Check out this short video, but as you watch it remember what is NOT mentioned:

WHO ACTUALLY RECEIVES THE INTEREST ON THE “NATIONAL DEBT”?   Answer: “The International Banking Cartel – the “MoneyChangers” of Antiquity – the EDOMITE SEED OF CAIN – the KHAZARS!

Never forget that this all began in earnest in 1913 when THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND WAS FORMED —- the CENTRAL PRIVATE BANK known as the Federal Reserve!  Never forget that REPUBLIC government’s NUMBER ONE RESPONSIBILITY is to provide and maintain honest CURRENCY in order to provide for the COMMON WELFARE – in the form of a simple MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE for Goods and Services.

Income taxes are UNNECESSARY when honest government prints its own DEBT-FREE currency based on a honest quantification of GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT INCREASES.   Income tax = plunder of the people’s labor and property.   Never forget that there is never any need to TAX  citizen’s income streams, when the government owns the printing presses.   Income Tax is the medium to pay the bankers their ill-gotten “interest” from NOTES the government can just as easily print themselves.

Stop the Debt  —— END THE FED!!!  Simple equation, really.