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Mutant rabies, flu viruses could lead to havoc

June 25: The rabies season has just receded. And it’s time now for the human influenza or common cold to make our lives miserable. Rabies and the common cold, though their effects on our health are very different, are both caused by viruses and there is no known medical cure for either. While the common cold subsides within a week without causing much harm, rabies has always proved to be lethal. Of late, with rabies and influenza, particularly the type of influenza caused by the H1N1 virus, creating panic in the state, scientists took time off to imagine the sort of scenario we see in those Hollywood flicks in which viruses mutate or hybridise to emerge as dangerous pathogens. The question they are now asking is: what happens if rabies and the influenza viruses exchange their genetic make-up and emerge as a new hybrid strain that has the properties of both rabies and flu pathogens? The answer is quite chilling, even though it’s improbable that this can happen. The new virus will create havoc, killing people everywhere and turning cities into graveyards. It could do this because the rabies virus would become air-borne (like the influenza virus), spreading through the air, unlike at present where it is spread through the bite of a rabid dog. “Rabies has been under check thanks to the stray dog control programmes by local municipal bodies, but if the rabies virus gets the traits of human influenza virus, which is capable of spreading through the air, nothing will stop it. But it is unlikely to happen though some scientists in the US believe otherwise,” says geneticist Dr M.N. Khaja. And since the “air-borne” rabies virus will find its way into the body either through the mouth or nose, death will be instantaneous or within a couple of days. “Unlike other pathogens that travel through blood or lymph, the rabies virus makes its way to the brain through the nerves. The nearer the route of infection of the rabies virus to the brain, the faster the death,” adds veterinary surgeon Dr Muralidhar. Some scientists visualise a zombie like situation in the world of humans if the rabies and human influenza viruses undergo hybridisation. The rabies virus, when mutated with the influenza virus, will behave like a zombie, with uncontrolled madness. The infected humans too will behave like zombies, according to a National Geographic report. To support its claim, the report says scientists in northern Arizona have found that animals, particularly skunks and foxes, are actually sprea-ding the virus through socialisation, that is, through the aerial route. Just by moving together with an infected animal, a healthy animal may be infected with the air-borne virus, not necessarily through a bite. “What is unusual is that this new strain of rabies appears to have mutated so that foxes and skunks are now able to pass the virus on to their kin — not just through biting and scratching but through simple socialising, as humans might spread a flu,” says the report in National Geographic News. In the Indian scenario, wild animals are spreading the rabies virus to domestic animals like dogs. Whether the virus is transmitted from wild animals to stray dogs through bites or socialisation is yet to be studied. But since the rabies and flu viruses have different genetic make-up, hybridisation between the two is theoretically impossible. But things can go awry when man meddles with natural laws, as he is prone to do. New pathogens and new diseases have evolved in the recent past and what once formed part of science fiction has now become a reality. Let’s hope, such a deadly strain with a combination of rabies and flu traits never becomes a reality.

And now this critique of the article from my colleague, Dr. Patricia M. Jordan DVM:

Here is someone writing on the topic again, however, they are incorrect and obviously unaware to what has already been  accomplished in the labs with genetic engineering as well as what they are working on just south of the border from Arizona where a new species jumping rabies hybrid has developed,
in Mexico-where they are making a Bird Flu vaccine combining a chimera of rabies in influenza virus.
From the live rabies chimera oral bait, a genetically engineered virus introduced by a drug company selling genetically engineered recombinant DNA technology in the way of vaccines to our veterinary facilities-
The facts are , the release of a genetically engineered rabies live virus chimera linked with a pox virus has reverted to virulence in some cases, individuals (humans have come down with the pox lesions). Luckily or planned that way, a drug from a drug company developing biological warfare products was able to “treat” the pox disease that was picked up from humans handling these live rabies chimera baits.
These are the same infective baits seeded into urban neighborhoods the day before Halloween on the Cape where children out trick of treating could very easily have been infected. The public had absolutely no pre warning the baits were coming on Halloween Eve. I looked into the reports and the plan to seed the environment was actually for two weeks later—so why was this done the night before Halloween endangering the children?

These genetically engineered rabies baits were thrown out of airplanes here in the US starting in 1995 when the USDA allowed this to take place without any gene impact studies or environmental impact studies.

The fact that now we have this new “rabies hybrid” that came out of Arizona? Grand Canyon and is spreading…..
where is the responsibility in this new rabies for coming about?

Hilary Koprowski teased out the silver haired bat rabies (with 98% lethality) from nature-for what purpose did he do this?
Other labs have worked on weaponizing rabies virus by making it “aerosolized”.-why would they do such a thing?

The number of animals walking out of the woods following a live rabies bait drop questions the intelligence of using this system as a way to control rabies in the first place. The fact that many wild animals in Ontario were found to be infected with the oral rabies strain from the baits means the rabies in indeed infective. Then we see our companion animals getting exposed to rabies and the alert goes out for everyone to get their pets vaccinated, however this usually ends up being the same repeatedly vaccinated populations of animals.

Curious that they have spent all this money on the new RAB ID alert system of internet mapping and yet justify the expendiutre on the fact that despite having the live oral rabies chimera bait in use since the USDA unleashed Merial’s product in 1995 they did this without any scientific proof that the process was “effective”. However this is also the sad facts about the implementation of vaccines in general, medicines, diagnostics and the use of GE and GMO anything!

Looks like the big WHOOPS is out of the bag. Just as releasing the GE GMO crops, there is no putting this back!
There is increasing amounts of rabies “species jumping” and all matters now of wildlife rabies never before reported and…..increasing number of “no bite rabies” cases in humans.

The AVMA, CDC and the COlorado State Vet are now on public record admitting to the species jumping rabies hybrid out there!

The aerosolization of rabies is now of such concern that one morgue in Kentucky? Illinois? refused to do an autopsy on a man suspected of dying from rabies but without a history of a bite.
The CDC has had to come out with new directives on performing rabies autopsies for morgues.

The US recently gave to China the gene series for the rabies virus.
The Homeland Security, FBI, CIA has recently put our warnings for us to be on the look out for basement terrorists that would be
genetically engineering a rabies virus as a weapon of biological warfare. Yet, the UK in Pune, India and China but more than any other the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA have been working on rabies research and biological warfare. WHY IS THIS?

Everything above highlighted in yellow I have a reference to back up the statement. IF necessary, I can provide them. My concerns about vaccine induced disease and how many of our veterinary patients are suffering from “vaccinosis” from unsafe and unnecessary vaccines, as well as this same topic and pathology being relevant to humans and vaccines…..pales in comparison to what the implications of this information on the GENETICALLY ENGINEERED RABIES CHIMERA means to the entire planet earth and the population of humans and animals!

I think it is important to know who the real terrorists are. What is their agenda?
Recent reports that the rabies treatments are decreasing life expectancy is also disconcerting.
The use of the rabies in an HIV vaccine gave the test subjects HIV-was this MISSION ACCOMPLISHED?

Putting the rabies with an influenza virus to increase the transmission of the rabies, if H3N2 Influenza was put with the 98% lethal silver haired bat rabies that Hilary Koprowski has teased out of nature, that travels up fibroblasts and has only one motoneuron to cross from the nasal cavity up into the brain (oculomotor neuron)……for this to gain access to the CNS where neutralizing rabies antibody can not penetrate……this means 98% lethality of the human race. And this is not an improbablity, it is obvious tha the use of unpoliced and unregulated genetic engineering is finding ways to use viruses and develop these “orphan” drugs, as Dr. Treje Traavik warned us-they will have characteristics of both the “parent” viruses and characteristics of their own which will be completely, COMPLETELY unforessen and unpredictable.

Much is going on and has been going on right under our noses.
Professionals are being “neutralized” for speaking their truths and asking important questions, like Dr. Andrew Wakefield about the pathology that follows the measles combination vaccines.

Isn’t our right as “medical professionals” and “scientists” to be asking the questions and pointing out patholgoy? Our freedom to the speech may be our last hope in raising the awareness of the very populations that stand to lose everything if this GE GMO unleashing is allowed to continue. IF our government is allowed to unleash these unscientific methodologies onto us and our animals.
Look what the results of the unleashed GE GMO crops alone are now responsible for when reading the work of Don Huber Plant Genetist at Perdue University. As well as the other results of GE GMO I presented in my PPP on Vaccinosis.

This could be our last stand against what otherwise will be our fate.