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SNL Writer Who Allegedly Committed Suicide (?) Was a Strong Critic of Israel and Fan of What Really

Former ‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL) writer Joe Bodolai was found dead Monday afternoon in a cheap Los Angeles hotel room, and police have thus far ruled the death to be suicide after finding a bottle of Gatorade and a bottle of anti-freeze close to his body.

Bodolai, 63, wrote for SNL from 1981 to 1982 and co-wrote the first draft of the 1992 comedy “Wayne’s World” with Mike Meyers. Bodolai also enjoyed a lucrative career as a producer for the Canadian sketch comedy show “Kids in the Hall” as well as for “Comics,” a stand-up comedy venue for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, “Three days before his body was discovered… Bodolai laid out his life story, his regrets and his successes in a lengthy post on his blog…”

The article goes on to say that in addition to admitting to a long bout with alcoholism, Bodolai also expressed “an inability to cope with the doom-and-gloom vision of the future he saw for the coming year, including war with Iran and fascism and martial law in America.”

A variety of news outlets have covered the story; including TMZ, the Huffington Post and the Wall Street Journal. Only the Mail has touched on the conspiratorial aspects of Bodolai’s final post, but none have mentioned that Bodolai also had strong words against the state of Israel, made it clear that he did not buy the government’s version of 9-11, and was a fan of Mike Rivero’s “   ” (One of the few links he provides on his blog)

In a December 23 post on his blog “Say It Ain’t So, Joe,” Bodolai has a piece titled “If This Were Your Last Day Alive What Would You Do?”

Under the heading “Things I Think Will Happen Next Year” he writes, “More wars for Israel, our rulers. Probably Syria soon.”

Bodolai follows that up with another prediction: “War with Iran (!) for Israel may trigger WW3 conflict with Russia.”

Among some of Bodolai’s other predictions:

  • Depression greater than that of the 30’S
  • Martial Law in the USA, first probably in Louisiana
  • Americans will go along with this, but resisters will be FEMA camped.
  • America the one I loved, the one my dad fought for on Omaha Beach on D-DAY, the man who helped take out the machine guns on the cliff, won’t be alive to see young men wearing uniforms and BE the enemy he fought.
  • Fascism will be America. It already is. Simple definition: When government rules over corporations, that’s socialism. When corporations use government that, my friends, is fascism.
  • Foreign troops may likely be used in popular insurrections.

Under the heading “Stuff I Would Like To Have Seen In My Lifetime” Bodolai lists (among others):

  • Truth about 9-11. THREE buildings went down that day. Building 7 wasn’t even hit.
  • Truth about the JFK murder
  • USA not being Israel’s puppet bully

In an earlier post titled “Seeing World Events Through Celebrity Tweets” Bodolai critiques a “tweet” that Lindsay Lohan made after the recent regime change in Egypt. Lohan writes, “Congratulations to the people of Egypt. Your voices were heard and you proved that peaceful demonstrations are possible and effective …. x… And I pray Egypt maintains it’s treaty with Israel and sets the trend for its neighbors to create peace with Israel and the entire region.”

Bodolai’s response to that was, “I guess she has something in common with Israel: theft! (necklaces, Gaza, West Bank… that kind of stuff. Oh, and one of them has nuclear weapons, also stolen. Think Congress minds?) If this seems like a non-sequitur to you, I can’t think of Egypt today without thinking of Israel. And our “experts” (the not-hot people on news channels) applaud the Egyptian military for taking Lindsay’s advice. They will “honor” the treaty. Plus ca change….”

It may be too soon to cry “foul play” in the death of Bodolai. But it isn’t too soon to speculate that his career may have been cut short after his politically incorrect views on Israel caught the attention of some sensitive Hollywood power broker(s).

Bodolai definitely knew what was going on and what was likely to occur in the near future. He was obviously quite concerned about the direction this world was headed, but perhaps lacked the moral support and emotional strength needed to weather the horrific storm he saw coming. That’s the easy answer.

Unfortunately, answers don’t come easy, and Bodolai may have grown tired of waiting for them. That’s why all of us must continue to seek those answers—for Bodolai—and all of those like him who find their worlds too broken to fix.

Rest in peace, Mr. Bodolai. We are your family, and you will be greatly missed.


Righteous Blood Part III



     After more than two centuries of plundering the enormous precious metal wealth of the “West Indies” – (North and South America, the Inca and the Aztec treasuries),  the “Red Shield” of the Dragon – the Khazarian/Bohemian/Marrano “Jesuit-Jew” Synagogue of Satan bloodline systematically parlayed their newly-minted tons of gold and silver into the European Central Banks which they had earlier established.  Interest-bearing loans were freely given to the crowned heads of Europe – to England, France, Holland, Russia, Germany, and Austria.   The Gold and Silver of the “New World” purchased unbridled POWER IN 18th CENTURY EUROPE in the form of military might.   In turn, “military might” was synonymous with amassing weapons of war – cannon, muskets, swords, and most importantly, GUNPOWDER.  Without “black powder” – cannons and muskets were useless!  Most “interest-bearing loans” were used by the competing “Royal Houses” of Europe primarily to build armies and navies.  Key to this “power” was “Powder” – the explosive Black Powder of China.

     The explosive “black powder” first discovered in China eventually revolutionized warfare in Europe and the world.   Gone were the “jousts” of medieval knights clad in suits of mail and armor on charging steeds.  Gone also was the chivalry and courage based on strength of individual “knights” on the field of battle.  Soldiers could now simply point a musket, and by the miracle of “black powder” – send a ball of lead (or shot) into the heart of a foe dozens of yards away with more accuracy than an arrow.  It also was the great equalizer on the field of battle.   A mere lad not yet in puberty could now point a gun, pull a “trigger” – and kill or maim a much more physically powerful adversary three times his size from a safe distance.  Furthermore, any sailing vessel rigged with layers of cannon could destroy other vessels – that is, as long as they had enough BLACK POWDER stowed on board.  With enough explosive powder, castle gates and walls could now be demolished in short order as well!

     So, the question must be asked and answered at this point: Who manufactured and provided the GUNPOWDER, muskets, and cannon, where was the all-important gun “powder” manufactured, and what was the price?

     First the reader must understand what gunpowder of that era was composed of.   Typically, “black powder” is mostly made of a substance called “saltpeter” – aka potassium nitrate. The specific formula: 75% saltpeter (potassium nitrate), 12.5% Charcoal, and 12.5% Sulfur.   The key element in making gunpowder is/was saltpeter.   Without saltpeter, there could be no gunpowder.  Without gunpowder, cannon and muskets were useless clubs.   Without cannon and muskets, armies were reduced to bows, arrows, and swords once again.

     Charcoal and sulfur were quite easy to procure on a large scale during this time period of history.  Saltpeter, the key ingredient, was a much different matter, however.   It had to basically be manufactured, and it had to be done on a large scale.  It was also very labor-intensive.   When one understands the formulation and manufacturing history of saltpeter from 1600-1890, it becomes clear that this was a very jealously guarded secret – much like the genie of nuclear fission in 1945 is today.   It should come as no surprise that the bloodline Khazar-Marrano tribe (the biblical Synagogue of Satan once again) monopolized and jealously guarded the world-wide manufacturing and distribution of saltpeter, just as the same bloodline family named Oppenheimer controls the secrets of the Manhattan Project of nuclear fission and the mega-destructive power of the atomic bomb in modern days!

     The earliest known record and “recipe” for saltpeter manufacturing is found in an ancient manuscript of one “occult alchemist” named Marcus Graecus entitled accurately enough: “Liber Ignum ad Comburendum Hostes” (Book of Fire for Burning Enemies). There are only six known copies of this book, all written in Latin. The oldest, located today in the library of the Vatican in Rome, is dated circa 1300; the most recent is dated 1481 and its origin is once again tied to the Morrano “Crypto-Jew” world-merchants of Spain. The manuscript contains two black powder recipes that served as the original model for the future Khazarian-controlled saltpeter factories in India and parts of China.

Here is a portion of the ancient recipe to manufacture saltpeter, written in Latin.

