During the late 70’s, I was a young idealist studying “political science” at Southern Utah University.

I admit that I was effectively brainwashed by the “professors” that Moammar Al Qaddafi was a sadistic, bloodthirsty, dictator much like Adolph Hitler.  As a rabid terrorist, Qaddafi (I was told) was dedicated to revolutionary “terrorism” – and was a deadly enemy of the wonderful, peace-loving “Nation” called Israel.

I never questioned this, only accepted in subjective “faith”.   Only in later years, (after witnessing the bold-faced lies and propaganda methods used by the U.S. “Government” following 9-11, 2001) and by employing objectivity and quantitative reasoning and critical thinking, I have a MUCH DIFFERENT VIEW of not only of Moammar Al Qaddafi, but also of the hexagram-dominated “institution” known as “Israel”.  It appears that I had everything backwards.  Good was counted as Evil, and I was calling Evil, Good.

I agree with this video shown below, – except for the x-rated words in the final seconds.  For that, and that only, I take exception.  The British producer of the video is clearly very upset about what has been happening in Libya this summer.   Let’s recap briefly:

1.  “Rebels” somehow armed with the latest automatic weaponry and RPG’s begin attacking Libya’s government in February, seeking to depose and execute the “madman dictator/terrorist” Moammar Qaddafi.  The U.S. and U.K. “Press” and political “Leaders” announce this is all about a fight for a suppressed people’s “FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY” – and thus they unilaterally announce their support to the “rebels”. According to London newspapers:

Mustafa Abdul-Jalil and Mahmoud Jibril have been paving the way for NATO’s conquest since 2007

12 09 2011

A violent rebellion broke out in Benghazi, Libya on February 15th this year (1). Six days later, Libyan Justice Minister Mustafa Abdul-Jalil resigned to set up an alternative government. On February 27th, the Transitional National Council was established, and on March 5th, this body had declared itself the “sole representative of all Libya”, with Abdul-Jalil at its head. France recognised the TNC as the legitimate Libyan government on March 10th and Britain offered them a diplomatic office on UK soil the same day. Nine days later, the Council set up a new Libyan Central Bank and National Oil Company (2). In barely a month from the start of the rebellion, Abdul-Jalil had positioned himself as head not only of the rebels, but of the new government in waiting, with control of Libyan resources and monetary policy and the blessing of the West. On March 19th, NATO began its mass slaughter of Libyan soldiers in order to install his regime.
Clearly, seasoned imperial powers such as Britain, France and the US, would not commit to the huge expenditure of a months-long air campaign to bring somebody to power in such a strategically important, oil rich state, unless they were already a tried and trusted asset. So who exactly is Abdul Jalil?
Abdul-Jalil gained his job in the Libyan government in January 2007, when he was named Secretary of the General People’s Committee for Justice (the equivalent of Justice Minister). He has been paving the way for NATO’s military and economic conquest of Libya ever since.

2.  Qaddafi’s military and civilian “supporters” were very successful initially – routing the “rebels” in virtually every way.  Then something very extraordinary occurred. The CIA sent in a new “Rebel” leader.

His story reads like a political thriller. Once a confidant of Moammar Gadhafi and then his sworn enemy, he led a band of Libyan exiles trying to overthrow the Libyan regime before being spirited in secrecy to the United States when things went bad. His name is Khalifa Haftar.  For over a decade, Khalifa Hafter has been living in luxury in an upscale Virginia neighborhood, (in close proximity to Langley) with no visible means of employment.  Suddenly, he becomes the Libyan Rebel Leader???  HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN???

3.  NATO JETS (MOSTLY ROYAL AIR FORCE) BEGIN CARPET BOMBING LIBYAN GOVERNMENT STRONGHOLDS – and surprise, surprise, the Rebels are suddenly nearing victory – and Qaddafi is hiding for his life.  According to some reports, over 50,000 Libyan civilians have been killed by these RAF bombs – (keep in mind the propaganda initially – the bombing was all about PROTECTING the innocent civilians.)  For a rather complete log of news stories, see the website run by “Global Civilians for Peace”:       http://globalciviliansforpeace.com/category/news/

It is likely that soon the Western Media will report that Moammar Al Qaddafi has been captured and killed.   Just like the demise of Saddam Hussein, the majority of the citizens of America, Canada, and the U.K. will just click their tongues, wag their head, and give thanks to military prowess in eliminating a madman from the world stage.   Few will ever stop to critically analyze the truth.   How tragic.

Understand this:  The first act that the “Transitional National Council” (TNC – the “Rebels”) did was to establish a LIBYAN CENTRAL BANK – controlled completely by the House of Rothschild – centered of course in the “City of London” world financial center.    It soon became quite evident that this “madman” named Qaddafi adamantly refused to let the House of Rothschild dominate his North African country.  For better or for worse, he refused the Khazar Bankers.   Three decades later, Libya is a huge success story – and INCREDIBLE success story.  As I reported earlier, Libya is rich in WATER – water than has the potential to turn Libya into the garden spot of the Middle East.

When you watch this video – look closely at a few things.  Look at the shape of the buildings and the vehicles.   Notice how new and modern they are.  Do you think Obama or Bush would ever ride down a suburban street unprotected in an open-air vehicle??  Remember the last time a U.S. President rode in the open air – in a “convertible”?  Does Dallas and Dealy Plaza come to mind?   Does this look at all like a hated dictatorial madman who fears his people?  Why should he?   Gas is 14 cents a litre in Libya.   Libyans are SHARING THE NATIONAL WEALTH EQUALLY – not giving it away to corrupt corporations and BANKSTERS like Rothschild.  In short, it looks to me as if Libya is a model of something RIGHT.  One could only imagine what would happen in America, if THE PEOPLE SHARED THE NATIONAL WEALTH – not the big oil companies!!!

I remember my PoliSci professors denigrating and mocking Qaddafi’s “Green Book” as nothing but a “bunch of crapola” – a false declaration meant to deceive the world -as they put it.  They never allowed it to be read in their classes much less analyzed objectively, or debated.   Jut recently, I downloaded a free copy and read it.  Keep in mind, this was printed and published back in 1975.   It is a blueprint of Qaddafi’s thoughts, goals and aspirations of his government philosophy.   His brand of “democracy” is in my humble opinion,  a TRUE REPUBLIC form of government and is quite brilliant, actually- something INDEED that the Corporate Fascists of the House of Rothschild would of necessity fear greatly.   Just imagine –  DISTRIBUTING THE WORLD”S WEALTH TO THE PEOPLE — not to a select few Edomite bloodlines!!!  Imagine all people equally yoked and equally WEALTHY – with very, very little “poverty”.  Yes indeed – this is the highest form of TERRORISM for such greedy elitists who desire to literally enslave the world and destroy the “working class” goyim.

Do you doubt this?  Well consider that the “Libyan Civil War” as it is now being called, “officially” began (according to the House of Rothschild) on March 19, 2011.   This just happens to be the date of the Edomite “Festival of Purim” – the date where Israel historically “destroys all of its enemies.”   Do you really think it’s a coincidence that the U.S./U.K. “Invasion of Iraq” also began on Purim??

But hey, decide for yourself.  Here is the link to download the “Green Book”.  Read it and decide for yourself if the SOVEREIGN NATION OF LIBYA deserves to be carpet-bombed by NATO back to the “stone age.”      http://911-truth.net/other-books/Muammar-Qaddafi-Green-Book-Eng.pdf

And finally – watch this video with an open mind, and ask yourself if the people are not spontaneous and truly joyful as Qaddafi drives amongst them.   Something is dreadfully wrong – when the western media can get away with such brainwashing.