I wrote this piece back in 2007, but I submit it is still viable and important today.


The Philosophy of Truth
(John 8:32; 14:6)
Imagine this if you can. God comes down to Earth for one minute – one blessed 60-second moment – and announces to the world the solution to all of its problems and the way for every soul to experience heaven-on-earth and eternal salvation. God reveals this solution and this way with one very simple, three or four word sentence. What do you suppose that sentence would be?
“Believe in Me”? No. (Belief alone is simply not all-encompassing.)

“Believe in My Son”? No. (While He is divine, one needs to know Him well.)

“Love everyone”? No.

“Stop the killing”? No.

Okay then, what? Whaaat? Here it is. Are you ready?

“Tell the truth.”
That’s it. That’s all there is to it. This is the hinge upon which the entire door of Justice and Mercy hangs. Just tell the truth, and everything is solved. Not overnight. Not in the next instant. But fast. Very fast. Because very soon after everyone starts telling the truth, the root cause of all worldly problems simply vanish.
We live in a society based on secrecy. Think about it. Virtually every aspect of life as we have constructed it is based on secrecy. The cultural myth is that what we don’t know makes everything work, not what we do know. As a result, our lives become extremely complicated.
That’s certainly true of our political reality. If governments around the world (our’s included) ever told the people everything that government knows on every subject, governments would have to change. If governments ever gave people the real reasons behind everything governments do, what governments do and they way they did it would be altered forever.
Wars, for instance, would practically vanish from the human experience, because most human beings would never agree to go to war if they knew the real reasons that governments begin war (which is always to give massive financial gain and profit to a select few). Governments know this, so governments give us false stories, patriotism, and false reasoning they hope most of the people will agree with and never question. In the process, the rich get richer.
Taxes would also virtually vanish, because most human beings would never agree to be taxed for the real reasons governments raise money. Governments know this, so governments declare falsehoods mixed with half-truths, false and illogical reasons they hope most of the people will agree with and never deeply question.
Our economic structure, likewise, is based on secrets. Can you imagine what would happen if factory foremen and office supervisors handed out sheets of paper every month to all employees with all the company’s salaries (including those of every executive) on them? Can you imagine what would happen to world prices if corporations were required to place on their price tags the actual cost, to them, of providing those goods and services? Do you think such a system of complete visibility would allow our economic system to survive in its present form? Of course not. Because once the truth is told, everything changes. Even our theological systems fall into the same category. We are told that we do not have the answers, and cannot find the answers, to life’s most challenging questions on our own. These are “mysteries,” which only “the one true religion” can solve. And each religion declares that it has the “right” answers, and everyone else has the “wrong” ones. Yet religions don’t tell us everything they “know to be true.” Much critical historical information is kept hidden away from the mass of the people who, it is said, cannot and would not possibly understand. Incantations are offered in ancient tongues that only the chief priests understand. Rituals are shrouded in secret. Admission to the temples of some religions is forbidden to the general public and, even within the religious family, open only to a select few who have paid money for the “right” to be worthy to enter.
But secrets aren’t limited to our society’s institutions. Our society itself is based on secrets. Families keep secrets tenanciously, and whole familial environments are often built on secrets. The family alcoholic, the father who abuses his wife and children, the aunt who suffers from kleptomania, the brother-in-law in jail, the incest between son and daughter — all are kept secret, not just from the people outside the family, but very often from other family members themselves.
“What you don’t know won’t hurt you” is such a powerful myth that it has today become more socially unacceptable to tell the truth than to hide it.
None of this would really matter very much, one supposes, were it not for the fact that wars have been started, and millions of innocents killed soley because of state secrets. Children have endured years of abuse because of family secrets. The rich have gotten richer, and the poor have gotten poorer because of economic secrets. And people have gone to their death cringing in fear of God because of religious and spiritual secrets. Is this not the definition of hell?
Lives have been ruined because of secrets, and yet humans refuse to tell the truth, because the real slogan is, “What you don’t know won’t hurt me.”
As long as we’re afraid of being hurt by the truth, we’re going to lie. And, while we don’t like it, we’ll tolerate an entire society built on lies. We will embrace sophisticated mind control science in order to keep the people from embracing truths.
Yes, it is society’s refusal to become completely truthful that causes most of the pain society is forced to endure, and the vicious circle is complete. We sidestep the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in an effort to avoid pain – and the incredible irony is that by seeking to avoid pain we hide truth which actually causes more emotional, physical and spiritual pain in the process. This is why Lies, Falsehoods, and Secret Societies are the domain of the demon Mammon, for it is the controller and disburser of wealth, power, and “social standing” on planet earth.
So, Friends and Loved Ones, I say: Just EMBRACE TRUTH, and by so doing, you will embrace Jesus Christ who is the very Spirit of Truth and the antithesis of Mammon. As He said, “I am the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life.” Those who embrace Christ, embrace God and shall be freed from the pain of spiritual death.
A. True Ott, PhD
April 10, 2007