By A. True Ott, PhD

It’s amazing what you stumble upon when researching seemingly unrelated topics!   I have been pouring over the financial disclosures of TIDES Foundation the past two days, (the primary money behind the “OCCUPY” movement) and I came across something VERY eye-opening.   TIDES is the proud owner of 6,633 (a devil of a number) shares of PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE INC. donated by founder Peter B. Lewis.    Apparently George Soros is not the only bad apple in the O.W.S. barrel!

Yes, that’s right – Progressive is that company with those obnoxious TV commercials featuring the ditzy girl decked out in the white frock.    Bet you didn’t know that profits from one of America’s largest insurance companies are being donated to fund some VERY anti-American and subversive activities.

Let’s take a closer look at Mr. Peter B. Lewis, and see what we find.

According to a story by John Gizzi, published in “Foundation Watch” – Mr. Lewis is apparently the “Aviator” of the Left.   See the full story at:

According to Gizzi, Mr. Lewis is a billionaire Jew who meets regularly with his “good friend” George Soros to further the global socialist agenda of the House of Rothschild and of course, Israel.   Gizzi also confirms in his article that Lewis donated a whopping 6,633 shares of PROGRESSIVE stock to TIDES Foundation – and that Soros matches Lewis’ contributions.   That explains a lot.

Gizzi writes:  According to the  Financial Times of London (January 12), following the election Lewis met with
George Soros, Soros’ son Jonathan and with savings and loan moguls Herb and Marion Sandler at a closed-door meeting in San Francisco last December. They mutually resolved to invest heavily in building
an intellectual infrastructure for the left to match what they perceived to be the vast network of think-tanks and policy advocacy groups that assist conservatives.
The Times said Hollywood producer Stephen Bing and Andrew Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), were expected to join the venture, and that the Center for American Progress, headed by former Clinton White House chief of staff JohnPodesta, would be involved in dispensing
funds. A former aide to Senator John Kerry was told, “Money is not a problem.”

I find it beyond mere coincidence that following this “meeting” of Jewish “Billionaires”  in San Francisco, TIDES (domiciled in San Francisco near the Presidio) receives literally billions of dollars and begins funding “AIDS TREATMENT CENTERS” throughout the world – including of course, NORTHERN AFRICA (i.e. Libya) and the Arab Nations – (can you spell A-R-A-B  S-P-R-I-N-G?)

I also take strong exception to this man raking in billions from capitalism, then using his profits to attack, demonize, and torpedo America’s Christian principles by promulgating subversion and chaos.

You see, it’s not just his behind-the-curtain funding of TIDES, and therefore ADBUSTERS, and therefore the OCCUPY WALL STREET minions and puppets.   Lewis funds all sorts of pet projects that does nothing but weaken the moral fabric of America.    He is a major contributor to the ACLU.  Lewis, you see, promotes such things as outlawing Christian nativity scenes at Christmas, protecting NAMBLA  (North American Man-Boy Love Association – whose motto is: Sex Before Eight, Before it’s Too Late!!) and legalizing and promoting homosexual marriages in all 50 states.

Still think “PROGRESSIVE” is a company to support, despite their obtuse advertising?