Nota quod sal petrosum est minera terrae et reperitur in scopulis contra lapidus. Haec terra dissolvatur in aqua bulliente, postea depurata et distla per filtrum et permittatur per diem et noctem integram decoqui, et invenies in fundo laminas salis conjelatas cristallinas.

English translation:   “Note, saltpeter is a mineral of the earth and appears as brushes on stone. This earth is dissolved in boiling water and thereafter purified by a filter. Then boil down this solution by day and night till plates of crystals appear at the bottom.”

16th Century Woodcut Showing Saltpeter Distillation

     Keep in mind that according to the research of Koestler, the Khazarian tribe consisted of the most skilled metallurgists and alchemists of the world, who were of course descendants from the Kenite seed of Cain (aka the Edomites.)   It didn’t take them long to realize that potassium nitrate (saltpeter) could also be extracted from the fecal and liquid waste material of mammals – including human beings.  In areas of the world such as India and China where large concentrations of human population created massive amounts of waste material, the ingenious Khazar alchemists established large-scale saltpeter factories during the 16th century.  Thanks to these early “factories” – the Khazar merchants established a world-wide monopoly on salt-peter – and thus, they enjoyed a virtual monopoly on GUNPOWDER as well.

Saltpeter Manufacturing Plant: (16th century Woodcut Illustration)

Explanation –  this was basically an early patent!  A very jealously-guarded “secret”.

Long rows of beds with porous walls(C), filled with a mixture of vegetable wastes, blood and dung (human or animal) as nitrogen source plus lime or ash to promote nitrification.
Lime controls an optimum pH-value of 7.2 to 7.8. The porous walls of the beds allow an easy access of oxygen.

In building (B) the contents of the ripe salpeter-beds were leached and saltpeter crystallized. (A) A vat, collecting rainwater from the roof.

(From O. Guttmann:”Monumenta Pulveris Pyrii”, London 1906. A collection of Reproductions of Ancient Pictures Concerning the History of Gunpowder)

I would hope that the reader is now clear on the process of manufacturing gunpowder – the substance that would eventually fuel war and destruction on a massive world-wide scale.   Saltpeter, manufactured from BLOOD, URINE and FECAL MATTER is blended with charcoal which was produced from FIRE on wood, and then combined with SULFUR (aka BRIMSTONE MINED FROM THE PITS OF DEEP SUBTERRANEAN CAVES!)  Sounds like a true “Witches Brew” of death.

     War is indeed literally hell, and gunpowder soon became the primal fuel and tool of the Khazarian merchants and profiteers of war, human death and destruction!  Thus it should not come as any surprise to a Christian that gunpowder is actually made from the biblical components of hell itself – the Holy Bible records that “Hell” is literally Fire (charcoal) and Brimstone (sulfur) and Filth (human and animal excrement).   Of course this destructive-demonic tool’s individual components would in fact originate in the very Synagogue of Satan, of whom Jesus Christ, the Prince of PEACE, Himself identified as literal children of their father, the Devil (See John 8:44) – i.e. the GREAT RED DRAGON of the book of Revelation. (Rev. 12:3)


     One of the symbolic codes of the original merchants of ancient Babylon is the eight-pointed star of “the Sun-God”.  It is symbolic also of the Kenite tribe’s “mark of Cain”.  It is the antithesis of the single Christian cross – for it is the symbol of the original “double cross” – the traitor to God and Christ – i.e. the Serpent, the Red Dragon.  It is the symbol of the Law – the Babylonian “Code of Hammurabi” and the double-crossed eight-pointed star can be seen on most modern courtrooms of the U.K and America today.  This symbol also is the origin of the British “Union Jack” flag, and is also found on the emblem of the East India Company of the Khazarian Merchants of Death.  In Schneider’s book, “A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe” we read: “An eight-point star enclosed within a circle was the symbol for the sun god. The “Babylonian star-cult is the core and the archetype of subsequent astrology.”  When one understands the origins of the Khazar’s “Babylonian Talmud” and “Kaballah” astrology and scrying, the symbol begins to make perfect sense.   This “symbol for the sun god” (i.e. Lucifer, the Son of the Morning) is also the “Wheel of the Year” in WICCA and Satanist covens.

Babylonian Sun-God Symbol Showing Sabbats

 WICCA “Wheel of the Year” Showing Sabbats

East India Company Flag (With 13 Stripes) in the Kaballa “sacred” colors of Red, White, and Blue.

     Wikipedia’s entry on the “British East India Company” tells us: The Company was originally named Governor and Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies, and was formed on 31 December 1600.”  It later changed its name to the “British East India Company” – and was an appendage of its sister firm, the Khazarian-owned “Dutch East India Company” operating in the Khazarian (Jew) merchant stronghold of Holland.   Even the most cursory examination of the Dutch and British “East India Companies” shows that this was the first example of a truly mega-corporate structure run amok.  Funded by incredible amounts of “New World” gold and silver, these Khazarian businesses encompassed banking and world trade on a truly massive scale.  They were actually granted the right to “colonize” sovereign countries such as Indonesia, China, South Africa, and India.  Not only did these Khazar merchant ships establish and control saltpeter factories around the world, but history shows they trafficked in African human slaves, as well as OPIUM and TEA.

     It’s critically important to clearly understand the evolution of these “East-India Companies”.  First, from the massive wealth extracted via the plunder of the New World gold and silver, they in short order established a very exclusive monopoly on the production and distribution of saltpeter, and thus gunpowder.   Then they established and built (monopolized) the foundries and factories that produced the guns, cannon, and shot.  Then, they lent the crowned heads of Europe GOLD AND SILVER COINS (with heavy usurious interest rates) in order to purchase their gunpowder, and armaments.   Do you get the picture yet?  The gold and silver coin that was “loaned”, soon went right back into their Swiss and Dutch treasure vaults when it was “spent” – as it purchased their weaponry and trade goods. Eventually, the “interest” on these massive loans was collected in gold and silver – until it became painfully obvious to the crown heads that there was simply not enough gold and silver outside of the Khazar-owned vaults to make the interest payments.

     Moreover, the Khazar merchants knew that only In the event of war (the more violent and contracted, the better) would their gunpowder be expended; meaning more and more powder and shot would need to be purchased via new loans and interest.   It really didn’t matter which country won or lost the conflict – BOTH SIDES OF THE “WAR” NEEDED TO BUY GUNPOWDER AT INTEREST!!!  Both sides executed “war bonds” – promises of the PEOPLE to pay the Khazar bankers at a later date.   Both sides needed powder, shot, guns and cannon.   It soon became the common practice to merely agree to execute a paper contract for indebtedness and purchases of war (even DEFENSE) – no need to physically move the gold and silver around!   This is the Khazarian tried and true recipe to not only become fantastically wealthy, but also to literally control the world.  Sadly, every revolution, every “civil” war, every “world” war since 1492 has simply served to increase this incredibly evil Khazar agenda: dominance through debt-financed death and destruction.  Eventually, the “Synagogue of Satan” would literally control countries and continents – often hiding themselves (i.e. the ‘hidden hand’)  behind the smoke screen of a “constitution” or a “Republic”.    This is likely the realization that prompted the philosopher Goethe to declare “No man is more hopelessly enslaved, than he who falsely believes that he is free.”

True Ott on TV – “What Love is This!”

Here is a TV show exposing pederasty in Mormonism on a scale that makes Sandusky look like a Boy Scout!  (Oops, that’s probably not so good, knowing the pederasty history of Baden Powell.)



Righteous Blood Part II

Khazarian Profiteering in America Greatly Increases Khazar Weath  


In 1976 Random House published a book titled THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE that should have become a blockbuster with Christians, but for some reason it was largely ignored. The book dealt with the racial origin of the people in both Communist and Christian countries who call themselves “Jews,” and which the Churches (and the Jews themselves) FRAUDULENTLY insist are “God’s Chosen People,” i.e. the Israelite descendants of Abraham.  Earlier in this expose, we reviewed the biblical evidence that “Israel” is actually the Anglo-Saxon race, NOT the Khazar race of Gog and Magog.


