Because he swore an oath to Jacob over a bowl of RED bean “pottage” – Esau became known as EDOM – the word meaning RED.   Red is therefore the symbolic sign of the Edomites.   Here are some of the “clues” as to which specific bloodline has historically utilized the color RED.

Clue #1:  According to The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. IV, p.178: “The Jewish Cabala explains that the color RED signifies bloodshed and JUSTICE for the Jew.”

Clue #2:   “Jewish” author Joseph Jacobs in his book Jewish Contributions to Civilization: published and distributed by the “Jewish Publications Society of America (1919) on page 306 declares: “The RED FLAG symbolizes revolutionary socialism.  The socialist movement, from its inception up to the present day, has been largely dominated by Jewish influence.”

Clue #3:  Arthur Koestler in his book The Thirteenth Tribe, on page 135 proves the fact that the Jewish “Khazars” (the 13th Tribe) were commonly known throughout Europe as the “Red Jews.”

Clue #4:  According to a May 1907 feature article in The National Geographic Magazine, “Out of 556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik Revolution, 457 were Jews.”  The universal color of Jewish-Communism from the handbook of “Jew” Karl (Mordecai) Marx is red.  As in “red nation, red star on the flags, “Red Square” Red China, etc.   The Russian Revolution that toppled the czar and which eventually resulted in the GENOCIDE of 66 million ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS in Eastern Europe was planned and financed by “Jews”.

Clue #5:  The 66 million ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS in Eastern Europe who were liquidated under the RED STAR of Communism all had access to, and fully understood, the BOOK OF JUBILEE.  Millions of copies of the Book of Jubilee were destroyed, and it became a CAPITAL OFFENSE to be found with a copy of this most hated text.

Clue #6:   According to Isaiah 1:18, red (or scarlet) is the symbolic color of the adversary to God – and of sin in general.

Clue #7:  The international banking industry and the unholy and impure practice of lending money for war implements such as gunpowder and dynamite is led by the RED HEXAGRAM – the “star” that symbolizes 666, the family crest of ROTHSCHILD – which in English literally means “Red Shield”.

Clue #8:  According to Revelation 17:3-4, the “great beast of ‘Mystery Babylon’ which John saw was the author of “abominations and death” to the whole earth is scarlet red in color.  Furthermore, the WOMAN on the beast controlling it (Lillith) is likewise clothed in scarlet red.   The “Jews” most important book (much more so than the 5 Books of Moses) is called the “Babylonian Talmud”.

Clue #9:   The anti-Christian, totally satanic system that controlled the “Holy Roman Empire” was/is the RED Dragon according to Revelation 12:3..   Remember the “crest” of the Habsburg royal family of “Romania” and Transylvania prominently featured the Red Dragon?

Clue # 10:  The RED HORSE of the Book of Revelation signifies war and of course the ABILITY TO FOMENT WARS according to Rev. 6:4.  Remember that Isaac “blessed” Esau/Edom that he would “live by the sword” – that is, he and his posterity would thrive and grow rich by means of war.  Logically, the bigger the war, the more profits are made.

Clue #11:  In 2 Kings 3:22 and Isaiah 1:15 we read that RED (Edom) represents blood (it matches the color) and of course bloodshed via murder and wars!   In this context we read in Romans 9:13 – “AS IT IS WRITTEN, Jacob (aka Israel) have I loved, but Esau have I hated”.  Since the New Testament affirms that Jesus Christ is the God of Israel in the flesh, which “tribe” on earth has historically HATED Jesus Christ and reviles Him in their “Talmud”?  Which “group” conspired to have Him CRUCIFIED??

There are many, many more clues, but these 11 should make the point quite convincingly.   Now, let’s start connecting some dots and complete the big picture, shall we?

After centuries of continuing conflict and wars, the Kingdom of Edom and it’s capital of Petra in Mt. Seir  in concert with its blood ally Babylon, eventually conquered Israel and took the Judahite nation “captive” into Babylon around 600 B.C. This was prophesied to occur by the prophet Jeremiah, and indeed it did happen – largely because the descendants of Israel had grown lazy and complacent in their prayers and religious observances.   Jeremiah wrote numerous “Lamentations” over the miserable state of the conquered Jerusalem, and who caused this?  In Chapter 4:21 Jeremiah declares who is victorious: “Rejoice and be glad, O Daughter (citizens) of Edom —— but “He (God) will visit thine iniquity, o daughter of Edom; He WILL discover thy sins.”

While in the 5th year of his Babylonian “captivity”, Ezekiel sees many visions, and records them for posterity.  In Chapter 6 of Ezekiel, we learn that the occupiers of Jerusalem (the conquerors whom Jeremiah earlier identified as being EDOMITES) would completely desecrate the LAND and the HOUSE earlier known as Israel.   One must understand that the people, the TRIBE of CHILDREN of ISRAEL were all being held captive in Babylon during this era.  The “mountain of Israel” and the LAND of Israel are completely different subjects than the PEOPLE (Children) called Israel.  Furthermore, according to the texts of the historian Josephus, he intimates that the Edomite conquerors assumed the IDENTITY of “Israel” at this time – and called themselves the “house of Israel” – primarily because they now possessed the dwellings (house) of their ancient enemy Jacob (Israel).   In Chapter 8, Ezekiel witnesses in vision the dark, black magic the “abominations” practiced in the temple – the “house” of Israel.   Ezekiel witnesses the and catalogs the sins of the “Edomites” in Jerusalem.

Fast forward now to the reign of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar and the writings of the prophet Daniel.   The King of Babylon was dreaming dreams in the night according to Daniel Chapter 2.   These dreams were vivid and very lifelike apparently, for the King was deeply troubled by them.  He brought all of the Babylonian “magicians, sorcerers, astrologers, and even the Chaldeans” to him, and demanded that they not only tell the king the meaning of his dreams, but in order to prove them – he demanded that they tell him what he had seen in the dream.   Of course, the “wise men” of Babylon told old Nebuchadnezzar that he was asking the impossible.  This sent the king into a violent rage, and he decreed that all “wise men” – including Daniel, were to be executed.

Daniel, however, received the answer in a night dream himself and went into Nebuchadnezzar and not only correctly told the king what the king had dreamed, but also the interpretation of it.   Nebuchadnezzar was astonished.  The king, according to Daniel, saw a vision of a great image (a giant man).  The image’s head was of fine gold, his breast and arms were made of silver, and his thighs of brass, his legs (two of them) were of iron and his feet part iron and part clay.   Then, a massive stone rolled forth (cut without human hands) and smashed the image and broke it to pieces.   Thereafter, the large stone grew into a GREAT MOUNTAIN, and filled the WHOLE EARTH.

Here is the interpretation of the dream by Daniel.  The head of gold is the kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon – extremely rich in gold.  The silver breast and arms represented another world kingdom, which would be replaced eventually by a third kingdom represented by brass. Finally, the legs and feet represented a fourth world kingdom as “strong as iron” which would be divided into two parts.   The kings of these two divided kingdoms would mix their seed with the seed of common men (clay) and thus they would be partly strong, and partly weak at times.   Finally, when the 4th kingdom would be divided, AT THE TIME OF THESE KINGS shall the “God of Heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and CONSUME ALL THESE KINGDOMS, and it shall stand for ever.”

Image of Nebuchadnezzar's Dream

Corresponding Four World Empires

According to biblical scholars and clues left in the ancient texts, the Babylonians were a mixture of Kenites (the seed of Cain and Lilith) and Edomite blood.   The Medo-Persian empire was the lineage of Ishmael who were also allied to Esau/Edom via Esau’s polygamous marriages, the Greek Empire is the Edomite-allied Hittites, while the inhabitants of Rome were the mongrelized Edomite-Horite bloodlines. See how the dots all connect?  From the “rock” – the red-city Petra, the Edomite central bank financed these “kingdoms” one after the other.   Indeed, the Edomites made their living and their wealth “by the sword.”

Now, take a look at the ancient Edomite “treasury” carved out of the RED sandstone rock of Mt. Seir.  It was/is today a veritable fortress, and impregnable by any ancient army.  The entrance could only be gained via a very narrow canyon.  It is easily indeed a wonder of the ancient world –and living proof of the Biblical account of Esau/Edom building his fortress in Petra.

Edomite TREASURY at Petra (The Rock)

EDOMITE Treasury Vault at Petra

EDOMITE Treasury Vault - Washington D.C. US of A

Notice the obvious similarities in Edomite constructions of their great “Treasuries” both ancient and modern!  Specifically, notice the pyramid of Baal, the Babylonian Sun God of the East sitting atop stone pillars!!!


The Prophet Daniel lived to see his prophecies concerning Babylon’s fall to the Medes king Darius fulfilled.   Daniel then foretold the eventual destruction of the great Mede-Persian empire to the Greeks under young Alexander the Great in 330 B.C.   In turn, the Roman legions under Caesar conquered the Greek empire, and set the stage for the advent of Jesus the Christ – the “stone which the builders rejected” – the “chief cornerstone” cut out of the mountain without HUMAN HANDS that would eventually fill the whole earth.

