The Righteous Blood


(The Gospel of St. Matthew, 23: 34-39)

By A. True Ott, PhD – December 17, 2011

     This will be a very controversial expose.  Many will undoubtedly be shocked and even angered by its content.  Nevertheless, it is completely true and accurate.  I invite you to read with an open mind, and follow the historical facts outlined herein.


Americans have been grandly deceived and brainwashed over the decades.   The vast majority of so-called “Christians” (the majority of American citizens) have ignorantly accepted a huge deception (i.e. a “strong delusion”) that goes something along this line:  The modern nation-state of Israel was established as a “homeland” for the biblical “Jews” – the historical “Nation of Israel” – (God’s “Covenant People”) – who gave the world Jesus Christ (a “Jew” as well) and His saving “Gospel”.   Furthermore, the delusion continues that all of this fulfills Bible prophecy – that this modern “Nation of Israel” will eventually witness the triumphant return of the resurrected Jesus to earth following a period of massive “tribulation” and bloodshed (Armaggedon and “Abomination of Desolation”).  Most deluded “Christians” therefore have been brainwashed by blatantly corrupt “pastors and teachers”, who have successfully convinced most gullible sheep that the Nation of Israel is “divine”.  Therefore, even though this nation is the home of international organized crime figures, and even it exports death and terrorism worldwide, and is thoroughly evil and corrupt, it should be nevertheless be embraced or at least tolerated by professed “Christians” because Jesus the divine “Jew” will come and set things right!   This is completely wrong and incorrect in so many ways!


Whether one is a “believer” in Christ or not, the truth is that the “Holy Bible” is an accurate historical text at the very least.   Jesus of Nazareth was indeed a historical figure.  He did indeed walk the streets of ancient Judea, and did indeed perform many incredible miracles and taught the people incredible new doctrines.   Let’s take a condensed look at important Biblical history.


The first big lie is that Jesus of Nazareth was a “Jew”.   He was a Nazarene, a sect of the ancient nation called Judea.   Judea was a diverse nation during the time of Jesus, and like modern-day America encompassed numerous nationalities and traditions.  Nazarenes were also Judeans – much like Negroes or Caucasians who are citizens of the USA today are also called “Americans”.  Over the centuries, the translators of the various texts shortened the word “Judean” into the relatively modern “slang” term “Jew”.  In the context of biblical history, the term Jew is synonymous with a Judean citizen.  However, according to many honest researchers, historians and authors, the modern context of the term “Jew” is synonymous with a specific eastern European tribe called “Khazars”.  As a matter of fact, 92% of the modern-day “Jews” are in reality descendants of the Khazar kingdom and as such have absolutely no genetic relation to the biblical “Nation of Israel.”   A careful and honest study of the Holy Bible will prove this to be absolutely factual.


In every single instance where the modern word “Jew” is found in the King James translations of the Holy Bible, we find it translated from the original Greek word “IOUDAIOS” (pronounced You-DAY-Os) which simply means “of the country of Judea”.   When Christ was crucified, the sign placed on the cross identified Him as “King of IOUDAIOS – in other words, King of Judea – not King of the Khazar “jews”.   Furthermore, numerous physical descriptions of Jesus of Nazareth describe him as having “auburn” colored hair, with blue-grey eyes.    Keep that physical description in mind as we progress through this study.


The “delusion” mentioned above appears to hinge on well-meaning pastors and teachers misunderstanding the words of the Old Testament prophet Isaiah who declared: “For out of Zion will go forth THE LAW, and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem.”  (Isaiah 2:3)  This is the basis for so-called “Zionism” amongst the “Christian” community.  They equate “Zion” with the re-birth of the modern nation of “Israel” and the modern city of “Jerusalem” with the “Word of the Lord” Jesus of Nazareth.   Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.  As a result, the imposter Khazars have literally gotten away with mass murder and mayhem.


