Horowitz and Kane have the “chutzpah” to say my posts concerning Jewish lies and extremism are “hateful” when all they do is tell the unvarnished truth???   Try telling that to the PARENTS of little 8-year old Leiby Kleitzy Mr. Horowitz NPD.  This innocent little lad had the terrible misfortune of meeting one of  the clearly deranged Jewish psychopaths you so blindly defend and protect, a being who apparently takes Father Abraham’s HUMAN SACRIFICING admonitions just a bit too far.  A being who clearly and perversely wanted to chop up more than a proverbial sacrificial chicken to his “deity”.

While walking home from his Jewish “day camp”, this poor boy Leiby Kleitzy had his young life snuffed out and his body dismembered in a most horrific and debased manner.

If this was just an isolated case, it would be somewhat easy to dismiss it as the actions of a lone nut.   What the MAINSTREAM MEDIA fails to mention, oddly enough, is that another PSYCHO JEW named Jeffrey Dahmer did pretty much the exact same thing to at least 15 fellow human beings – dismembering his victims and even consuming their flesh and blood in some sort of deranged “sacrament” ritual.   Remember another psycho-Jew killer named Berkowitz, aka, the SON OF SAM (Sam is short for SAMAEL – aka Satan)??  How about the deranged teenage Jewish shooters who massacred innocents at Columbine High School?   Why is it also, that the MSM fails to mention that Jared Lee Loughner’s mother was a devout member of the SAME JEWISH SYNAGOGUE as Congresswoman Giffords, and that a truly macabre altar and “shrine” was erected in the Loughner backyard?

Horowitz is right on one thing, I have indeed written “extensively” on the Loughner shootings.   I now confess that I may have been mistaken, however, in my previous assessment that the Loughner family’s backyard altar and shrine was likely a part of the Roman Catholic death-cult of the Mexican Drug Cartel – the “Santa Muerte”.   Why?  Simply because the Loughner family is not Catholic, but are Jewish.  It would appear that the Loughner’s backyard edifice may well be something called a Sukkot booth.   Interestingly, one internet blogger has posted:

“During Sukkot, the Jews build fragile outdoor “booths,” or shacks, to resemble the ancient, primitive housing of the Jewish tribes. They set up an altar and “invite” seven of Israel’s long-dead patriarchs to come and be their guests. Of course, this is necromancy, communication with the dead. The book of Ecclessiastes is read and the themes of death and vanity (“all is vanity”) are emphasized. Thus we find the death skull and candles displayed on the altar of the Sukkot booth in the Loughner’s backyard.

Now, I suspect that the New York newspaper knew that this shrine and altar was used for Shabbat Sukkot, the Festival, or Feast of Booths. However, the newspaper wanted the sensational accusations of Loughner being a Satanist firmly lodged in the minds of Americans. The media obviously do not want us to know that Loughner is not only a Jew but that the Loughner family are fanatical Jews who go to extreme lengths in celebrating Sukkot. In this instance, the media may have outdone itself because now, due to the exposures in this article, many will discover not only that the shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, is Jewish, but that Sukkot, one of the most popular of Judaism’s holy periods, is Satanic in nature. It might also be noted that Michael Hoffman, in his classic exposé, Judaism Discovered, covers Sukkot and all the Jewish holy days and provides evidence that the rabbis have saturated their religious rituals with occultism that comes straight from pagan Babylon.”
Creepy?   Indeed.  But chew on this, folks.   What demonic entity would POSSESS a human being, Jewish or otherwise, to so fiendishly dismember an innocent child?  I would submit that a group of people so mentally unstable to perform such an atrocity would NOT HESITATE to unleash a killer chimera lab-created “apocalypse” virus on the planet.   THIS IS WHY I AM SO PERSONALLY CONCERNED ABOUT THIS SUBJECT MATTER!!!

Loughner's Sukkot Booth?















Loughner's Sukkot Necromancy SHRINE??













Traditional Sukka Booth in Israel









Is it being a hateful “Anti-Semite” to point out that typically these human SACRIFICES are done to strangers who have been abducted and procured for this religious ritual – and is not to be performed on fellow Jews?   Keep in mind that hundreds of thousands of children turn up missing each year in America alone.  Where do they end up?  Are the actions of Dahmer and most recently Levi Aron just the tip of a much bigger and more malevolent Satanic Cult Iceberg??   The ADL and folks like Horowitz and Kane would have you believe this entire subject is a huge, malicious CHRISTIAN LIBEL.  In fact, they have a name for it – they call it BLOOD LIBEL.

I submit that where there is SMOKE, there is generally FIRE.   I submit this has been the primary reason why the Khazarian Tribe masquerading as JEWS have been banned from civilized countries in Europe for centuries.   I submit this is their achilles heel.  This is the biggest secret they never want exposed.  Jewish Ritual Murder is just another name for Babylonian Human Sacrifice, people.    Zionist Shills such as Kane and Horowitz cannot continue their obfuscations forever.   The TRUTH is simply the TRUTH – in the end, that’s all we have.

Jewish Ritual Murder, circa 1545

This Associated Press story appeared in the back pages of today’s (July 14) SL Tribune:  http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/world/52184768-68/police-neighborhood-orthodox-aron.html.csp


The Associated Press

First published Jul 13 2011 06:18PM
Updated Jul 13, 2011 06:18PM

New York • An 8-year-old Brooklyn boy who got lost while walking home alone from day camp in his Orthodox Jewish neighborhood was killed and dismembered by a stranger he had asked for directions, and his remains were found stuffed in a trash bin and the man’s refrigerator, police said Wednesday.

The gruesome killing of Leiby Kletzy shocked the tight-knit Hasidic community in Borough Park, in part because it is one of the safest sections of the city and because the man under arrest is himself an Orthodox Jew.

A day-and-a-half search for the Hasidic boy ended with the discovery of his severed feet inside a bloody freezer at the home of a man who had been spotted with the child on a surveillance video, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press. The rest of the remains were in the trash in another neighborhood.

“It is every parent’s worst nightmare,” said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

The 35-year-old suspect, Levi Aron, implicated himself in the killing, Kelly said.

Police said there was no evidence the boy was sexually assaulted, but they would not otherwise shed any light on a motive except to say Aron told them he “panicked” when he saw photos of the missing boy on fliers that were distributed in the neighborhood.

The Hasidim are ultra-Orthodox Jews who live in somewhat insular neighborhoods. The streets are policed by a group of volunteers known as the Shomrim patrol.

Adel Erps, like other neighbors, expressed shock the suspect was Jewish. “He’s a sick person obviously, but it hurts so much more,” she said.

Aron’s family was Orthodox but not Hasidic, and he lives about a dozen blocks away from the Kletzky family. When detectives arrived at his attic apartment around 2:40 a.m., they asked him where the boy was, and he nodded toward the kitchen, Kelly said.

Detectives saw blood on the freezer door and opened it to discover the feet inside, wrapped in plastic bags, according to the law enforcement official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is still going on. A cutting board and three bloody carving knives were in the refrigerator, and a plastic garbage bag with bloody towels was found nearby.

Aron told police where to find the rest of the body; it was in pieces, wrapped in plastic bags, inside a red suitcase that had been tossed into a trash bin in another Brooklyn neighborhood, Kelly said.

Police and volunteers had been looking since late Monday afternoon for Leiby, who disappeared while on his way to meet his mother on a street corner seven blocks from his day camp. This was the first time he was allowed to walk the route alone; his parents had taken him on a practice run on Friday.

The medical examiner’s office released the body so that the boy could be buried promptly Wednesday evening according to Jewish custom.


And of course, the latest Associated Press story on this atrocity is setting the stage for  Aron’s trial — INNOCENT by reason of Insanity.  You see, the poor man HEARS VOICES!!!!

NYC man held in boy’s slaying says he hears voices

COLLEEN LONG, Associated Press, TOM HAYS, Associated Press
Updated 03:20 p.m., Thursday, July 14, 2011


NEW YORK (AP) — A man accused of kidnapping and killing an 8-year-old boy who asked him for directions was ordered Thursday to undergo a psychological evaluation after his lawyer told a judge that his client might be mentally ill.

“He has indicated to me that he hears voices and has had some hallucinations,” attorney Pierre Bazile said.

Levi Aron is charged with luring Leiby Kletzky to his home on Monday, and then smothering him and chopping him up when he learned that a search was under way for the missing Brooklyn boy. Detectives found the child’s feet in Aron’s freezer.

The 35-year-old Aron pleaded not guilty Thursday afternoon at his arraignment at a Brooklyn courthouse. He entered the courtroom looking disheveled and pale.

As he was led out from the courthouse holding pens, other inmates screamed obscenities at him.

Police and prosecutors have said he has confessed to the crime.

Investigators have said that Leiby may have been tied up and tried to fight off his captor before he was killed.

At a news conference, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Aron had scratches on his arms, wrists and elsewhere — a sign “there was some kind of struggle.” There also were marks on the boy’s remains that could have been caused by restraints, the commissioner added.

A preliminary medical examination indicates Leiby was “smothered or suffocated,” but it remained unclear when that happened, Kelly said.

Kelly also confirmed reports that Aron had given a written confession in Leiby’s gruesome slaying that ended with, “I’m sorry for the hurt that I caused.”

Beyond that, “he hasn’t expressed any remorse,” Kelly said.

Leiby vanished late Monday afternoon after getting lost during what was supposed to have been a seven-block walk from his day camp to where his mother was waiting for him.

New York Police Department investigators later used a surveillance video to trace the missing boy to Aron, a hardware supply store clerk whom the boy had apparently asked for directions.

Detectives found the boy’s severed feet, wrapped in plastic, in the man’s freezer, as well as a cutting board and three bloody carving knives. A plastic garbage bag with bloody towels was nearby.

Aron, 35, told investigators that after taking Leiby off the street Monday, he brought the boy to a wedding in the suburb of Monsey and spent several hours there, Kelly said. Other guests at the wedding confirmed Aron was there but didn’t see the boy, the commissioner added.

By the time the pair returned to the city, it was so late that Aron decided to take Leiby to his home to sleep and left him there Tuesday when he went to work, according to the police version of the confession. Kelly said the hardware supply store confirmed that he showed up as usual that day.

The suspect told police he killed Leiby when he got home after being spooked by a massive search for the boy in his tight-knit Hasidic community in Borough Park.

“When I saw the fliers, I panicked and was afraid,” he said, according to police.

Aron also recounted how he dismembered Leiby in details Kelly said were too “grotesque” to make public.

In his confession, Aron described how he put some of the body parts in a freezer and took a shower, police said. He then put some remains in a suitcase and drove around with it for 20 minutes before putting the suitcase in a trash bin.

Aron has denied he molested the boy, but Kelly said police still consider that a possibility.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said he plans to charge Aron with felony murder and was also investigating whether he might have had any improper contact with children in the past.

Bazile said he expected his client to be arraigned Thursday.

“From the Aron family, they’d like to extend their condolences to the family of the boy,” he said, adding they would let the justice system work and wouldn’t make any further statements.