Following the fall of Babylon under the Medes and Persians, the Children of Israel emigrated throughout the land.   Some went back to their homeland of Judea, although it was still occupied by the Edomite “Pharisees” of Babylon – but the vast majority found refuge in the British Isles and Scandinavia.  The Romans identified these “Anglo-Saxons” as the Six Kings of Israel – Roman numeral six – (VI – Kings or VIKINGS).   Some of the pure seed of Israel resided in their homeland of Beth-el, or Bethlehem – and some in Nazareth and Galilee.  However, this was a time of tremendous unrest politically, as the “Holy Land” of Judea became a place of continuous political intrigue.   The Greeks established their pagan deities in Jerusalem, and these were of course eventually displaced by the Romans (the Horites).   During these centuries, there were no “prophets of Israel” for true Israelites were indeed scattered.  Under both Greek and Roman rule, the Edomite and Babylonian “Judahite” Pharisees, scribes and rabbis of the “Sanhedrin” were the  religious leaders of the region.   In maps of both the Greeks and Romans, the land south of Judea was known as “Idumea” – another form of Edom.

When Julius Caesar conquered Egypt and annihilated the Greeks in 48 B.C. – he torched the incredible library of Alexandria.  Then, the very next year, in 47 B.C. Caesar appointed Antipater, a rabid Edomite hater of true Israel, Procurator of Judea.   When Antipater was killed 4 years later, his son Herod gained power, but he was rejected by the Judahite zealots of Judea.   Herod, the Edomite, with the aid of a Roman legion laid siege to Jerusalem for a full six months – but it eventually fell and Herod was crowned “king” of Judea in 37 B.C.    Herod, the Edomite ally of Caesar and Rome, also controlled the Edomite Sanhedrin, Scribes and Pharisees that were so self-righteously showing off during the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth.   Herod the Edomite also was well aware of the prophecies concerning the birth of the Promised Messiah in Bethlehem of Judea – and when the “wise men” of the east came, Herod ordered the death of all young baby boys in the region.  Jesus, however, escaped into Egypt, and the rest is the history of the New Testament.

Following the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, Titus and his Roman legions attacked Judea with the sole intent to destroy Christianity.  They destroyed the old temple, and Josephus records that over 97,000 “Idumeans” went with Titus back to Rome.   An untold number of Edomites (Idumeans) also emigrated north into modern-day Eastern Europe at this time.   It is recorded that Berenice, the EDOMITE daughter of “king” Herod Agrippa eventually became the wife of Titus, who in turn was crowned Emperor of Rome in 71 A.D.   Berenice and her Edomite entourage operating in the court of the lunatic Emperor Nero, was responsible for the execution of many early Christians in Rome: specifically the apostle/missionary Paul (a Roman citizen) was beheaded for his Christian testimony in Rome on the Ostian road, PETER – The ROCK – was crucified upside down.

For the next 250 years, the EDOMITE Roman entourage sent countless TRUE Christians to their deaths in the coliseum of Rome.   All of this is indisputable fact.  Yet, they were powerless against the resurrected Christ and His Spiritual Kingdom.    What is amazing is that millions of people actually believe the Edomite lie that PETER was the 1st “Pope” of the Roman Catholic Church.  How can this possibly be, when ROME crucified him upside down and condemned to death any Roman who converted to Christ, and who refused to publicly denounce their conversions?  Peter was NEVER a pope – for he was martyred for the faith.    No, the TRUTH is that PETRA – the ROCK of the EDOMITE TREASURY was the foundation of the Roman Catholic “pagan” church of Edomite idolatry and harlotry.  The ruling “cardinals” – dressed in their EDOMITE SCARLET RED ROBES, chooses the EDOMITE POPE to this very day.   This is the great secret – while overtly declaring themselves to be mortal enemies, both the “Jews” of Khazaria and the “Catholics” of the Vatican are covertly united as EDOMITES for the Hegelian dialectic antithesis of creating confusion and death in the name of Christ.   This is what is meant by the term “Judeo-Christianity”.   This also sheds great light on the “Marrano” Khazars who formed the militant Jesuit order in Spain during the 15th century, and explains exactly why “Romania” was so-named and why the CHAZARS are really just synonymous with CAESARS or CZARS!

The answer to this shows the fulfillment of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream – the “division” of the “Holy Roman Empire” the two legs of iron.

Stay tuned for Part VI.