Who’s Who in the Zoo?  
By Dr. Truess (rhymes with Suess).

Who’s who in the “patriot” zoo?  It’s so full of worms and primordial goo – MY – what can one do?
Watch your step, cause there’s lots of bad pooh – smelly stuff that will stick on your shoe!

There’s Turner, and Jones, and SO MANY who blow —
So hard on their horns, that their brains are WAY slow.

There’s Noory and Bell, Pallin and Beck —
Shooting the Tea Party all to Heck —

They’ll pitch you their wares – donate big to the cause —
They’ll be the ones to protect ALL our laws.

They’ll tell you SOME truth, but in prescribed doses –
As they shield and protect truly villainous noses —

It’s this, and its that, but take THIS to heart –
That they’ll never expose the ZIONISTS’ PART.

And those who DARE do so, those like Ott, Alma True?
They’ll be quickly attacked by the ADL Crew!!!

They’ll first challenge credentials; then by hook or by crook –
Shout lies to the world:  “he’s a CIA Spook!!!!”

Then they’ll be publicly denounced as criminally insane —
by our “specialty agents,”  — Horowitz and Kane!

Under the Banner of “Holocaust” Shame —
We can quickly deflect any “provocateur” Blame —

Cause we’re “God’s Chosen Bloodline” – it’s all in our Name —
(But our God is “Molech” and WE fan his flame!)

While thousands of Children are ritually killed –
Our “Sacred” fire consumes all trace of blood spilled.

For we seek first the Kingdom of Baal and the Beast –
The New (Old) World Order of Babylonian Feast!

It’s all about SEX MAGIC, not your typical CRUD —
All there in the pages of our Holy TALMUD!

Stubblebine and Rima – the stooge and the witch –
know firsthand and well the slime in this ditch.

Bert’s Earth First Battalion is yet Staring at Goats —
In the name of Baphomet – “We’ll slit your throats” —

We’ll do our damnedest to get our work done —
COINTELPRO basics course one hundred and one! (101)

We know that TRUTH must never be clear –
For that is the one thing we truly do fear —

So —- we’ll lie and we’ll cheat and we’ll throw under the bus –
Anyone who dares to TRY expose us!

So, WHO’S WHO IN THE ZOO?  The answer is simple –
BEWARE those who never divulge:  the TRUE CAUSE of the POISON infecting the PIMPLE.

 ZIONISM = SATANISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!