A careful reading of both Old Testament as well as New Testament scriptures reveals a most important truth, which is that certain cities can either be a physical, historical city, or it could be a spiritual concept that is encoded, or both.  For instance, the term Babylon clearly was a physical city-state, as well as a coded term for spiritual decadence in future tense.   So it is with Jerusalem.   It is both a physical city, as well as a coming spiritual kingdom.   This is where many Christians have become confused over the years.


The writings of Zechariah concerning Jerusalem in the “Latter Days” should be clear, but sadly they have been misinterpreted by ministers having “itching ears”.   It is clear that the “Jerusalem” foreseen by Zechariah is NOT the historical city of Jerusalem in Palestine.   The physical city of Jerusalem, both ancient and modern, is clearly measured and delineated by physical borders.  Note that Zechariah 2:1-4 tells us that the spiritual “Jerusalem” is comparatively vast – so vast in fact that it takes an angel to effectively measure its boundaries.  Furthermore, it clearly states: “Jerusalem shall be inhabited AS TOWNS (plural) WITHOUT WALLS for the MULTITUDE of men and cattle therein.”  It should be clear that the future “Zion” Jerusalem would be a MIGHTY NATION with hundreds of millions of inhabitants.   Zechariah 8:7 tells us “Behold, I will save My people from the east country, and from the west country; and I will bring them, and they shall dwell IN THE MIDST OF JERUSALEM: and they shall be MY PEOPLE, and I will be THEIR GOD, IN TRUTH AND RIGHTEOUSNESS.”   In other words, this spiritual “New Jerusalem” will be a choice nation where the people of God can assemble from both the east and the west.  It will be a nation of freedom and liberty – and espouse “Justice for All.”   I submit that AMERICA is the New Jerusalem – the shining CHRISTIAN NATION on a hill – the “MOUNTAIN” (nation) of the Lord Jesus Christ – the ancient Judean.   Armed with this TRUTH – one can better understand the prophecies of Zechariah concerning this Jerusalem – which is the NATION OF AMERICA – the United States.   These prophecies have NOTHING to do with the ancient city of Jerusalem and the Khazarian-controlled “nation” of Israel – which were and are condemned in the biblical texts to be a literal “Curse” on the entire world.


Jeremiah 26:1-3 tells us: “Thus saith the Lord: If ye will not hearken to the words of My servants the prophets, whom I sent unto you ———THEN I WILL MAKE THIS HOUSE LIKE SHILOH, AND WILL MAKE THIS CITY A CURSE TO ALL THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH.”   What is meant “like Shiloh”?  In a very brief nutshell, Shiloh was the original sacred edifice of the Ark of the Covenant – which eventually was completely destroyed and scattered – AND NEVER TO BE HONORED BY THE GOD OF ISRAEL AGAIN!   So, has the old city of Jerusalem truly become “LIKE SHILOH” and become a literal “curse to all the nations of the earth”?    I submit the answer to this can be found in how the spiritual leadership of Jerusalem (the Scribes and Pharisees) treated Jesus of Nazareth.  Did they honor Him and His Gospel, or did they reject Him?


The Gospel of St. Matthew, chapter 23, should answer this question in no uncertain terms.   Here, Jesus pulls no punches, and declares pure Truth as He declares the condition of the “Pharisees” and their Kenite “scribes”.  He declares that the “Blood of the Prophets” will be on their hands – and that they “SHALL NOT ESCAPE THE DAMNATON OF HELL.”   Then, in conclusion, He gazes over the City named Jerusalem and laments how He could have protected them “as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings” – but they chose wrongfully.   He then pronounces His FINAL BENEDICTION on this city named Jerusalem: “BEHOLD, YOUR HOUSE IS LEFT UNTO YOU DESOLATE.”  What does this mean?  Simply that Jerusalem was and is cursed above all earthly cities!   A “desolate” house means there is no life there, but is inhabited instead by rodents and insects such as cockroaches.   This, you see, fulfilled the word of Jeremiah completely.  Shortly after pronouncing this sorrowful edict, Jesus Christ was scourged and crucified.   Titus and his Roman Legions destroyed the “temple” – and the ancient city was left desolate and has indeed today become a “curse to all the nations of the earth.”   This paper will explain exactly HOW it has occurred.




