PAY ATTENTION ALL CHRISTIANS!!!!!  This is a RED (Edomite) Alert of the highest import!!!  (Does EVERYONE love Raymond?)

Raymond Kurzweil Speaking at "Singularity Summit" - Stanford , 2006

I submit this is the single most important headline of the last 2000 years!  It doesn’t matter who (or what) is “elected” President.  It doesn’t matter if this nation, America, aka the New Jerusalem, is at war or peace.  What is at stake in this debate TODAY is the future of the human race, the entire globe!  What is debated here is either the crowning achievement of the godless EDOMITE RACE in their eternal quest to dethrone and destroy Jesus the Christ, or it will finally awaken the TRUE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL from their malaise and slumber once and for all.   For this topic, you see, is the original, deadliest SIN UNTO DEATH – and there simply can be no compromise by “Christians” on this issue.   There is no “middle ground” here.  NONE!!

His name is mentioned only once in the Old Testament in Isaiah 14:12-15.   He is Lucifer – the “Shining One”, the “Son of the Morning” – the Father of the Illuminati -Edomites – their “God of the EAST”.  What was his “sin unto death”” – the ORIGINAL REASON for him to be “cast from the Heavens” to this planet called Earth?   What has always been the CENTRAL THEME of Lucifer’s minions since the days of Babylon?   Isaiah tells us.  Lucifer challenged God and His Creation – the very DNA of all living things!   Isaiah tells us that Lucifer’s MOTTO is simply: “I WILL ASCEND INTO HEAVEN, I WILL EXALT MY THRONE ABOVE THE STARS OF GOD: ——— I WILL ASCEND ABOVE THE HEIGHTS OF THE CLOUDS; I WILL BE LIKE THE MOST HIGH!”    God (the Most High’s) response to this “sin unto death” is simply: “Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the PIT.”

The sub-human excrement that subscribed to this agenda and manipulated the DNA of humans and animals during the days of Noah, led to the destruction of the planet by means of a  Flood.  Why should Christians be surprised when modern EDOMITE enemies of Christ declare their intent to continue to repeat the same mistakes – and call it “transhumanism” and “Singularity”?

Christians – with that say introduction, please say hello to Khazar-Edomite phenom Ray Kurzweil (pronounced Cursed-Well).

Now, I am not opposed to technology.   I only am opposed to technology in the hands of morally bankrupt atheists who seek to become God and make humans into robots that are easily controlled by them and them alone.   That, to me at least, is the recipe for anarchy – for destruction on the grandest scale imaginable.  It is not American.  It is most definitely not Christian.  For the atheist, there simply are no ‘borders’ of morality.   There are no “judgment calls” for to them there is no judgment in the next life.  Death, to them, is the END of their existence.  Thus, there is only the quest for immortality – “Godhood” – i.e.  to “live forever in their sins”.   In this pit of despair, there can be zero “Hope in Christ Jesus” – for to the Edomite HUMANIST – Christ is only myth that needs to be destroyed by “science” – not faith.

Imagine, if you can – advances in computer technology whereby “nano” robots can create (or even “resurrect” a deceased family member)  a soul-less human clone that operates solely from the mind of the “programmer”.   Imagine also, if possible, a world wherein there is no “death” – because these same “nano-bots” have completely stopped the “aging” process?

Welcome to the world of Edomite genius Ray (Cursed-Well) Kurzweil.

I have made the introduction, now I’ll let his FRUITS speak for themselves.   As you watch this incredible 40-minute video, however, understand that this secret agenda has been at work for decades already.   Understand also the prophecy in the Book of Jubillees concerning the Edomites of the Latter-Days.   Chapter 26:35 declares that once the EDOMITE TRIBE has gained global financial dominion (which it most assuredly has) that they would “COMMIT A SIN UNTO DEATH” — which would simply result in: “THY SEED SHALL BE ROOTED OUT FROM UNDER HEAVEN.”

At the end of the documentary Transcendent Man (2009) Mr. Cursed-Well says, “Does god exist? Well, I would say not yet.”    That pretty much sums it up!

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