The “Story Behind the Story” of Martin Luther King is a story of Edomite (Jewish) Hegelian Dialectic in action.  A CLASSIC TEXTBOOK case, actually.

It’s the story of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement today.  Edomite agitators funding stooges to “protest” and cause “revolution” – while they, the BANKSTERS who cause the problems, remain aloof.

The mission and continuing deification of King is truly a covert attack on TRUE CHRISTIANS (Both Negro and Caucasian)  – and has very little to do with “civil rights”.  Remember, the “neo-Nazis” and “KKK” are also Edomite-controlled enterprises.   In other words, BOTH SIDES OF THE “EXTREMISM” IS EDOMITE SPONSORED AND CON – TROLL – ED!

Consider the REASONS why King’s massive FBI file was sealed by court order back in 1977.  WHY?

Consider the MLK Monument was designed by a Communist in China.  (It figures.)

Consider the NAACP is 100% an EDOMITE (Jewish) ORGANIZATION.

Consider this video: