Before we leave the history of gunpowder, we need to also follow the advances of urine-based SaltPeter, Sulphur, and Charcoal manufacturing to the present day.   We need to shine the light of truth on one Mr. Alfred Nobel – the inventor and patent-holder of DYNAMITE – i.e. smokeless powder – with much more destructive power than simple gunpowder – and much CLEANER. Here is the “Story Behind the Story” of Mr. Nobel.

Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel was the son of Immanuel Nobel and Russian-Khazarian Heiress Andriette Ahlsell.   Though Nobel was publicly a “Lutheran” by religious affiliation, Alfred Nobel – thanks to his Yiddish mother – is today considered to be a bloodline Khazarian “Jew” – at least according to a display exhibit in the “Holocaust” Museum in Berlin.

From the official Nobel Prize info websight we read: He (Alfred’s father Immanuel) started a mechanical workshop which provided equipment for the Russian army and he also convinced the Tsar and his generals that naval mines could be used to block enemy naval ships from threatening the city.  ——   The naval mines designed by Immanuel Nobel were simple devices consisting of submerged wooden casks filled with gunpowder. Anchored below the surface of the Gulf of Finland, they effectively deterred the British Royal Navy from moving into firing range of St. Petersburg during the Crimean war (1853-1856). Immanuel Nobel was also a pioneer in arms manufacturing.”

It appears that the first use of “mines” in warfare can thus be traced to the father of Alfred Nobel.   From the web-sight we also learn more about exactly how Mr. Alfred Nobel accumulated his vast fortune:   During a two year period Alfred Nobel visited Sweden, Germany, France and the United States. In Paris, the city he came to like best, he worked in the private laboratory of Professor T. J. Pelouze, a famous chemist. There he met the young Italian chemist Ascanio Sobrero who, three years earlier, had invented nitroglycerine, a highly explosive liquid. Nitroglycerine was produced by mixing glycerine with sulfuric and nitric acid. It was considered too dangerous to be of any practical use. Although its explosive power greatly exceeded that of gunpowder, the liquid would explode in a very unpredictable manner if subjected to heat and pressure. Alfred Nobel became very interested in nitroglycerine and how it could be put to practical use.  —   In 1852 Alfred Nobel was asked to come back and work in the family enterprise which was booming because of its deliveries to the Russian army. Together with his father he performed experiments to develop nitroglycerine as a commercially and technically useful explosive.

After his return to Sweden in 1863, Alfred Nobel concentrated on developing nitroglycerine as an explosive. Several explosions, including one (1864) in which his brother Emil and several other persons were killed, convinced the authorities that nitroglycerine production was exceedingly dangerous. They forbade further experimentation with nitroglycerine within the Stockholm city limits and Alfred Nobel had to move his experimentation to a barge anchored on Lake Mälaren. Alfred was not discouraged and in 1864 he was able to start mass production of nitroglycerine. To make the handling of nitroglycerine safer Alfred Nobel experimented with different additives. He soon found that mixing nitroglycerine with kieselguhr would turn the liquid into a paste which could be shaped into rods of a size and form suitable for insertion into drilling holes. In 1867 he patented this material under the name of dynamite.”

In 1888, Alfred Nobel developed “smokeless gunpowder” and named it Ballistite.  By that time, his explosives were being produced worldwide.  The Nobel websight explains: Over the years he founded factories and laboratories in some 90 different places in more than 20 countries. Although he lived in Paris much of his life he was constantly traveling. Victor Hugo at one time described him as “Europe’s richest vagabond”. When he was not traveling or engaging in business activities Nobel himself worked intensively in his various laboratories, first in Stockholm and later in Hamburg (Germany), Ardeer (Scotland), Paris and Sevran (France), Karlskoga (Sweden) and San Remo (Italy). He focused on the development of explosives technology.  By the time of his death in 1896 he had 355 patents.”

     Clearly, Nobel’s brilliant synthesis of “dynamite” into much more explosive “ballistite” allowed for the development of much more effectively accurate, “high velocity” bullet “cartridges” and with this, rapid-firing new “repeating” rifles became the norm.  Next came the “Gatling gun” and then “machine guns” were manufactured for use in the “Great War” – aka WW I.   Nobel’s Khazarian “brethren” wasted little time in precipitating a new “arms race” worldwide – and Nobel became exceedingly wealthy in the process.  All of this simply means that Khazarian-induced WARS also became exponentially more deadly to the soldiers fighting them.

Alfred Nobel owned and developed his Swedish company AB Bofors into the leading manufacturer of mines, bomb explosives, cannons, howitzers, mortars, and heavy artillery in the world.  During WWII, AB Bofors and affiliates such as I.G. Farben was supplying anti-aircraft guns, tank cannonry, and heavy artillery to both sides – the Axis powers as well as the Allies.  This little fact is never mentioned by apologists of Mr. Alfred Nobel for some strange reason.

However, in defense of Alfred Nobel, in the later years of his life, he apparently suffered a strong twinge of conscious and regret.  In 1888, 8 years before his own demise, Alfred’s Oil-Baron brother Ludvig died. A French newspaper mistakenly ran an obituary for Alfred, instead of Ludvig, which called Alfred the “merchant of death” and memorialized the development of dynamite and ballistite into vastly more destructive weapons of war – and worse, gave scathing details as to how Nobel had actually reaped his enormous fortune.   Not wanting to be memorialized solely as the “merchant of death” (though true enough), Nobel immediately created a will that established a “Foundation” to provide cash awards to top-echelon scientists and individuals who sought world peace in the hope that his true “legacy” would be glossed over.  Thus the “Nobel Prizes” were born.   I would submit that the millions of dollars awarded are mere tokens of the TRILLIONS of dollars earned by the Khazarian-dominated world arms dealers thanks in no small measure to the inventions and factories of one Alfred Nobel –  aka the “Merchant of Death”.


Earlier in this document it was proven from the words of the Holy Bible’s Old Testament, as well as the words of Jesus of Nazareth, the truth that the biblical “tribe” of Israel is indeed the Anglo-Saxon race of Ang-land (England) and the Scandinavian countries such as Dan-mark (Denmark – the tribe of Dan) and Norway.    Thanks to honest scholars like Koestler, remember that the evidence is clear also that modern “Jewry” is primarily composed of descendents of the “Chazars” (Khazars) of Eastern Europe.   Khazars are clearly NOT the biblical Israel.  Who then, are the “Chazars”, Babylonians, and “Catholics”?   The historical evidences of the answer to this question are very clear. They are the literal descendants of the biblical Esau, and are in reality known as “Edomites”.   Once this is clearly understood, the events of today suddenly make total sense.   Here then, are the primary historical proofs of this fact.

The story begins with Chapter 25 of the biblical book of Genesis.   Here we read that Isaac, the son of Abraham, marries Rebekah and she becomes pregnant with twins.  These twins are the direct covenant sons of the Abrahamic covenant and promises made with God – so this story is extremely pivotal to understand.  Simply stated, the BIRTHRIGHT BLESSING FROM GOD was that “all the nations of the earth” would be blessed in every possible way.    We read in verse 22 that these two unborn infant sons actually fought each other while still in the womb of Rebekah.   When she “enquired of the Lord” about this unusual event (imagine unborn fetuses fighting away in the womb), Rebekah was told: “Two NATIONS are in thy womb, and TWO MANNER OF PEOPLE shall be separated from thy bowels; and THE ONE people shall be stronger than the other people; AND THE ELDER SHALL SERVE THE YOUNGER.”   The “firstborn” twin was born “RED ALL OVER” and covered completely with hair – and they called his name “Esau”.  Then Jacob emerged from the womb with white skin, “normal” in every way, and immediately the newborn babe grabbed the HEEL of Esau.  As the boys grew up, their personalities were diametrically different – Esau was a “cunning hunter” – a “man of the field” while Jacob was a “plain man” who dwelt “in tents” not in the wild fields as the beasts did.

We then read in v. 28 that there was more going on than just an intense case of sibling rivalry.  Isaac favored Esau primarily because Esau knew how to make a “sweetmeat” dish of wild venison for Isaac (Esau knew the way to his father’s heart was apparently through his stomach) while Rebekah deeply loved and favored Jacob because of his gentlemanly nature.   Jacob, thanks to his mother’s teachings, knew the incredible value of the birthright blessings of Abraham.  We then learn that Esau came in from the field on one occasion, famished and starving nearly to death.  At this point, Esau lusted mightily for his brother Jacob’s dish of RED POTTAGE (a savory vegetable dish of RED LENTIL BEANS).  Esau was so famished, he offered Jacob anything for a big bowl of the good RED dish.  Jacob’s price was very steep – it was simply: “Sell me this day thy birthright”.  (Verse 31).   Esau reasoned that since he was nearly dead from starvation, what good would this “birthright” be if he was dead?  So, the deal was made, and Esau “swore an oath” to Jacob and thus “sold his birthright” to his twin brother Jacob.   The contract was concluded.  Jacob held up his end – as he “gave Esau bread and POTTAGE OF LENTILS.”  Esau ate and drank, was refreshed, and went back to his hunting pursuits.   Thereafter, Esau was called EDOM (which is literally the word for RED.)

What a clearly one-sided contract!!  Esau “swore an oath” giving up his rights as “firstborn” for a measly “mess of pottage” – a bowl of red lentil beans.   Since that day, armies refer to their food as “mess”.  Since that day, Edomite “holy men” (aka “Rabbis”) yet teach the descendants of Edom to refrain from “taking oaths” of any kind.  To this very day, because of their “father” Esau’s  (RED Edom’s) foolish “oath”, any oaths the Edomites may enter into with the “gentile” descendants of Jacob (Israel) are deemed to be null and void.  (The Kol Nidre vows.)   Now you know where all of this first originated in the “Babylonian Talmud”.   The “genesis” of the “Kol Nidre” is Genesis Chapter 25!

Though the book of Genesis does not specifically allude to this, I submit that this “oath” Esau/Edom made to Jacob didn’t mean all that much to Esau.  The IMPORTANT thing, in Esau’s mind, was receiving the final BLESSING from father.  This was the final determining factor – the binding “WILL and final TESTAMENT” from their blessed father Isaac.   Esau knew he was Isaac’s favorite son.  Esau knew that he was the “firstborn” and despite any “oaths” – Isaac would recognize this at the end.  This was his proverbial “ace in the hole” for Esau.  He also knew how much Isaac loved his sweet venison dish.  He was confident that even though he had sworn a sacred promise to his brother, that his “birthright” would be secured by Isaac’s “blessing” on his head.  Unfortunately for Esau, his mother Rebekah knew all of this also.  Rebekah then laid out a cunning plan to secure the “blessing” of Isaac on Jacob.   Chapter 27 lays out the details of this shrewd plan.

Isaac was old, and knew his time on earth was short.  Isaac’s eyes “were dim, so he could not see.”  He called his favorite son Esau to him and asked him to “take thy quiver and thy bow” and “take me some venison – and make me the savoury meat.”  Isaac promised Esau that if he performed this final act, that “my soul may bless thee before I die.”   What a promise – and what excitement and satisfaction Esau felt – simple thing to make his oath to Jacob null and void – just go shoot a deer and make Isaac his favorite food – and my birthright is secure after all.  There was just one problem – Rebekah was eavesdropping and heard the whole conversation.

Rebekah knew what to do immediately.  She took two young kid goats which would provide the tenderest meat – and which of course was very similar to venison.  She then made the dish of “savoury meat”.  She skinned the goats and put the hairy pelts on Jacob’s neck and hands.   Isaac was fooled – even though he knew both Esau and Jacob’s voices, the hairy skin and the wonderful dish of savoury meat sealed the deal.  Jacob received the incredible birthright blessing of the Firstborn: “Therefore God give thee of the dew of heaven, and the fatness of the earth, and plenty of corn and wine: Let PEOPLE SERVE THEE: be Lord over thy brethren, and let thy mother’s sons bow down to thee: CURSED be every one that curseth thee, and blessed be he that blesseth thee.”    Keep in mind that Isaac had been promised by God that his blessing would be honored in every way – for all time.  This blessing really lacked nothing – it gave the fullness of the earth to Jacob’s lineage.

Genesis Chapter 27 then records what happened next.  Esau comes to Isaac with his savoury venison, all prepared for his inheritance.  He then finds out that Isaac has already bestowed the first-born blessing on Jacob.  Oh my – what a scene that was!   Esau “cried with a great and exceeding bitter cry.”   Then weeping, he asked Isaac for any blessing at all.   All that Isaac could give him was the promise: “AND BY THY SWORD SHALT THOU LIVE,” and shalt serve thy brother;  AND IT SHALL COME TO PASS WHEN THOU SHALL HAVE THE DOMINION, THAT THOU SHALT BREAK HIS (JACOB’S) YOKE FROM OFF THY NECK!” (Verse 40.)   This is important to understand, for it explains perfectly what has happened in the world during the last century.  Edom has successfully usurped “the dominion” – the monetary wealth of the earth – from Jacob (Israel) and the majority of “Christians” actually have been duped to believe that the Edomites are in fact “Israel”.   The blessing of Isaac to his son Esau has literally been fulfilled!!   The “yoke” has been broken – (but only temporarily, you see.)

But we are jumping ahead of the story a bit.   At the conclusion of that blessing, Esau truly “saw RED”!  He developed an intensely deep-seated, soul-searing, generation-spanning hatred for his brother Jacob that has never been equaled.  He then swore another sacred oath – to hunt and eventually slay Jacob, and his children, and children’s children.   Think the “Hatfield and McCoy” feud was bad?  There has been nothing like the millennia-old war of attrition between Esau (Edom) and Jacob, who, according to Genesis 35:10 was given a “new name” by God – and was thereafter known as “Israel” – the covenant people of God the Creator.

Genesis, Chapter 36 then gives us the “generations of Esau, who is EDOM” (meaning red).   Esau took his multiple wives from the “forbidden” gene pool of Canaan – the Hittites and Horites, and established his home in the RED CLIFFS of Mount Seir and there established his empire.  His “battle Crest” ensign was the RED DRAGON – the sworn enemy of the God of Israel   His home base became the city of Petra – the Rock.   His quest to subdue the entire earth and thereby break the “yoke” of Jacob/Israel by capturing the gold and silver of the earth began.  “Thus dwelt Esau in mount Seir: – ESAU IS EDOM.”  (Genesis 36:8)


     This is where I am bound to lose many so-called “Christians” who believe the Old Testament is a completely infallible and 100% complete historical text from Day One of Planet Earth.   These good people ignore such texts as the Book of Jasher and the historical texts of such historians as Josephus’ “The Antiquities of the Jews” a text abhorred and hated by the Edomites to this day.   They fail to realize that while the Holy Bible contains many wonderful truths concerning the prophecies of Christ’s advent –  there are indeed many “gaps” to be filled in the history of Adam and his posterities (plural).  One such gap is the incredible story of Adam’s “first wife” – named “Lilith”.    Just because Lilith is not specifically mentioned in Genesis, doesn’t mean she didn’t exist – and that she is not honored and worshiped by the Edomites and the mystery school adepts to this very day.  Moreover, because her reptilian “children” dwelled historically in deep, subterranean, complex cave systems, and only on rare occasions came to the earth’s surface, they likely survived the flood of Noah which “destroyed all human flesh ON the earth’s surface”.   The children of Lilith (not Eve’s) became the wives of Edom.  Furthermore, Lilith is clearly the patron “goddess” of the Edomites – known at various times as “Ashtoreth” the “Moon Goddess”.

Clearly, Michelangelo understood the significance of the half-reptilian enchantress Lilith, for he painted her in all her scaly splendor on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel of all places.  (More on that later when the true origins of “Catholicism” are exposed.)

Michelangelo's Painting of "Lilith" on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

So, Esau took the “daughters of Canaan (Cain – from Lilith’s loins)” to be his wives.  How fitting!  Cain – cursed to live forever and to be “fugitive and a vagabond IN THE EARTH” combining with Esau – “blessed” by Isaac to likewise “dwell in the FATNESS (the interior) of the earth.  This is the source of the Babylonian empire, and EDOM immediately developed a most STRATEGIC ALLIANCE with Babylon against Jacob/ISRAEL.  This is why the teaching of the Rabbis is yet today titled “The BABYLONIAN Talmud, and is the core reason why they seek to yet covertly conquer and kill Christians!”

I understand this part of the saga concerning the seed and bloodline of Lilith through Cain is difficult to immediately accept, because it is such a deeply guarded secret of the “Rabbis”.   Keep in mind that the ancient library at Alexandria, Egypt undoubtedly contained massive volumes of texts detailing this largely unknown and untold story.  There was a reason that this incredible collection of the true and complete “HISTORY OF THE WORLD” – over 70,000 priceless papyrus, historical scrolls were destroyed by fire by Julius Caesar in the year 48 B.C.   If one wants to effectively rewrite history then it is critically important to destroy all genuine historical archives, I would submit!! Below is a Roman tablet, circa 79 A.D. that describes the incredible “Bibleographica” of the massive library – now just ashes and “dust in the wind.”