Who, exactly are the biblical “people of Israel” who Christ admonished His apostles to gather?   Is “Israel” the so-called modern- day “Jews” who claim to be “God’s Chosen People”?   Consider this: According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics there were 13,421,000 Jews worldwide in 2009 – a number declining by at least 50,000 each year!     Most biblical scholars and historians have confirmed that Solomon was estimated to have had MORE THAN FIFTEEN MILLION “Israelites” in his kingdom over 2,500 years ago.  Moreover, we read in Genesis 28:3 this sacred PROMISE bestowed on the nation of Israel: “And God Almighty bless thee, and make thee fruitful, and MULTIPLY THEE, THAT THOU MAYEST BE A MULTITUDE OF PEOPLE.”    Was God wrong?  Why has “Israel” not “multiplied” – but instead has DECREASED from the population under Solomon?   Could it be that “Israel” is not the so-called “modern Jews” at all?   Indeed this is the TRUTH.



After Christ was baptized as recorded in Matthew 10:6, He immediately instructed His disciples to go “to the lost sheep of the house of Israel”.  The English world “lost” here is translated from the Greek word apollumi which means: apo (“put away”) and ollumi: (“punished”).   It signifies a voluntary losing, which is of course correct, since God deliberately put Israel away into the Assyryian captivity (2 Kings 18 and Hosea).  The Greek Apollumi is used 13 times in the New Testament, and each and every time it is used as a descriptive adjective of the TRUE HOUSE OF ISRAEL.  You see, Christ was sent as a Savior, first to the HOUSE OF ISRAEL – and His disciples preached His Gospel first to Judea, then in Samaria, and then north to present day Europe and Scandinavia.


British, Roman, and other European historical records show the many of the disciples who had literally known Jesus “in the flesh” went directly to the British Isles after Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.   The apostle Paul preached in Spain, France, and England.  Joseph of Arimathea actually established a church in England within 5 short years of Jesus’ crucifixion.   The historical record shows that Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of Jesus, Maximin, Trophimus, Lazarus (who was raised from the dead), Simon Zelotes, Clements, Martial, Sidonius, Zacchaeus, and Mary, wife of Cleophas ALL EMIGRATED TO ENGLAND during this time period.   WHY HAS THIS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEEN LARGELY EXPUNGED FROM OUR SCHOOL, CHURCH AND SEMINARY TEXTBOOKS???  The answer to this is very simple – it has been done to keep Christians from realizing exactly WHO “Israel” is – the Anglo-Saxon race!!


Most “Christians” today have no clue that Timothy, who had been ordained by Paul, eventually baptized his own nephew named Lucius on May 28, 137 A.D.   Lucius became the King of Britain, and eventually declared all of England Christian 9 years later in 156 A.D. at a ceremony at the “National Council at Winchester!”


The fact is that the Christian Gospel flourished not only in the British Isles, but also in modern-day Germany, Denmark, Sweden and France from 100 A.D. through 700 A.D.   The “lost sheep” of Israel indeed heard their shepherd’s voice.   Meanwhile, the rabbis of Jerusalem (the Pharisaical false teachers – the literal genetic seed of their father, the devil – John 8:42-48) were dwindling in number and relevance until a saving event occurred in the year 740 A.D.


During the 8th Century A.D. – the Christian Kings of western Europe were engaging the Vatican’s new vassals, the MOHOMEDAN MUSLIMS over control of the “Holy Land” in a protracted holy war that is today called “The Crusades”.   The Christian armies would have to pass through an Eastern European kingdom named Khazaria in order to reach the Holy Land.   In order to appear neutral, in 740 A.D. Khazar King Bulan decided to neither embrace Islam nor Christianity, instead ordering his entire nation to embrace Talmudism – and to that end brought hundreds of Pharisiee rabbis to establish synagogues and “temples” throughout his empire.  This was not a matter of spirituality whatsoever, but instead was a shrewd political move.   Historical texts show that the Khazars were a bloodthirsty, idolatrous, pagan people with genetic ties to the “Kenite” lines of the biblical Cain who slew his brother Abel – so embracing the Babylonian Talmud appeared to be a good fit.  The heart of the Khazarian kingdom was in modern-day Romania and Transylvania, yet its borders extended westward into modern-day Poland, and eastward into Lithuania and modern day Russia.   Their language was Yiddish, and after “converting” to Talmudism – they incorporated Hebrew into their Yiddish alphabet.



