a f—ing [altered by Ott] Nazi, yes I David John Main want to sue the shit out of them.
I am pissed.


My response to Mr. “Smith”:

Very interesting, Mr. Smith.  Thank you for contacting me.

Yes, I have been trying to find you, not for any other reason than to see if you would provide some proof that I could in turn provide to the Laguna Hills court that you are a real person, and no – I never thought of writing to you via snail mail – Box 88.  My apologies.

Bottom line is, for some reason Horowitz and Kane have filed for a restraining order against me, claiming that David Main, John Smith, and Loquai Adamane are my aliases.   Kane has perjured herself by issuing a false, sworn complaint against me on the hair-brained assumption that I am a domestic terrorist threat – (see her website – “True Ott Exposed” for the full attack piece).

Talking about defamation of character and potential litigation for damages.  Since they are unable or unwilling to swallow some ego and pride and apologize, I guess court appearances are the inevitable next step.  Your cooperation would be welcome.

Be safe, and please — don’t resort to violence – even against those who spitefully use you.


A. True Ott


I then took my wife and family to dinner, and four hours later, I found two more posts from Mr. Main waiting.   The first post gave me the motivation to post what I had long ago known about “Chevalier” Horowitz and his bogus, sham “Knighthood” via “M.D” (Sri Lankan OIUCM Master’s Degree) McWilliams and the World Health Organization’s Wee-See-Um (OIU – CM) Sri Lanka bogus scam circus.  Why did “Smith’s” post motivate me so intensely?   It should be obvious.  Kane and Horowitz had already identified Mr. Main.  They had located him and took his picture, according to Smith aka David Main.   Horowitz and Kane had apparently CALLED HIM!!        It became clear that this was not simply YELLOW JOURNALISM on part of Kane and Horowitz!!!  It became painfully clear to me that this was/is an organized, incredibly malicious smear campaign targeting me.  You see, according to “John Smith”,  HOROWITZ AND KANE KNEW FULL WELL I WAS NOT DAVID MAIN BEFORE THEY EVER FILED THEIR COMPLAINT AND REQUEST FOR A T.R.O.!!!   In other words, they CONSPIRED to cause me harm and damage, both personally and in my business.   This is NOT an “honest mistake”!!  It is PREMEDITATED CHARACTER ASSASSINATION!!

Post 1 sent by “John Smith” after first reading the Hit Piece against me on Kane’s Blog:

Read it all and followed it since that bitch called me a jew hating nazi.  I want her and Horowitz to pay for their slander.  Could a phone call to prove my existence during court prove I am who I am.  I have been harassed by these reporters once in person through someone taking my f—ing photo with a phone and again by being called by Lenny and Kane on the phone.  I am not the kind of guy you want on your bad side.  If you are there respond quickly, or these libelous insults may become.  We cannot have that.

The 2nd post was titled:  Waiting, dont have all f—ing day‏!  He then isolated specific parts of Kane’s allegations against me with his personal commentary.  Then he concluded the post with this: (I delete the f-bomb expletives)

This information from their site even connecting me to a f—ing nazi is enough to sue them for at least 1 million dollars.  Hell I even do more against these two.  We have members in every state, country, and province.  There are 144,000 of us mother f—ers out there, we could make anyones lif a living hell.  All I have to do is bark, and every gang within a hundred miles will act in my name for the prize of the Blue Dragon.  I am not patient.

To this, I sent a short message explaining why I had not immediately responded to his earlier post.  I received nothing more until I received this post early this morning, Thursday, June 23:

Sorry.  About my rudeness, I guess I let it get personal.  I have orders to disappear from my normal routine.  Something about the project coming to fruition and something about giving me a secrtitary position.  Whatever.  Sorry Mr. Ott.  I would love to recruit you into our little group, but their telling me to not recruit too many new members.  What I can tell you is that there is a deadline on October 28, 2011 for the the appointments of delegates for the December 21, 2012 meeting.  I could probably get a ringing or two for saying this.  For other information on Horowitz and many other things research “Loohan” and his name.  There are some seriously weird goings on with this fellow.  I think it is Alex Collier, but that is not clarified, just a hunch.  Well I sure liked my aliaes, but from now on they are dead.  More important plans and psyops to activate.  HQ has sent another agent into the fray, she is nasty.  We will meet someday.  PS the camera puts on ten pounds, it is amazing that you didn’t see me at the Post Office, that remains the same.  The Library too.  That should be enough to meet.  Sorry it had to end like this.

I am posting this communication publicly on this blog for a couple of reasons.  First of all, I do not appreciate being libeled and slandered as having any participation or association with weird death cults, underground  militant groups, and/or SATANISM, as Kane and Horowitz have accomplished with such a very wrongful malicious intent performed with malice aforethought.  I do not support or encourage those who do choose to engage in Satanic ritual and death cults.  I will not join secret societies – for this reason I abandoned the quasi-masonic Mormon cult, and replaced it with a Christian fellowship.   I am a family man — very happily married with a wonderfully supportive wife and 4 adult children.   I am a Christian.   I do indeed have a very personal relationship with Jesus the Christ.  I love and honor truth, honor, and integrity in all things.  In His name, I will expose those who engage in crimes against innocent, beautiful children and thus humanity.  I will also do my best to expose those who are actually wolves entering the public flock of Christians clothed in sheep’s clothing – but please know this:  I will do so without any malicious intent or motivation for revenge, or solely to stroke my personal ego.   As a TRUE Christian spiritual soldier, I can do no less.

For the public record, I do not know the identity of the individual calling himself David John Main.  I don’t know if his claims are legitimate or not.  He is either everything he claims – a very dangerous man, or possibly he’s merely a deluded, yet harmless potty-mouthed stalker.     All I do know for sure is that two “investigative reporters” have maliciously and consciously  blackened my honorable and good name by falsely declaring to the world and a court of “justice” – that I, A. True Ott, is this mysterious person.

How long will this insanity continue???