Since the late 1800’s a small number of Bible Scholars, who were also students of History and Racial origins (anthropology), have strongly insisted that common Christian “dogma” and belief was dead wrong; that instead of being Israelites, these “Jews” (Khazars) from Eastern Europe and Western Asia were descended from Mongolians and other Asiatic peoples who had adopted Judaism as their “religion” over 1,000 years ago and had over the centuries become known as “Jews.” These Bible scholars were also largely ignored or condemned, and often called “cultists” or “anti-Semites” by the media.

So, in 1976, after many years of research, a well-respected Jewish author, Arthur Koestler published a 255 page book titled THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE in which he proves the same point; i.e. that these Eastern European “Jews” are neither Israelites nor “Semites,” but are instead Khazars, Mongols, and Huns! Most major newspapers and magazines reviewed the book during 1976. Also, Random House, the publisher, advertised it extensively and began some of their ads with the following headline: WHAT IF MOST JEWS AREN’T REALLY SEMITES AT ALL?  From Mr. Koestler’s book, find the following information:

  1.  On page 46, Koestler quotes a 1,000 year old Arabian manuscript declaring “The Khazars and their King are all Jews…and that Gog and Magog mentioned in the biblical book of Revelation are the Khazars.”
  2. Pages 47- 50: Khazars became monopolistic world merchants during the 13-18th centuries; re-exporters of foreign goods, middlemen, inspectors of trade, goldsmiths, and silversmiths; and they exacted 10% tax (a “tithe”) on all trade.
  3. Pages 152-154: Jews became international mint-masters striking gold and silver coins, royal treasurers, tax collectors, and then the primary money lenders of Europe. Their principal source of income was foreign trade and the levying of customs dues. They practiced communal life (i.e. communism).

Thanks to the incredible research of Koestler, it is easy for the honest scholar to now follow the origins of the Khazarian (Gog and Magog) international BANKER families from the year 1400 A.D. to the present day.  It shows the Khazar links to Spain and Portugal, and the “Marranos” of Spain and the “Guerients” (the “Marquis”) of France.    These “world merchants” established trade with India and China – and according to Henry Ford’s research in 1920, as published in his seminal book “The International Jew”, it was these Khazar-Jews who financed the voyage of one Christopher Columbus with the goal of finding a more direct route to the continent of India.  (Columbus indeed initially thought that North America was “India” – and wrongfully named the American native tribes “Indians”.)

Henry Ford writes: “The Story of Jews in America begins with Christopher Columbus.  On August 2, 1492, more than 300,000 Jews were expelled from Spain and on August 3, the next day, Columbus set sail for the west, taking a group of Jews with him.”

     “They were not, however, refugees, for the prophetic navigator’s plans had aroused the sympathy of influential Jews for a long period previously.  Columbus himself tells us that he “consorted much with Jews”.   The first letter he wrote detailing his discoveries was to a Jew.  Indeed, the eventful voyage itself which added to men’s knowledge and wealth – “the other half of the earth” was made possible by Jews.   The pleasant story that it was Queen Isabella’s jewels which financed the voyage has disappeared under research.

     “There were three Marranos or “Secret Jews” who wielded great influence at the Spanish court: Luis de Santagel who was an important merchant of Valencia and who was “farmer” of the ROYAL TAXES; his relative, Gabriel Sanchez, who was the royal treasurer; and their friend, the royal chamberlain, Juan Cabrero.

Following Columbus to the “New World” in the 16th and 17th centuries came the Spanish “Conquerors” – the ruthless Conquistadors such as Pizarro and Cortez, who like Columbus, were financed and directed by the crypto-Jew “Marranos” and their so-called “Jesuits”.    Were these early “Jesuits” Roman Catholic “Christians”, or were they in reality “Crypto-Jews” – Khazar-Anti-Christian-Jews masquerading as “Christians? According to numerous scholars, here is the factual history of the “Jesuits”:

Researcher John Torell follows up on the research by Henry Ford as he writes: “The first known Illuminati order (Alumbrado) was founded in 1492 by Spanish Jews, called “Marranos,” who were also known as “crypto-Jews.” With violent persecution in Spain and Portugal beginning in 1391, hundreds of thousands of Jews had been forced to convert to the faith of the Roman Catholic Church. Publicly they were now “Roman Catholics”, but secretly they practiced Judaism (they were Khazars according to Koestler et. al.), which of course included following the Talmud and the Cabala. The powerful and extremely wealthy Marranos were able to teach their children secretly about “Judaism” particular the Talmud and the Luciferian black-magic Cabala, and this huge group of Crypto-Jews has survived to this very day. After 1540 many Marranos opted to flee to England, Holland, France, the Ottoman empire (Turkey), Brazil and other places in South and Central America. The Marranos kept strong family ties and they became very wealthy and influential in the nations where they lived. But as is the custom with all Khazar people, it did not matter in what nation they lived, their loyalty was to themselves and Judaism.”

      “In 1491 San Ignacio De Loyola was born in the Basque province of Guipuzcoa, Spain. His parents were Marranos and at the time of his birth the family was very wealthy. As a young man he became a member of the Jewish Illuminati Order in Spain. As a cover for his crypto-Jewish activities, he became very active as a “practicing” Roman Catholic. On May 20, 1521 Ignatius (as he was now called) was wounded in a battle, and became a semi-cripple. Unable to succeed in the military and political arena, he started a quest for holiness and eventually ended up in Paris, France where he studied for the priesthood. In 1539 he had moved to Rome where he founded the “Jesuit Order,” which was to become the most vile, bloody and persecuting order in the Roman Catholic Church. In 1540, the current Pope Paul III approved the order. At Loyola’s death in 1556 there were more than 1000 members in the Jesuit order, located in a number of nations and they directed the plundering of the Incas and Aztecs in South and Central America.”

   “Setting up the Jesuit order, Ignatius Loyola devised an elaborate spy system, so that no one in the order was safe. If there was any opposition, death would come swiftly. The Jesuit order not only became a most destructive arm of the Roman Catholic Church; it also developed into a secret intelligence service. While the Popes relied more and more on the Jesuits, they were unaware that the hardcore leadership were Jewish, and that these Jews held membership in the Illuminati Order which in reality despised and hated the Roman Catholic Church.”

In 1623, as a result of the massive wealth from the Americas, the Marranos formed an order in France called “Guerients,” which in 1722 evolved into an Illuminati Order named “The Grand Orient” lodges of Masonry.  The crypto-Jew/Khazar “Guerients” received “titles of nobility” in both France and England, and were often called “Marquis” – as they supplied gold and silver coin to the French monarchs with “usury interest” attached of course.    Where did much of the gold and silver originate during this era?  It came from the fantastically wealthy mines and treasures of the “New World” of America!  The Khazarian (Jews) merchants had literally hit a veritable jackpot in America that would forever change the world’s balance of power, and endangered true Christians the world over as never before.

Subsequent Marrano-controlled expeditions to the “West Indies”, spanning 250 years from 1520-1770 A.D., resulted in incredibly massive amounts of gold and silver riches coming under their control.  Literally thousands of tons of pure gold and silver were not only systematically plundered from the treasuries of the Aztecs and Incan nations, but also from ancient native mines from whence the massive wealth originated.  From Utah in the North, to Peru in the South, the Marrano Khazarian “Jesuits” eventually enslaved hundreds of thousands of “Indians” in massive “concentration camps” to extract the precious metals in mines and pour it into ingots at numerous refineries.  Coins were minted and shipped to Europe via the famed “Plate Fleets of the Spanish Main” over the centuries.

Occasionally, some of the Khazarian treasure-bearing ships were lost in hurricanes and other mishaps; many of these treasure ships have been found and reclaimed in modern times.  The wealth these “plate fleets” brought to their Khazar masters was phenomenal.  The Khazarian financial empire was solidified as never before.   The Khazar “Talmud of Babylon” became enshrined in secret-society  “Lodges of the Grand Orient” controlled by the Khazarian B’Nai B’rith throughout Europe.  Due in no small measure to the immense wealth of the “New World” treasures, the Marrano-Khazarian “crest” of the Dragon (the House of Hapsburg of the Bohemian Grove of Transylvania) soon controlled Holland, Austria, Spain, France and through the machinations of Oliver Cromwell, the British Isles as well.  England was no longer a Christian nation – but instead, was now in the hands of the Red Dragon – the House of Hapsburg.  The Khazars established the “British East Indies” company, and the African slave trade became established in not only the Khazar-controlled islands of the Caribbean, but in the North American colonies as well.

This map shows the “trade routes” utilized by the Khazarian “Spanish West Indies” fleets (white) but also the “British East Indies” ships in blue.  The Khazarians controlled both companies.

The Khazarian/Bohemian/Transylvanian House of Hapsburg Crest

Righteous Blood – Part I

The Righteous Blood


(The Gospel of St. Matthew, 23: 34-39)

By A. True Ott, PhD – December 17, 2011

     This will be a very controversial expose.  Many will undoubtedly be shocked and even angered by its content.  Nevertheless, it is completely true and accurate.  I invite you to read with an open mind, and follow the historical facts outlined herein.


Americans have been grandly deceived and brainwashed over the decades.   The vast majority of so-called “Christians” (the majority of American citizens) have ignorantly accepted a huge deception (i.e. a “strong delusion”) that goes something along this line:  The modern nation-state of Israel was established as a “homeland” for the biblical “Jews” – the historical “Nation of Israel” – (God’s “Covenant People”) – who gave the world Jesus Christ (a “Jew” as well) and His saving “Gospel”.   Furthermore, the delusion continues that all of this fulfills Bible prophecy – that this modern “Nation of Israel” will eventually witness the triumphant return of the resurrected Jesus to earth following a period of massive “tribulation” and bloodshed (Armaggedon and “Abomination of Desolation”).  Most deluded “Christians” therefore have been brainwashed by blatantly corrupt “pastors and teachers”, who have successfully convinced most gullible sheep that the Nation of Israel is “divine”.  Therefore, even though this nation is the home of international organized crime figures, and even it exports death and terrorism worldwide, and is thoroughly evil and corrupt, it should be nevertheless be embraced or at least tolerated by professed “Christians” because Jesus the divine “Jew” will come and set things right!   This is completely wrong and incorrect in so many ways!


Whether one is a “believer” in Christ or not, the truth is that the “Holy Bible” is an accurate historical text at the very least.   Jesus of Nazareth was indeed a historical figure.  He did indeed walk the streets of ancient Judea, and did indeed perform many incredible miracles and taught the people incredible new doctrines.   Let’s take a condensed look at important Biblical history.


The first big lie is that Jesus of Nazareth was a “Jew”.   He was a Nazarene, a sect of the ancient nation called Judea.   Judea was a diverse nation during the time of Jesus, and like modern-day America encompassed numerous nationalities and traditions.  Nazarenes were also Judeans – much like Negroes or Caucasians who are citizens of the USA today are also called “Americans”.  Over the centuries, the translators of the various texts shortened the word “Judean” into the relatively modern “slang” term “Jew”.  In the context of biblical history, the term Jew is synonymous with a Judean citizen.  However, according to many honest researchers, historians and authors, the modern context of the term “Jew” is synonymous with a specific eastern European tribe called “Khazars”.  As a matter of fact, 92% of the modern-day “Jews” are in reality descendants of the Khazar kingdom and as such have absolutely no genetic relation to the biblical “Nation of Israel.”   A careful and honest study of the Holy Bible will prove this to be absolutely factual.


In every single instance where the modern word “Jew” is found in the King James translations of the Holy Bible, we find it translated from the original Greek word “IOUDAIOS” (pronounced You-DAY-Os) which simply means “of the country of Judea”.   When Christ was crucified, the sign placed on the cross identified Him as “King of IOUDAIOS – in other words, King of Judea – not King of the Khazar “jews”.   Furthermore, numerous physical descriptions of Jesus of Nazareth describe him as having “auburn” colored hair, with blue-grey eyes.    Keep that physical description in mind as we progress through this study.


The “delusion” mentioned above appears to hinge on well-meaning pastors and teachers misunderstanding the words of the Old Testament prophet Isaiah who declared: “For out of Zion will go forth THE LAW, and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem.”  (Isaiah 2:3)  This is the basis for so-called “Zionism” amongst the “Christian” community.  They equate “Zion” with the re-birth of the modern nation of “Israel” and the modern city of “Jerusalem” with the “Word of the Lord” Jesus of Nazareth.   Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.  As a result, the imposter Khazars have literally gotten away with mass murder and mayhem.


A careful reading of both Old Testament as well as New Testament scriptures reveals a most important truth, which is that certain cities can either be a physical, historical city, or it could be a spiritual concept that is encoded, or both.  For instance, the term Babylon clearly was a physical city-state, as well as a coded term for spiritual decadence in future tense.   So it is with Jerusalem.   It is both a physical city, as well as a coming spiritual kingdom.   This is where many Christians have become confused over the years.


The writings of Zechariah concerning Jerusalem in the “Latter Days” should be clear, but sadly they have been misinterpreted by ministers having “itching ears”.   It is clear that the “Jerusalem” foreseen by Zechariah is NOT the historical city of Jerusalem in Palestine.   The physical city of Jerusalem, both ancient and modern, is clearly measured and delineated by physical borders.  Note that Zechariah 2:1-4 tells us that the spiritual “Jerusalem” is comparatively vast – so vast in fact that it takes an angel to effectively measure its boundaries.  Furthermore, it clearly states: “Jerusalem shall be inhabited AS TOWNS (plural) WITHOUT WALLS for the MULTITUDE of men and cattle therein.”  It should be clear that the future “Zion” Jerusalem would be a MIGHTY NATION with hundreds of millions of inhabitants.   Zechariah 8:7 tells us “Behold, I will save My people from the east country, and from the west country; and I will bring them, and they shall dwell IN THE MIDST OF JERUSALEM: and they shall be MY PEOPLE, and I will be THEIR GOD, IN TRUTH AND RIGHTEOUSNESS.”   In other words, this spiritual “New Jerusalem” will be a choice nation where the people of God can assemble from both the east and the west.  It will be a nation of freedom and liberty – and espouse “Justice for All.”   I submit that AMERICA is the New Jerusalem – the shining CHRISTIAN NATION on a hill – the “MOUNTAIN” (nation) of the Lord Jesus Christ – the ancient Judean.   Armed with this TRUTH – one can better understand the prophecies of Zechariah concerning this Jerusalem – which is the NATION OF AMERICA – the United States.   These prophecies have NOTHING to do with the ancient city of Jerusalem and the Khazarian-controlled “nation” of Israel – which were and are condemned in the biblical texts to be a literal “Curse” on the entire world.


Jeremiah 26:1-3 tells us: “Thus saith the Lord: If ye will not hearken to the words of My servants the prophets, whom I sent unto you ———THEN I WILL MAKE THIS HOUSE LIKE SHILOH, AND WILL MAKE THIS CITY A CURSE TO ALL THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH.”   What is meant “like Shiloh”?  In a very brief nutshell, Shiloh was the original sacred edifice of the Ark of the Covenant – which eventually was completely destroyed and scattered – AND NEVER TO BE HONORED BY THE GOD OF ISRAEL AGAIN!   So, has the old city of Jerusalem truly become “LIKE SHILOH” and become a literal “curse to all the nations of the earth”?    I submit the answer to this can be found in how the spiritual leadership of Jerusalem (the Scribes and Pharisees) treated Jesus of Nazareth.  Did they honor Him and His Gospel, or did they reject Him?


The Gospel of St. Matthew, chapter 23, should answer this question in no uncertain terms.   Here, Jesus pulls no punches, and declares pure Truth as He declares the condition of the “Pharisees” and their Kenite “scribes”.  He declares that the “Blood of the Prophets” will be on their hands – and that they “SHALL NOT ESCAPE THE DAMNATON OF HELL.”   Then, in conclusion, He gazes over the City named Jerusalem and laments how He could have protected them “as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings” – but they chose wrongfully.   He then pronounces His FINAL BENEDICTION on this city named Jerusalem: “BEHOLD, YOUR HOUSE IS LEFT UNTO YOU DESOLATE.”  What does this mean?  Simply that Jerusalem was and is cursed above all earthly cities!   A “desolate” house means there is no life there, but is inhabited instead by rodents and insects such as cockroaches.   This, you see, fulfilled the word of Jeremiah completely.  Shortly after pronouncing this sorrowful edict, Jesus Christ was scourged and crucified.   Titus and his Roman Legions destroyed the “temple” – and the ancient city was left desolate and has indeed today become a “curse to all the nations of the earth.”   This paper will explain exactly HOW it has occurred.