Over the centuries, the wealth and influence of “Talmudism” in Khazaria continued to grow, as the physically powerful Khazarians, the descendents of Attila the Hun, became skilled at providing mercenary soldiers to various kingdoms throughout the region.   Skilled and vicious warriors, their elite ranks swelling to over 40,000, these mercenaries often spelled the difference between victory and defeat in various wars.  Always, the warlords were compensated in precious metals – most commonly – gold.   Thus began the seeds of what is described by the resurrected Christ to John in Revelation: “—Them which say they are “Jews” (Judeans) – but are NOT, but are the Synagogue of Satan.

One such wealthy warlord who gained notoriety in 15th century Europe was  a descendant from the original Khazar royalty by the name of Vlad “The Impaler” Tsepes – also known as Vlad “Dracul” – (literally the “son of the Dragon” – or the “son of the Devil”).   This individual was the original “terrorist”  – impaling thousands of his victims on large 20-foot poles and leaving their rotting corpses to fester around his residence and much of his “kingdom of Wallachia”.   History reports that both Turkish armies as well as Christian crusaders retreated in horror at the sight of such a devilish spectacle –and Vlad Dracul became reviled especially in Austria and Germany.   Even though his genealogy showed he practiced Talmudic teachings, he would publicly declare however, that he was “protecting Christianity” by his actions.   True Christians in Austria and Germany were not fooled, however , and numerous paintings were produced depicting Vlad Dracul as an avid persecutor of Christ – an anti-Christ figure.   What is valuable to Christians is that numerous portraits of Vlad Tsepes “The Impaler” survived, and thus we can get an idea of the genetic makeup of the “Khazar” bloodline of Cane at least as far as the general facial features are concerned.    Here are some examples:


1463 painting depicting Vlad (seated) as Pilate

Vlad the Impaler (left) as Aegeas, the Roman proconsul in Patras, crucifying Saint Andrew. Approximately 1470–1480, Belvedere Galleries, Vienna


1463 Portrait of Vlad the Impaler, Khazar


Dov Zackheim, and gangster Meyer Lansky – who was given asylum in Israel. Modern Day Khazar Warlords.  (Notice the resemblance to Vlad?)








The Khazars are the modern-day “Jews” – again they are in reality the “Synagogue of Satan” and as the remainder of this expose will show, have been the authors of  every single WAR OF PROFIT since (and including) the American War of Independence.   Once again, since 92% of today’s “Jews” are in reality descendents of the Khazars, I submit that Christians should refer to them exclusively by their correct name – and not confuse the issue by falsely calling them “Jews”.


Following centuries of very profitable mercenary soldiering, the royal “warlords” of Khazaria expanded their holdings and political influence exponentially by become large-scale “money-lenders” – to all the kings and crowned heads of Europe; lending their ill-gotten gold and silver assets at high rates of “usury” in order to fund wars and campaigns of conquest worldwide.   One such predatory Khazarian money-lender was a man born Feb. 23, 1744 named Mayer Amschel Bauer. Bauer eventually changed his surname to reflect the red hexagram logo of his money-lending business – the Red (Roth) Shield (schild) – thus the family name of “Rothschild” was born.    Eventually, this “red shield” hexagram would change to the color blue, and come to be the national symbol of the predatory Khazarian bankster’s world-base known as “Israel”.   (The hexagram has absolutely no historical ties to Palestine or Judea, just as the Khazars were never Judeans.)


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