Roman tablet describing Alexandria's Library

Yet, there are indeed other priceless historical texts that did survive the Roman purges.  Jesus Christ gave clues in the New Testament gospels when he told the Pharisees they were a “generation of Vipers” and literally “serpents”.  He never used “slang” vernacular.  His declarations are literal in every way.  You see, Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, KNEW the true history and KNEW who had slain His prophets.   THIS is why the Pharisees and Sanhedrin hated and yet feared Jesus Christ so deeply, and why the Talmud is yet today so full of hate of Him and His Christian Nation, the TRUE ISRAELITES.    You see, they KNOW the prophecies. They KNOW Christ and His Christians ultimately win in the end, where they as a tribe and their demonic agenda is destroyed.   They have GOOD REASON to Fear and hate the TRUTH!

Consider the Biblical prophecies found in Isaiah 34: 5-6 and the entire short and sweet text of Obadiah concerning the final fate of EDOM!   During the “2nd Coming” of Christ, justice will prevail in the end: “For my sword shall be bathed in heaven: Behold it shall come down upon Idumea, (the spiritual filth and lies of Edomites from ancient Petra to the modern-day “Babylon” the USA), and UPON THE PEOPLE OF MY CURSE (EDOMITES THEMSELVES) to judgment!!”   Obadiah declares it even more graphically: “And the House of Jacob shall be a FIRE, and the House of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau FOR STUBBLE, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be ANY remaining of the house of Esau; for the Lord hath spoken it.”    Wow – talk about a “holocaust” – there it is in the words of the Prophets of God! (Put THAT in your various “Holocaust Museums” Edomites!)

Edomites, those who say you are “Jews” but are not, but are of the Synagogue of Satan – you know this is true – and as you have sown over the centuries, and have spilled so much RIGHTEOUS BLOOD, truly as you sow shall you reap.   This is what Christ was referring to in His parable of the Wheat and the Tares.   Both Israel (wheat) and Edom (tares) would grow together in the field – but at the time of harvest – the good seed would be gathered, and the tares – the STUBBLE as Obadiah saw in vision would be burned in everlasting flames of fire.

Now we need to understand the Book of Jubilees – a critically important text for Christians to know and understand.  “Christians” have probably never heard of the “Book of Jubilees” – because this text has been suppressed and burned by Roman Catholic “inquisitors” since the days of Constantine.  Wikipedia informs us: The book of Jubilees was evidently held in high regard, and sometimes quoted, by the Early Church Fathers. In the 4th century, after Bishops had been appointed by the Roman Emperor Constantine, they rejected many of the books, including Jubilees, that later were also absent the Masoretic version. The Oriental Orthodox Churches have continued to consider Jubilees an important book of the Bible and older than Genesis. It is only because of its canonical status in the Oriental Orthodox Churches that the book in its entirety has managed to survive at all.

Isn’t that interesting??  Why do you suppose the “Book of Jubilees” is missing from modern “Bibles” today?  It’s quite simple, really.  It’s all about the demise of and deceptions of Esau/Edom from the days of Constantine!!!   It details exactly how Edom would eventually break the historical yoke of Jacob/Israel just as Isaac declared in his blessing to Esau – and that Edom would seek to even be called ISRAEL in the latter-days.  This BLASPHEMY and STRONG DELUSION is described in Jubilee Chapter 26:35 as a grievous “sin unto death, and ALL THY SEED shall be rooted out from under heaven!”  Falsely claiming their lost blessing is one thing, but masquerading as Israel is a capital crime, it is their literal death sentence, according to the Book of Jubilees.  Imagine the PROBLEM this “sacred text” creates for the diabolically deceptive Edomites!!!   When the “Dead Sea Scrolls” were discovered, and then cataloged and translated, the CATHOLIC AND JEWISH SCHOLARS faced a real dilemma – for there in the sealed jars of antiquity were the ORIGINAL TEXTS OF THE BOOK OF JUBILEES!!! The literal chronicles of the “Division” of the tribes of Esau and Jacob!!!   Oops!   No wonder so many of the honest Dead Sea Scroll translators “apostatized” from their respective religious “orders” after the Church “authorities” ordered these texts to remain hidden.