Who, exactly are the biblical “people of Israel” who Christ admonished His apostles to gather?   Is “Israel” the so-called modern- day “Jews” who claim to be “God’s Chosen People”?   Consider this: According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics there were 13,421,000 Jews worldwide in 2009 – a number declining by at least 50,000 each year!     Most biblical scholars and historians have confirmed that Solomon was estimated to have had MORE THAN FIFTEEN MILLION “Israelites” in his kingdom over 2,500 years ago.  Moreover, we read in Genesis 28:3 this sacred PROMISE bestowed on the nation of Israel: “And God Almighty bless thee, and make thee fruitful, and MULTIPLY THEE, THAT THOU MAYEST BE A MULTITUDE OF PEOPLE.”    Was God wrong?  Why has “Israel” not “multiplied” – but instead has DECREASED from the population under Solomon?   Could it be that “Israel” is not the so-called “modern Jews” at all?   Indeed this is the TRUTH.



After Christ was baptized as recorded in Matthew 10:6, He immediately instructed His disciples to go “to the lost sheep of the house of Israel”.  The English world “lost” here is translated from the Greek word apollumi which means: apo (“put away”) and ollumi: (“punished”).   It signifies a voluntary losing, which is of course correct, since God deliberately put Israel away into the Assyryian captivity (2 Kings 18 and Hosea).  The Greek Apollumi is used 13 times in the New Testament, and each and every time it is used as a descriptive adjective of the TRUE HOUSE OF ISRAEL.  You see, Christ was sent as a Savior, first to the HOUSE OF ISRAEL – and His disciples preached His Gospel first to Judea, then in Samaria, and then north to present day Europe and Scandinavia.


British, Roman, and other European historical records show the many of the disciples who had literally known Jesus “in the flesh” went directly to the British Isles after Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.   The apostle Paul preached in Spain, France, and England.  Joseph of Arimathea actually established a church in England within 5 short years of Jesus’ crucifixion.   The historical record shows that Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of Jesus, Maximin, Trophimus, Lazarus (who was raised from the dead), Simon Zelotes, Clements, Martial, Sidonius, Zacchaeus, and Mary, wife of Cleophas ALL EMIGRATED TO ENGLAND during this time period.   WHY HAS THIS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEEN LARGELY EXPUNGED FROM OUR SCHOOL, CHURCH AND SEMINARY TEXTBOOKS???  The answer to this is very simple – it has been done to keep Christians from realizing exactly WHO “Israel” is – the Anglo-Saxon race!!


Most “Christians” today have no clue that Timothy, who had been ordained by Paul, eventually baptized his own nephew named Lucius on May 28, 137 A.D.   Lucius became the King of Britain, and eventually declared all of England Christian 9 years later in 156 A.D. at a ceremony at the “National Council at Winchester!”


The fact is that the Christian Gospel flourished not only in the British Isles, but also in modern-day Germany, Denmark, Sweden and France from 100 A.D. through 700 A.D.   The “lost sheep” of Israel indeed heard their shepherd’s voice.   Meanwhile, the rabbis of Jerusalem (the Pharisaical false teachers – the literal genetic seed of their father, the devil – John 8:42-48) were dwindling in number and relevance until a saving event occurred in the year 740 A.D.


During the 8th Century A.D. – the Christian Kings of western Europe were engaging the Vatican’s new vassals, the MOHOMEDAN MUSLIMS over control of the “Holy Land” in a protracted holy war that is today called “The Crusades”.   The Christian armies would have to pass through an Eastern European kingdom named Khazaria in order to reach the Holy Land.   In order to appear neutral, in 740 A.D. Khazar King Bulan decided to neither embrace Islam nor Christianity, instead ordering his entire nation to embrace Talmudism – and to that end brought hundreds of Pharisiee rabbis to establish synagogues and “temples” throughout his empire.  This was not a matter of spirituality whatsoever, but instead was a shrewd political move.   Historical texts show that the Khazars were a bloodthirsty, idolatrous, pagan people with genetic ties to the “Kenite” lines of the biblical Cain who slew his brother Abel – so embracing the Babylonian Talmud appeared to be a good fit.  The heart of the Khazarian kingdom was in modern-day Romania and Transylvania, yet its borders extended westward into modern-day Poland, and eastward into Lithuania and modern day Russia.   Their language was Yiddish, and after “converting” to Talmudism – they incorporated Hebrew into their Yiddish alphabet.



Over the centuries, the wealth and influence of “Talmudism” in Khazaria continued to grow, as the physically powerful Khazarians, the descendents of Attila the Hun, became skilled at providing mercenary soldiers to various kingdoms throughout the region.   Skilled and vicious warriors, their elite ranks swelling to over 40,000, these mercenaries often spelled the difference between victory and defeat in various wars.  Always, the warlords were compensated in precious metals – most commonly – gold.   Thus began the seeds of what is described by the resurrected Christ to John in Revelation: “—Them which say they are “Jews” (Judeans) – but are NOT, but are the Synagogue of Satan.

One such wealthy warlord who gained notoriety in 15th century Europe was  a descendant from the original Khazar royalty by the name of Vlad “The Impaler” Tsepes – also known as Vlad “Dracul” – (literally the “son of the Dragon” – or the “son of the Devil”).   This individual was the original “terrorist”  – impaling thousands of his victims on large 20-foot poles and leaving their rotting corpses to fester around his residence and much of his “kingdom of Wallachia”.   History reports that both Turkish armies as well as Christian crusaders retreated in horror at the sight of such a devilish spectacle –and Vlad Dracul became reviled especially in Austria and Germany.   Even though his genealogy showed he practiced Talmudic teachings, he would publicly declare however, that he was “protecting Christianity” by his actions.   True Christians in Austria and Germany were not fooled, however , and numerous paintings were produced depicting Vlad Dracul as an avid persecutor of Christ – an anti-Christ figure.   What is valuable to Christians is that numerous portraits of Vlad Tsepes “The Impaler” survived, and thus we can get an idea of the genetic makeup of the “Khazar” bloodline of Cane at least as far as the general facial features are concerned.    Here are some examples:


1463 painting depicting Vlad (seated) as Pilate

Vlad the Impaler (left) as Aegeas, the Roman proconsul in Patras, crucifying Saint Andrew. Approximately 1470–1480, Belvedere Galleries, Vienna


1463 Portrait of Vlad the Impaler, Khazar


Dov Zackheim, and gangster Meyer Lansky – who was given asylum in Israel. Modern Day Khazar Warlords.  (Notice the resemblance to Vlad?)








The Khazars are the modern-day “Jews” – again they are in reality the “Synagogue of Satan” and as the remainder of this expose will show, have been the authors of  every single WAR OF PROFIT since (and including) the American War of Independence.   Once again, since 92% of today’s “Jews” are in reality descendents of the Khazars, I submit that Christians should refer to them exclusively by their correct name – and not confuse the issue by falsely calling them “Jews”.


Following centuries of very profitable mercenary soldiering, the royal “warlords” of Khazaria expanded their holdings and political influence exponentially by become large-scale “money-lenders” – to all the kings and crowned heads of Europe; lending their ill-gotten gold and silver assets at high rates of “usury” in order to fund wars and campaigns of conquest worldwide.   One such predatory Khazarian money-lender was a man born Feb. 23, 1744 named Mayer Amschel Bauer. Bauer eventually changed his surname to reflect the red hexagram logo of his money-lending business – the Red (Roth) Shield (schild) – thus the family name of “Rothschild” was born.    Eventually, this “red shield” hexagram would change to the color blue, and come to be the national symbol of the predatory Khazarian bankster’s world-base known as “Israel”.   (The hexagram has absolutely no historical ties to Palestine or Judea, just as the Khazars were never Judeans.)


Khazarian Profiteering in the American Revolution In Part II







It’s the ECONOMY — DUH!!!

For whatever reason, the subject of the FEDERAL RESERVE and MONEY CREATION FOR PROFIT is not being “debated” on the political front by the Khazar “Puppets” masquerading as GOP Presidential “Candidates”.

The machinations of TOO BIG TO FAIL BANKS and the ECONOMY are the two most important topics facing not only the U.S. – but also the world today.  It is the ultimate pivot point on which SLAVERY and FREEDOM hinges.   As Rothschild declared so correctly centuries ago: “Give me control of a nation’s CURRENCY, and I CARE NOT WHO MAKES ITS LAWS!”   And as Goethe said: ‘No man is more hopelessly enslaved, than he who falsely believes  he is free.”

Kudos to my friend and colleague Bill Still for his latest editorial efforts in this arena.

Remember what Abraham Lincoln said just before his assassination by the Khazar-Jesuit central banksters: “The printing and honest control of the nation’s money supply is the single greatest creative responsibility of government in a people’s REPUBLIC!”

In short, folks, WE THE PEOPLE can print and distribute CURRENCY (Legal Tender) and by so doing, disenfranchise the BANKERS who have usurped this most basic governmental function for PROFIT and PLUNDER.   The U.S. Treasury needs to immediately begin printing NON-INTEREST-BEARING U.S. Notes, as opposed to the private, INTEREST-BEARING FEDERAL RESERVE Notes Payable.

Simple concept, really.

Batle Hymn – Put on the WHOLE ARMOR of God.

Before you read this – listen to this SCHOOL CHOIR perform “Battle Hymn of the REPUBLIC!”  What a wonderful job!

This pretty much sums things up folks.  Remember it was written back in 1972.

Put on the Whole Armor of God

November, 1972 American Opinion

Tom Anderson

Thomas Jefferson Anderson succeeded General Curtis LeMay as the nominee of the American Party for Vice President of the United States.  Mr. Anderson has long been America’s foremost farm publisher, having built fourteen magazines with circulation in the millions, and his column is nationally syndicated to a vast audience.  Tom Anderson is one of the nation’s most sought-after public speakers.


One evening a famous actor was asked to entertain at a large dinner party.  A ripple of excitement ran through the crowd of prominent guests as he rose to speak.  The actor chose to recite the Twenty-third Psalm, which he did eloquently.  He finished the dramatic recitation in a thunder of applause, and the audience gave him a standing ovation. The next speaker was an elderly white-haired man, bowed and worn by long years of patient labor as a Christian missionary.  “I too would like to recite the Shepherd’s Psalm,” he said quietly.  Then, turning his face upward a little, and closing his eyes, he began…  And, when he was through, there was not a sound.  No word.  No applause.  And there was not a dry eye in the room. Afterward, a man said to the great actor, “I don’t understand, you both spoke the same words..  Your presentation was perfect in every way.  Yet, when he spoke in his halting, imperfect manner, people were moved too deeply for words.  What made the difference?” “The answer is simple,” the actor replied, “I know the Twenty-third Psalm; I know it well.  But he knows the Shepherd.”

Many of us say we know the Shepherd; but few of us act like it. There is much concern on the American Right these days about a relatively new phenomenon called “religious neutralism.”  After awakening lukewarm Christians and half-hearted patriots to the Satanic collectivism that threatens our country.  Conservative organizations have lost hundreds of these people to a fundamentalist revivalism that discourages their remaining active in the fight to keep America free. Once an American is fully awakened to the depth and depravity of what I shall call “The Conspiracy” to control the world, he sometimes begins to think, “We are making little or no headway against it.  We are lost!” After all, he rationalizes, “Today’s America is not worth saving, because America is no longer a Christian nation.”  Since “our country is irretrievably lost and a takeover is near,” he reasons, “the best thing for each man to do is to concentrate exclusively on his own salvation and on the souls of his loved ones.”

The Comrades have long proclaimed that “religion is the opiate of the people.”  Indeed, a tired, discouraged, disconsolate Conservative who turns to “religion” as an excuse for quitting the fight to save our country is hunting for an opiate.  And opiates don’t save anybody!  I, too, would rather devote myself exclusively to leading people to Jesus Christ.  But it is not Christian to abandon our nation and to leave the patriotic remnant to fight our battles for us. It is ironic that the patriotic John Birch Society, named for a Christian missionary, has perhaps “lost” more members because of religious neutralism than for any other one reason.  The Society, though not exclusive to Christians, was the main factor in bringing many of those same people to Christ. Once thoroughly “educated” to the dangers that threaten our country, and thoroughly discouraged, they finally turned to Christ as the answer.  Christ is the answer.  But Jesus never admonished us to cop out, resorting only to prayer in times of danger.  He said, “Occupy until I come.”  St. Augustine put it very well:  “I shall work as if everything depended on me; I shall pray as if everything depended on God.”

The Bible teaches that Christ is the Lord over both the nation and the individual.  Thus, a true Christian cannot forsake either!  Where in the Bible does the Lord allow any Christian to surrender his responsibility to defend freedom, family, and country?  Christ said: “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s,” thus establishing the spiritual kingdom under God and the earthly kingdom under law. He not only recognized nationalism, but directed Christians to participate in the earthly government. Still, if communism [internationalism] were merely a political system, we Christians should not be overly exercised about it.  Mere politics should be an incidental business to the Church and to born-again Christians.

Certainly “politics” as such, Left or Right, has no place in the pulpit. The church belongs in the world, but the world does not belong in the church.  I go to church to hear Christ preached, not the words of politicians.  But communism/[internationalism] has almost nothing to do with politics; it is a diabolical conspiracy, an evil religion, and the deadliest enemy Christianity has ever faced. A Communist/[Internationalist] must be an atheist.  More than that, he must hate Christianity and Christians.  The Communist/[Internationalist] god is the government – the dictatorship of the proletariat.  The communist/[internationalist] promise for the future is not eternal life with the Savior, but eternal dictatorship over all the world – a world of people “perfected” by Marxism.  In such a world the authority of Caesar would be omnipresent, and your only escape would be death.  Any “Christian” who can accommodate and accept communism/[internationalism] is simply not a Christian.  This is a conflict to the death, between absolutes.  … Christianity and communism/[internationalism] are enemies and cannot coexist.  If you are loyal to one, you are a traitor to the other.  Jesus said: “He that is not with me is against me.” (Matthew 12:30).  We cannot be with Jesus and fail to suppress His most bitter enemy!  We must have and obey the absolutes that are the Laws of God.  And when those absolutes are attacked by conspirators seeking to use the state to establish an atheistic dictatorship, we must choose between God and mammon.  Peter told us that when Caesar demands of us that commitment which belongs to God alone, then we ought to obey God rather than man.  … The fact is that both the Old and New Testaments are full of admonishments for us to hate evil.  Christ and his Apostles hated evil and refused to compromise with it.  We must do the same.  Jehu the prophet, chastised Jehoshaphat, asking: “Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord? therefore is wrath upon thee from the Lord.”–(II Chronicles 19:2).

Yet, the foreign policy of this nation for the past thirty years, if we can be said to have had one, has been to help our communist/[internationalist] enemies who hate the Lord.  John said of those who rejected Christ and helped his enemies: “For he that biddeth him God-speed, is partaker of his evil deeds.” –(II John II).  He was talking about men like Richard Nixon. The purpose of government, according to the Bible, is “for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well.”–(Peter 2:14).  But communism/[internationalism] rewards evil and punishes good. What kind of government was Paul talking about when he said in Romans 13:1-4: “For there is no power but of God…  For rulers are not a terror to good works, but the evil”?  Obviously, he wasn’t talking about a communist/[internationalist] government!  For Paul continued, saying of the good ruler that “he is the ministry of God to thee for good.  But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.”

So the Bible does not tell Christians not to oppose evil government, nor even to be neutral toward evil government, but to oppose all evil.  The Bible advocates government punishment of evil-doers, including the death penalty.  But it is talking about good rulers, with constituted, limited authority, not criminal conspirators who murder wholesale and enslave globally.  Personal freedom, family, and nationalism are all divine institutions, ordained by God. Before proceeding further, let me define some terms.  By “Christian” I do not mean a non-Jew, do-gooding, nice fellow who goes to church and sings the hymns.  Going to church won’t anymore make you a Christian than going to the Lions Club will make you a lion.  A Christian is somebody who accepts Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour.  Certainly I do not use the term religion as a synonym for Christianity.  Religions are the enemy of Christianity.  “Religion” is an attempt by elitists to organize worship.  Buddhism is a religion.  Communism, for many, is a religion. Mere “religion” is based on works; Christianity is based on faith in Jesus Christ. To a Christian there are two types of Kingdoms: the earthly kingdom, or state, and the spiritual kingdom of God.  The Lord our God sent His son Jesus Christ to establish an earthly spiritual kingdom.  This spiritual kingdom is not composed of do-gooders, church goers, good-guys, anti-communists [Internationalists], or patriots, but of those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

“He that believeth in the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.”–(John 3:36).  Jesus said, “no man cometh to the Father, but by me.”–(John 14:6).  And we read in Galations 3:26: “For ye…the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.” We learn from the book of Genesis that man’s freedom was bestowed by God at the time He created man.  In Genesis 1:26; 2:16-17, we read that God made man a free, self-conscious, self-determinate individual after His own image.

Communism [internationalism], denying “God, necessarily denies the divine right of man to be free.  One World “brotherhood” is a project of the Devil, not of God, for God has prescribed nationalism.  (Deuteronomy

32:8, see also Amos 3:3). In fact, God divided the people into nations to keep them from being destroyed.–(Genesis 9 & 10).  Internationalism is Satan’s program, not God’s–(Isaiah 14:12).  In Genesis 11:19, we read how internationalism brought on wickedness and rejection of God.  And for thousands of years it has been used by Satan to do so again and again. God decried internationalism at the Tower of Babel, scattering the human race and creating the different languages to hinder their communication.

In Acts 17:26-27, we read that God even established political boundaries in order to encourage peoples to seek the Lord. So, when we defend he sovereignty of our nation, we are doing God’s will. But unless more people get involved, Christian and non-Christian, the next generation of Americans will experience what Walt Rostow called “an end to nationhood” – which means an end to American liberty.  The Communists [Internationalists] might not have to attack us from without, since they are winning within.  The chief threat to our nationhood is still not fallout but sellout.  Treason is the reason. And the born-again Christian who sees the sellout but is unwilling to work against it, as well as pray against it, lacks understanding of Christian doctrine.  As the Apostle James wrote: “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.”–(James 4:17).

We need to ask our brother Christians who spend all of their time praying and preaching, “wouldn’t you prefer to keep on doing it wherever you desire, instead of underground only?  Can’t you witness to more people in a free America than in a slave-labor camp?  Wouldn’t you prefer the life of a free-professing Christian to that of a priest in prison?  Wouldn’t you rather live a long life preaching Christ than to be the most prayerful Christian shot in the back of the neck and dumped into a mass grave?” Another lame excuse offered by some professing Christians goes like this: “It’s all ordained, so why fight it?”

That one reminds me of the Presbyterian preacher in pioneer days who was asked by a parishioner: “If you believe everything is pre-ordained and pre-destined, and that when our time has come, it’s come, and there’s nothing we can do about it, why do you carry a rifle with you when you go to church every Sunday?”  “Because,” replied the preacher, “I might meet an Indian whose time has come.”

If everything in your own life was already ordained, why would you work for a living?  If everything is ordained, why try? Each of us was ordained by God with certain talents.  I believe that each of us, rich and poor, educated and uneducated, free and unfree, has divine obligation: To do the best we can, where we are, with what we’ve got; to use our God-given talents in the highest degree possible; to make ourselves, our family, our country, our world a better place, in Christ’s name.  God does not expect great accomplishments from us.  He just wants us to use the talents He gave us.  You will remember that Jesus took away the one “talent” of the man who did nothing and gave it to the man who had ten talents.–(Matthew 25:28).  He did not believe in forced equality; but He did believe in doing the best you can. Some ill-informed, head-in-sand evangelicals say: “just preach the Gospel” openly.  The Bible tells us to “do that which is good.”– (Romans 13:3). That means to defend our country, in war and piece; to participate. Preaching is not enough! Christians have ever to make the choice.

Two thousand years ago, Christians were given the choice of worshipping their Roman Emperor or Jesus Christ, their King.  They took Christ and the lions took them.  And so did the torture chambers, and the crucifixions.  And the Romans were civilized in comparison with the Communists.  Thousands of Christians in Communist dungeons have been forced to watch or listen as their wives and children were tortured.  In America, a public schoolteacher who teaches Christianity will lose her job; in communist China she will lose her mind, rotting in a jail, or have her tongue pulled out. So what chance has Christianity:  It has every chance.  It will be victorious.  The cause of Jesus will conquer the atheism of the Russians, the Red Chinese, and all their vassals.  The Communists might very well destroy America, but they won’t destroy Christianity.  Two thousand years ago, the more the Roman tyrants persecuted the Christians, the more Christians there were, until the emperor Constantine himself presumably became a Christian.  Jesus said even the gates of Hell shall not prevail against His church–(Matthew 16:18).  But they will prevail against America if Christians don’t get up off their knees and pray fighting.

The Communists [Internationalists] know that their main enemy is not the Pentagon, but Christianity.  Since a revolution wiping out Christians can’t be accomplished yet, their best approach is to water-down Christianity until the next generation of lukewarm “Christians” figures it is not worth dying for.  If it’s not worth living for, how could it be worth dying for?  If Jesus was just a “good guy”; if He was not virgin-born, not divine; if He did not rise from the dead to go and prepare a place for you – why should you fight and maybe die for Him? What’s the best way for the conspirators to soften up Christians?  By infiltrating the theological seminaries, the universities, and the church hierarchy – which they’ve done.  The brainwashing has already progressed to the point that a high percentage of so-called “Christian” pastors and priests don’t believe in the divinity of Christ.  The “gospel” they preach is do-goodism equality, “peace,” the social; gospel.  Their idea is to make a Heaven on Earth by accumulating brownie points.

What these conspirators are rally doing is making many of our clergymen the servant of Hell on Earth. It’s foolish and unavailing for us to debate whether to save souls first or to save the country first.  We must do both first!  The more souls we lead to Christ, the more dedicated patriots we’ll have.  And the more citizens that decide to become dedicated patriots, the more souls we’ll lead to Christ.  But we Christians must work at doing both! Since this is an extremely complex subject, “Let me make myself crystal clear,” as our chief pharisee is wont to say (when he means something else).  I do not subscribe to the viewpoint that all it takes to save America is to educate, and that an enlightened people will do the right thing.  I believe that even an enlightened people, without God, will do the wrong thing.  Well, did the prophet Jeremiah declare:  “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked.”–(Jeremiah 17:9).  But we must do more than just sit and pray for forgiveness of our sins.  As Beaumont said: “Faith and works are like the light and heat of a candle; they cannot be separated.”

Brownie points don’t count in Heaven, and the sins of born-again Christians are already forgiven.  That’s the reason Christ died.  So what should a born-again believer do?  He should work harder than the Devil–not to get saved, but because he is saved.   A living, saving faith produces works.  “By their fruits ye shall know them.”–(Matthew 7:20).  And the fruit comes after the roots, after the pollination, after the flowering. Incidentally, there is an off-season for nearly every flower, except the blooming idiot–the atheist. “I would not give much for your religion,” said Charles Spurgeon, “unless it can be seen.  Lamps do not talk,, but they do shine.”

Some drop-out Conservatives are like the fellow in the little country church who was bitterly opposed to the pastor’s suggestion that the church purchase a chandelier.  “But why are you so against it?” the pastor asked him.  “Well, first,” said the man, “nobody can spell it, so how can we order it? Second, nobody can play it if we get it.  And, third, what we really need is more light.” More light and hard work!

Archimedes, the mathematical genius of ancient Syracuse, gave himself completely to his studies.  When the Romans besieged his city, he was so engrossed in his studies that he was oblivious to the deadly struggle going on all about him.  When the Romans breached the wall and entered the city, he took no note of it.  When fighting broke out in his own street, he paid no attention.  Even when a soldier broke into his house and ran him through with a sword, he never looked up from a mathematical problem that held his interest.  He was a charter member of “the silent majority.”  But he was certainly enlightened.  He was certainly educated.  It will be unrewarding to be the best educated prisoner in the concentration camp.  And being the best Christian ever tortured to death won’t do a thing for your God, your family, or your country. It is not enough to “educate” yourself idly.  Some of the “best educated” people are totally lacking in character.

Education, without morality, breeds only clever criminals.  Will a highly educated person, lacking in character, stand up and be counted for what’s right; for God, family, and country?  No, he will not!  He’s probably either neutral or on the other side.  So if Christians were not willing to go to bat for freedom, who will?  Many of these educated yellow-bellies proclaim that there is no use fighting, because the ball game is over.  That eases their conscience and makes them socially acceptable.  They wouldn’t get in the ball game if it were in the first quarter. They’re not ignorant and innocent, but gutless and guilty.  They sell their freedom inch by inch for temporary personal peace and profit.  When freedom is at stake, silence is not golden; it’s yellow. Which reminds me of a story about Mark Twain?  The subject of Heaven and Hell was being heatedly debated at a dinner party by all except Twain.  A lady bluntly asked him: “Why are you silent?  I want your opinion.”  Twain gravely replied: “Madame, you must excuse me.  I am silent because of the purest necessity.  You see, I have friends in both places.”

The average person is equally irritated by hearing Christianity attacked or by seeing it practiced. What irritates me is seeing Christians used to destroy their own faith and the faith of this once-Christian nation.  All that is necessary to cause fifty million American Christians–real Christians–to be murdered by the Communist [Internationalists] is for Christian Americans to devote themselves exclusively to prayer and let the Communists [Internationalists] take our country! Conspirators even now blame the decline of the church on nationalism and claim that being “obsessed” with communism [internationalism] causes Christians to leave the church.  That is a carefully created lie!  The organized church has declined mainly because it has deserved to; and it has deserved to because it has not been doing its job…which is to preach the Good News of Christ.  Christians have left the churches in droves to seek the Lord, who has been abandoned by their modernistic, apostate churches. A church and a preacher denying the virgin birth is not a Christian church, it is against Christ.  Our Lord is either what He said He was, or He is history’s greatest liar and faker. And how can one stand up and be counted for Christianity, without standing up and being counted against communism [internationalism]?

Modern Christians should emulate Moses: “Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said, “Who is on the Lord’s side? Let him come unto me.  And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together unto Him.”– (Exodus 32:26). In the war between good and evil, neutralism is anti-Christian.  A people which lack the morality to stand on their feet and say “NO” to communism [internationalism] will some day have to say “YES” on their knees. Communism [internationalism] is a Satanic, atheistic religion dedicated to destroying Christianity and freedom.  No true Christian can be neutral about anti-Christian communism or its advocates or apologists.  In one of his letters to the Corinthians Paul wrote: “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate.” — (IICor. 617).  And, as Spurgeon put it: “All true men ought to be decided, for a dreadful conflict is going on at this present day, and a curse will fall on neutrals.” Many “neutrals” don’t want to know the truth.  They worship the ground their head is buried in.

Cicero explained their plight about two thousand years ago, observing: “It’s impossible to know the truth and not be held responsible.” Jesus Christ said: “I would thou wert cold or hot.  So then because thou art lukewarm and nether cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.”– (Rev. 3:15-16).  The great Dante wrote: “The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in a time of moral crisis, maintain neutrality.” Has the world ever known a time of greater moral crisis than now? Americans are so tense, nervous, and guilt-ridden today, they have a hard time sleeping through sermons.  Though, in the modernist churches, they might as well.

Benjamin Franklin recognized this truth when he said, “He who shall introduce into public affairs the principles of primitive Christianity, will revolutionize the world.”  In other words, if America were really a Christian nation, there would be no takeover. My point is put best, I think, in Ephesians 6:10-12, where the Bible commands: “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.  Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of he devil.  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against he rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Clear as the Scripture is on this subject, there are still conservative drop-outs who are convinced as Christians that since these are “The Last Days” one might as well give up the fight, put on a white robe, and sit around waiting for the coming of the Lord.  Maybe these are “The Last Days.”  Yet the Bible says: “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”–(Matthew 24:36).  It does not say that in The Last Days we are to fold our tents and quit.

Delmar Dennis, a major coordinator for the John Birch Society, tells of a fundamentalist preacher he recently recruited into The Society.  Delmar says that preacher told him: “I’m joining The John Birch Society because I am certain that these are `The Last Days’–and when Christ comes, I want him to see me fighting on his side!” Some “Last-Days Christians” claim that they can’t fight the Communists [Internationalists] because they must spend all their remaining time saving souls.  But thousands of already saved souls are rotting away in communist/fascist dungeons and slave-labor camps.  Dare we ignore and forget them?  In First Corinthians 12:12, it says that every born-again Christian is a member of the Body of Christ, His Church.  And as Paul adds in the twenty-sixth verse, if one member of the body suffers, the whole body suffers.

Christian martyr Richard Wurmbrand, a Lutheran minister who was imprisoned and tortured fourteen years by the Communists, says: “When I was beaten on the feet, my tongue cried.  Why did my tongue cry?  It was not beaten.  It cried because the feet and the tongue are both a part of the same body. Christian martyrs and their families are part of the same body of Christ. Can you not feel the pain?” Thousands of Wurmbrands, Popovs, and Mindszentys are still being tortured.  Why can’t the neutrals feel the pain? I believe the goals and effectiveness of each would be strengthened if the pro-American, anti-communist [internationalist] organizations were Christian-oriented, though open to all people of good will, and if the back-slid patriots and others “neutralized by Christianity” would realize that “Occupy until I come” means just that.  The word occupy means: Take or hold possession of; seize; to engage the attention or energies of; to fill up (an extent in space or time); to reside in as an owner or tenant.

So, let us occupy!  Let us keep on keeping on–for God, family, and country, until He comes.  And let us lead all the souls we can to Christ, while we are occupying in this land blessed above all others. It could be said that this debate is not so much over principle as over strategy:  Should we first expose and defeat the political, economic, and intellectual Conspiracy (of which  communism [internationalism] is a a part), or concentrate exclusively on leading people to Christ:  Why should it be either/or?  We can expose and defeat the total Conspiracy as a part of a  long-range goal to return this country to the Christian principles on which it was founded.

Returning to God before exposing the Devil is like making a touchdown before crossing the goal line.  You do them both on the same play. In 1790, a great Irish patriot, John Philpot Curran, said: “The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt.”

Evidently Curran, like us John Birchers did not belief that liberty can be attained or retained merely by praying for it.  If God originated freedom, then certainly we as Christians must always be ready and willing to fight for freedom.  Our nation was founded more for religious reasons than for political reasons.  Our forefathers were primarily Christians seeking freedom to worship.  This nation was founded by Christians on Christian principals revealed in the Bible.  Our Supreme Court has ruled this a Christian nation.  The Mayflower Compact is a Christian document.

While the conservative, God, family, and country organizations have doubtless had thousands of members neutralized by “Christianity,” for lack of a better term, there is another side to that coin: Thousands of people who belong to and work in these organizations do so because they are Christians. If I were not a Christian, I am not sure I would continue in this struggle.   I’ve been in it ever since Fraudlin Deficit Russiavelt was in his first term. If we are going to still claim to be Americans, we should act like it. And if we claim to be Christians we should act like it.  Back in 1775 our Christian forbears decided that if they were going to be Americans, they had to act like Americans.  So they fought, bled and died to replace a non-American government with an American government; and we can thank God for that.

Now, as then, lovers of liberty must trust in God and in the protection of Divine Providence. More and more Americans are beginning to believe that only a miracle can save us.  It would be well to remember that miracles come from God-and then only in answer to prayers that are heartfelt, repentant, and accompanied by enlightened “ACTION.” I believe our founding fathers are watching us today.  The whole world is watching us.  We are what stands between the world and slavery.  If the lamp of freedom is blown out in America, the world will be thrown into darkness.

If we have what it takes, morality and courage, we will destroy that diabolical conspiracy of hate that is communism [internationalism], and the evil Conspiracy behind it.  We will win, because as Christian soldiers we are prepared to fight and work for what is right.

If God be for us, who can be against us?  **