For whatever reason, the subject of the FEDERAL RESERVE and MONEY CREATION FOR PROFIT is not being “debated” on the political front by the Khazar “Puppets” masquerading as GOP Presidential “Candidates”.

The machinations of TOO BIG TO FAIL BANKS and the ECONOMY are the two most important topics facing not only the U.S. – but also the world today.  It is the ultimate pivot point on which SLAVERY and FREEDOM hinges.   As Rothschild declared so correctly centuries ago: “Give me control of a nation’s CURRENCY, and I CARE NOT WHO MAKES ITS LAWS!”   And as Goethe said: ‘No man is more hopelessly enslaved, than he who falsely believes  he is free.”

Kudos to my friend and colleague Bill Still for his latest editorial efforts in this arena.

Remember what Abraham Lincoln said just before his assassination by the Khazar-Jesuit central banksters: “The printing and honest control of the nation’s money supply is the single greatest creative responsibility of government in a people’s REPUBLIC!”

In short, folks, WE THE PEOPLE can print and distribute CURRENCY (Legal Tender) and by so doing, disenfranchise the BANKERS who have usurped this most basic governmental function for PROFIT and PLUNDER.   The U.S. Treasury needs to immediately begin printing NON-INTEREST-BEARING U.S. Notes, as opposed to the private, INTEREST-BEARING FEDERAL RESERVE Notes Payable.

Simple concept, really.