Ron Paul holds a rally in South Carolina, and there is standing room only.   Gingrich schedules a rally, and it is cancelled due to lack of support.  Yet days later, he supposedly “Wins” the primary caucus????   What gives?  What’s the “Story Behind the Story?”

This MUST BE the “answer”:    Gingrich is supported by ZOMBIES – that’s why he cancelled his S. C. campaign stop.  Too many dead folks mobbing around!   Golly, 953 ZOMBIES (dead folks for up to 6 years) apparently rose from their graves and cast votes for the slimy salamander named Newt!

Sorry to burst your bubble, Patriots, but Ron Paul is NOT the answer either.  He is best described as the Edomite’s “pressure relief valve” to give the conservative patriots false hope and a place to focus their energies.

I told all of this to my colleague and friend Dane Phillips, who traveled TWICE to Iowa to meet Dr. Paul and see if he would endorse his grass roots efforts to not just “audit” the “Fed” – but to expose it entirely.  Phillips was deeply disappointed when Paul snubbed him in a major way.  Phillips said: “He really failed the ‘sniff test’.”  Indeed.   Seems Paul is FULL of spunky RHETORIC, but his ACTIONS speak much louder!

Now, look deeper at Paul’s plan to gut the Defense Dept. of over a trillion dollars.  Paul has joined forces with the likes of Barney Frank and George Soros’ lackeys to promote this agenda of deep cuts.  Don’t you find it just a little funny that Dr. Paul poo-poo’s the 9-11 TRUTH MOVEMENT as well?  Well, Ron, if it waddles and quacks I say its a DUCK – even though the duck claims it’s an eagle. 

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