There is an epic “Story Behind the Story” concerning Penn State University and the firing of PSU President Graham Spanier and of course “legendary” football coach Joe Paterno last week.

Let’s review what has been ALLOWED to be released by the heavily censored, Jewish-dominated Main Stream Media concerning this.   America has been told, (and most Americans believe) that Spanier and Paterno were fired solely because they failed to fully report to law enforcement an incident of homosexual  pedophilia allegedly performed by assistant Penn State coach Sandusky that reportedly was witnessed by another assistant coach in the Penn State football training facility shower months ago.   Oh really?  Are you actually naive enough to believe that is all that has happened in “Happy Valley”?

Friends, don’t get me wrong!  I am not downplaying the perversity nor the criminal severity of that single WITNESSED event – but think about it.  In an age of widespread PROTECTED sexual perversion and promiscuity – where pedophilia between men and young boys is not only organized but is often promoted as wholesome activity (see  and is publicly sanctioned and even protected by such perversely  powerful individuals as Congressman Barney Frank, do you really think a non-reported Man-Boy “Love Act” in a public shower on the campus of a liberal eastern University would be the sole driving force behind the firing of Spanier and Paterno?  No indeed, this story is much more shockingly sordid.  In reality, it involves MURDER, and a massive conspiratorial coverup of SILENCE – not just a “failure to report.”

First of all, it must be remembered that coach Joseph Vincent Paterno is Roman Catholic and Penn State Football is sacrosanct and omnipotent at University Park.  Just like Cardinal Law and the pedophile priests in Boston, Paterno apparently figured the best thing to do was just simply ignore the allegation in order to protect the sacred institution (not to mention his million-dollar salary); – hey it seemed to work for his beloved Catholic church, right?

Powerful people tend to think they are above the law – especially when they have the emotional support of an INFALLIBLE AND POWERFUL RELIGION behind them.     This truth was hammered home by Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett who told the press that in his career, particularly when he was attorney general that he has: “seen many instances where people who have power believe that they’re beyond the law.”  Indeed.

No, I submit there is much, much more to this sordid tale, and I submit it is not just limited to the campus of Penn State University.

You see, the firings came after a very detailed STATE INVESTIGATION was conducted.  Sandusky is facing at least 40 counts of criminal sex abuse.  More victims are still coming forward – and the Story Behind the Story may or may not spread beyond the walls of Penn State University.

Victims are alleging that more than just pedophile acts between a coach and a 10-year-old boy occurred privately at Beaver Stadium.   It is quietly being alleged that wealthy and powerful PENN STATE ATHLETIC BOOSTERS were supplied with under-age children for perverse and highly illegal sex acts in exchange for larger monetary and/or political considerations.

I fully believe this to be true.  Why?  To begin with, Sandusky is facing more than 40 counts.  At least one such activity occurred in a public shower.   Think about the mentality of this.  A pedophile must have a very confident and fearless mindset to risk doing such a thing in such a public facility.   Furthermore, what happened at Happy Valley is EXACTLY what occurred at Catholic-Church’s Boy’s Town in Omaha, Nebraska.    The gruesome details are outlined by John DeCamp in the pages of his horrific non-fiction book entitled “THE FRANKLIN COVERUP: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska.”    (Isn’t it sort of “poetic justice” perhaps that NEBRASKA plays Penn State directly after the firings of Paterno and Spanier?)

In a nutshell, the FRANKLIN COVERUP is the all-too-true story of a nationwide pedophile ring that pandered children to a cabal of the rich and powerful elite of America’s politicos. The ring’s pimps were a pair of political powerbrokers who had access to the highest levels of our government. Nebraska legislators nearly exposed the ring in 1990, but its unveiling clearly had the potential to produce seismic political aftershocks on not only a national, but a GLOBAL scale.  The Nebraska state legislators’ efforts resulted in rash of mysterious deaths and the overpowering corruption of federal and local law enforcement, including the FBI, Secret Service, and Justice Department, effecting an elaborate and comprehensive cover-up of the trafficking network.


Author Nick Bryant came to John DeCamp with the sole intent of “debunking the lies” of the Franklin Coverup, according to DeCamp’s testimony to me personally.  Instead, Bryant eventually published a fully corroborating book he named THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL.   As both Bryant and DeCamp detail in their pages, these elite “power brokers” have never been brought to justice for their crimes — and clearly the “network” is widespread and involves iconic “institutions” of “above-the-law” religionists.   Are these “institutions” (Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, Judaism primarily) truly “above the law” – even to the point of committing cold-blooded MURDER??   It would appear so!

Again, the similarities between the Nebraska scandal and Penn State’s are eerily  similar.   Consider that the Nebraska chief investigator Gary Caradori died suddenly and violently and all his collected evidence destroyed in a fiery plane crash.   Caradori was not alone – more than a dozen key witnesses and investigators linked to this sick scandal in Nebraska also died violently.

So it is with the Pennsylvania investigation into one Jerry Sandusky’s activities at University Park.   Allegations against Sandusky first surfaced way back in 1998, yet his “activities” continued unabated for 13 years.  WHY?

According to the NBC affiliate in Philadelphia, the investigating Centre County District Attorney named Ray Gricar “disappeared” in 2005, and foul play is still suspected.   Gricar did not immediately arrest and charge Sandusky because the victims were not believable, but rather because the victims had a much bigger complaint that Gricar needed to fully investigate.  For the full NBC story on this, go to:


I want my readers to know and understand that for three full days in September, 2010 – I, along with Dane Phillips, John Scura, et. al.  personally met with and Videotaped both John DeCamp and retired FBI Bureau Chief Ted Gunderson;  there we confirmed the breadth and depth of this very deep and darkest of all national secrets.   One of the reasons why the “Coverup” and “Conspiracy of Silence” is so pervasive, according to Ted Gunderson’s testimony, is that the investigative road inevitably leads to the door of the most powerful JEWISH SYNAGOGUES, CATHOLIC DIOCESE, AND MORMON (LDS) TEMPLES.   You see, the scandal once again rearing its ugly head at Penn State is not just about child rape in a shower.  It is all about Ritual Murders and what the Rabbis call “BLOOD LIBEL”.

Sex with under-age boys in Happy Valley showers is just a symptom of a much more pervasive cancer plaguing this once-great nation.   At the very least, the firings of Paterno and company is very definitely a step in the right direction – and COLLEGE FOOTBALL must take its lumps.   Hopefully, the investigation will continue and the ENTIRE TRUTH disclosed!!!  If not, hypocrisy is the only word to describe what is happening.

Still not convinced?  Then take some time and watch this video below in its entirety.  Then ask yourself, WHAT GROUP HAS THE POWER OVER THE NETWORKS TO SO QUICKLY AND COMPLETELY CENSOR THIS INVESTIGATIVE REPORT – after it had been listed in the TV Guide?

It is my personal prayer that the Nittany Lions of AMERICA will prevail here.   You see, Penn State’s “mascot” is the American Lion – aka Mountain Lion, Puma, or Cougar – but is specifically named Nittany because the University Park Campus is located in the “Nittany Valley” near “Mount Nittany” – the high point of a local mountain range likewise called “Nittany”.    Nittany is a Pennsylvania Native American term simply meaning: “A Protective Barrier Against the Elements.”    If ever America needs a “protective barrier” a “lion of truth” against this dark and pervasive practice – it is now.

For a more complete and clearer copy of “Conspiracy of Silence” – go to: