Ritual Murder is not just a “Jewish” problem.  It is a Mormon problem, and a Roman Catholic “Problem” as well.

On July 19, 1990, a “General Authority” of the LDS “Mormon” Church named Glen Pace wrote a memo that he eventually leaked to the Utah Media concerning Satanic Ritual Abuse.  In this memo, Pace declared:

Of the sixty victims with whom I have met, fifty-three are female and seven are male. Eight are children. The abuse occurred in the following places: Utah (37), Idaho (3), California (4), Mexico (2), and other places (14). Fifty-three victims are currently living in the State of Utah. All sixty individuals are members of the Church. Forty-five victims allege witnessing and/or participating in human sacrifice. The majority were abused by relatives, often their parents. All have developed psychological problems and most have been diagnosed as having multiple personality disorder or some other form of dissociative disorder.

This full memo can be read in its entirety at:  http://mormontruth.blogspot.com/2006/01/glen-l-paces-memo-on-ritualistic-child.html

I’ll be totally honest here.  I received Pace’s memo in its entirety in 1994.   Investigating it fully is what led me to eventually leave the Mormon Church.  I uncovered that Mormonism = Zionism = Jewish Elitism and ultimately, RITUAL MURDER on a very large scale.   I know, this topic is very hard for most people to even begin to comprehend.   Yet, it is most certainly true.  It is NOT fiction or myth.

My thanks to Dr. Harrell Rhome, and the authors of the following videos.   WELL DONE, and VERY OBJECTIVE!!  (Keep in mind that the tool used by these Satanists in these human sacrifice is a very long and sharp “NAIL” — used to puncture the skin of the victim hundreds of times.  In Mormonism’s TEMPLE RITES — initiates are given the “Sign of the Nail” and the “Sure Sign of Nail” — or the “Nail in the Sure Place”.   In Hebrew Lexicon the symbol for NAIL is also the symbol for SIX.   Six, in turn, is the secret name for SATAN.   Get the picture??