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Things That Make You Say HMMMMMMM!

He served 10 presidents, but died alone in squalor: What happened to Theodoric C. James?

White House Photo – Theodoric James Jr. worked in the White House for almost 50 years. His Northwest Washington neighbors never knew he catalogued important, sometimes sensitive, documents.

By , Published: August 13

Theodoric C. James Jr. was clearly in trouble. He wasn’t showering anymore. He wore the same ragged clothing day after day. Rats rummaged through the weeds and mounds of trash in his yard. He started going to the bathroom in buckets on his front porch.

His neighbor Alex Dobbins was afraid that something terrible was going to happen. They had been friends since their days at Howard University and had lived in adjoining rowhouses in the 16th Street Heights section of Northwest Washington for 37 years.


(Sarah L. Voisin/THE WASHINGTON POST) – In the months after Theodoric James’s retirement, he had let his home and health deteriorate. Windows were cracked, wood was rotting and James might have been living without electricity and water, a neighbor thinks.

(Carol Guzy/THE WASHINGTON POST) – The District now holds a lien on his house after cleaning up the grounds.

But this was not the man he had known. The man who had served in the White House for almost 50 years, under every president from Kennedy to Obama. The man who read and catalogued many of the documents that flow through the Oval Office: memos to the president, letters, pieces of legislation, nomination packets, even classified material that required him to have a security clearance.

This man was inexplicably living in squalor, seemingly without electricity or running water, and hiding under a hooded overcoat and multiple layers of clothing no matter how hot it got. He wasn’t just a public nuisance but, Dobbins feared, a danger to himself. For more than two years, Dobbins and James’s family members in Mississippi repeatedly called every city office they could think of, the Department of Mental Health, Adult Protective Services, his council member, the mayor, hoping to get James help and prevent the worst.

Then, on Aug. 1, after the punishing heat wave that pushed the heat index to 112, Dobbins woke up worried because he hadn’t seen his friend in two days. He knocked on the door loudly with a baseball bat. There was no answer. He checked the Rite Aid where James bought his breakfast, which was often green tea and Doritos, but no one had seen him.

So once again, he picked up the phone and called 911. The firefighters who responded had a hard time getting the door open. Something was blocking it. Something heavy, like a body.

The medical examiner would later determine that James, 71, died of heat exposure.

At least that much is known, but there is no simple answer for how a once-fastidious, much-praised civil servant came to this end. Social services officials won’t comment on his case specifically but say they are often constrained when adults refuse help, even when it is evident that they need it.

Now family, friends, former colleagues at the White House and D.C. officials are left to wonder: Could James’s death have been prevented?

* * *

Education was always important to the James family. Theo James’s grandfather is thought to have been the first African American doctor in Columbus, Miss., and his home is featured as an attraction on the city’s conventions and visitors Web site. James’s father, a brick mason, attended boarding school and Tuskegee University, according to Avee James, his sister-in-law.

When Theo James was a senior in high school, his family sent him to live with his aunt in the District, where they thought he could get a better education at Western High School, now the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. After graduation, he attended Howard University, and in the early 1960s he started working part-time for the White House, filing documents. In 1970, he gained admission to Howard’s medical school but attended for one year, deciding that his grandfather’s profession was not for him. Instead, he took a full-time job with the White House in the Office of Records Management.

You indeed are the masters of spin – the masters of lying hypocrisy – the masters of obfuscation and calling evil good and good evil.

As Khazarian Double Agents, I highly doubt you have ever read The Bible – have you?  I doubt you have read Isaiah – so let me share his words:


Indeed – you may continue to fool some of the people SOME of the time – but you can’t fool God.   What demonic entities possess you two?   Here’s a hint – your demons, and your boss Lucifer LOSES in the end.  You have been sorely deceived. You have simply saddled the wrong horse!

For the record, Alma True Ott does not “hate” Jews.   Like Christ, however, I detest liars and hypocrites who maliciously cast stones while they themselves are living in the most tenuous of glass houses.   I detest the KHAZAR MONSTERS who prey on innocent children and seek to daily slaughter the TRUE BLOOD OF ABRAHAM – the Palestinians.   I detest those who murder to get gain.   In short, I detest your demonic bosses, Lenny and Sherri.

Here are the Jews who I love, admire and respect – the TRUE RABBIS of Judah.

And here is what the Koran has to say, and I love this as well:

O People,
Those who love the God of Abraham are allies of one they Jew, Christian, Muslim or Believer…or any others who love the only True God.
Together we will defeat the EVILDOERS… all those who are causing and planning harm to us and our brothers, including Zionist who have hijacked Judaism. we will be victors over the Illuminati and it’s Scheme for a New World Order…with GOD’s help.
“THEY plotted and schemed, but so did GOD, and GOD is the Best Schemer.”
Prophet Muhammad, Surah
3:54, Holy Quran

More from the Psalmist – you know him surely – DAVID – the fellow you CLAIM to be descended from???

“And just a little while longer, and the Wicked ones will be no more…the Wicked one is plotting against the Righteous one, and at him the Evil ones grind their teeth.
Jehovah Himself will laugh at him (the evil ones), for He certainly will see that the Evildoers day will come.”
Prophet David, Psalms
37:10-13, Holy Bible

Yep, so TRUE, so TRUE!!!   Your day will come.  Justice will be served and everything hidden will be on public display!!

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Footnote:  About the video —  

On 7/26/2006, Ahmed Bedier along with other CAIR reps meet Orthodox Jewish Rabbis participating in Rally outside the Embassy of Israel, Washington, D.C. to call for an immediate Cease Fire. The Rabbis described the Israeli aggression as illegal. One Rabbi asked the world not blame the great religion of Judaism for the actions of the Israeli government.
Pappe is an ISRAELI historian and a senior lecturer at Haifa University, has written a superb account of the Israeli expulsion of the Palestinians from their land in 1948. He says that between 30 March and 15 May 1948, i.e. before any Arab government intervened, Israeli forces seized 200 villages and expelled 250,000 Palestinians. The Israeli leadership stated, “The principal objective of the operation is the destruction of Arab villages … the eviction of the villagers.”
On 9 April, Israeli forces massacred 93 people, including 30 babies, at Deir Yassin. In Haifa, the Israeli commander ordered, “Kill any Arab you encounter.”
Overall, the Zionist forces uprooted more than half Palestine’s population, 800,000 people, destroyed 531 villages and emptied eleven urban neighborhoods of their inhabitants. Pappe concludes that this was “a clear-cut case of an ethnic cleansing operation, regarded under international law today as a crime against humanity.
According to B’Tselem’s research, from January to December 27, 2006, Israeli security forces killed 660 Palestinians in the Occupied Territories VS. 16 Israeli civilians.
Who are the real victims???