You have to give Dr. Ron Paul some credit – at least he’s saying SOME things right.   Specifically – Big Government is synonymous with suppression for the average citizen.

Ron Paul, however, disavows any U.S. complicity in the events of 9-11 in order to occupy Iraq and Afghanistan.  He supports the “official” government and media story of 9-11, and won’t publicly address the obvious problems with the lies.  In short, his silence on this subject makes him an accomplice to the crime as well – and IGNORANCE is simply not an excuse!  What should one expect from a master Freemason after all?

While declaring that the Federal Reserve should be audited (why he keeps parroting this is beyond all rational comprehension, when he well knows that as a matter of fact, the Fed has been independently audited each and every year) the good Doctor somehow fails to mention that the U.S. Treasury can print “money” just as efficiently as “the Fed.”   WE THE PEOPLE DON’T NEED ANOTHER PRIVATE COMPETITOR TO THE PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE, SIR!!!  We simply need debt-free MONEY!   And of course, debt-free is interest-free money.  Money is simply a TOOL to facilitate interstate commerce and trade.  Nothing more, sir. Nothing more!

Seems to me that this man Ron Paul is a classic example of “controlled opposition” – that is, to give the mindless Goy masses a false hope – a “pressure release valve” to place their faith and hope in (falsely).  Again, at least he is promoting and soliciting a step or two in the right direction.  That is far better than four more years of the Obama-nation I suppose.

I personally wish Dr. Paul well, but I can’t possibly endorse him until he begins speaking the WHOLE truth, not just bits and pieces of it.

Here is the latest press conference announcement from Dr. Paul:

His “Restore America” plan summary can be viewed at: