Let’s recap the Edomite story so far.

First, the twin sons of the biblical Isaac, (son of the Patriarch Abraham) namely Esau (aka Edom or “Red”) the firstborn develops the ultimate example of sibling rivalry against his twin Jacob (aka Israel).   They even fight each other viciously while still in their mother’s womb.   Esau/Edom is a hairy, almost sub-human individual, while Jacob/Israel is quite attractive and easy on the eyes.   Esau/Edom is a hunter who loves killing animals, while Jacob/Israel is content to read, study, and entertain his mother Rebekah in the family tent.   As recorded in the Book of Jasher, Esau comes across NIMROD (another mighty hunter) in the field, and Esau slays him.  Nimrod, the descendant of Ham, has in his possession the “garments of skin” of father Adam – and these now come into the possession of Esau.  Esau then chooses his course.  He exchanges his birthright blessing to his brother Jacob/Israel for a bowl of red pottage (lentil beans.)  Esau/Edom marries six (6) wives – and from these wives spring incredible warrior nations – the Medes/Persians (from the union with the daughter of Ishmael the ARABS),  the Babylonians (from the Canaanite wives), the Greeks, (from the Hittite bride), and final the “Holy Roman Empire” from the Horite bride.    All of these cultures have one central binding factor – they are all from the seed of Esau/Edom.  All of these cultures have fulfilled the SECOND BLESSING given to Esau by Isaac: “AND BY THY SWORD SHALT THOU LIVE” —- and from that day, ESAU HATED JACOB!  (See Genesis27:40-41).    Isaac also “blessed” Esau, and promised him that eventually, THROUGH THE SWORD, Esau would basically become the master over the seed of Jacob/Israel.   This is the root cause of every major war on every continent – for it is the ongoing battle for dominion – Esau/Edom over Jacob/Israel.  You see, Jesus, the Messiah – the GOD OF ABRAHAM came to earth from the house of David – the direct son of Jacob.   Jesus the Messiah is the literal fulfillment of everything RIGHTEOUS about the birthright given to Jacob.   ISRAEL – TRUE ISRAEL, is ALL CHRISTIANS WHO ACCEPT JESUS INTO THEIR HEARTS AND SOULS.   This is exactly why the literal descendants of Esau HATES EVERYTHING “Christian” to this day.

Now, here is where this “Righteous Blood” series explains the biggest, most explosive secret.  By studying the holiest books of the Esau/Edomite “religion”  – the BABYLONIAN TALMUD and the Kabbalah (the cube) – we learn this:

In two separate places, Sotah 10b, and Yalkut, 1,110, the TALMUD informs the Rabbis this most important fact:  “Samael is the GUARDIAN ANGEL of Esau!!!”   Esau/Edom, who calls themselves “Jews” today, the mighty warrior and antagonist tribe warring against Jacob/Israel and their God Jesus for eons – apparently has a very powerful spirit entity “guarding” and directing them from another dimension.   Samael is their deity.  Samael is their very identity.   In the Edomite book Sayings of Rabbi Eliezer, Samael is also charged with being the one who tempted Eve, then seduced and impregnated her with Cain.   Imagine that!  In the book of Genesis, Christians understand this “Samael” is simply “The Serpent”.    Now perhaps you can see and understand the ENMITY between Edomites and true Christians.

Let’s look at the Wikipedia entry under Samael:

“Samael (Hebrew: סמאל‎) (also Sammael and Samil) is an important archangel  in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore, a figure who is accuser, SEDUCER and destroyer, and has been regarded as both good and evil. It is said that he was the guardian angel of ESAU and a patron of the Roman empire.

Samael is equatable with Satan and the chief of the evil spirits.”

Now let’s follow the historical trail once again.   America becomes a “free and independent” nation state of the Edomites who financed and fought the Revolutionary War.   Lord Cornwallis understood this, and made the declaration of what would ensue upon the American continent.

Indeed, this is EXACTLY what has happened.   Edom has completed the subjugation and slavery of Christian Israel.   Sadly, very, very few Christians understand the TRUTH.

Let’s look closer at SAMAEL – who the Edomite overlords of America also call “Uncle Samael” – or “Uncle Sam” or U.S. for short.  He is the “grim reaper” – the DESTROYER – the literal angel of DEATH AND HELL.  He is the GOD OF WAR – the RED ANGEL – the RED WINGED SERPENT of ESAU!!!!

I know this is shocking, and some may even say it is Treasonous.  I wish it were not true.  However, Facts are Facts – especially when it comes to exposing the Edomite Agenda by exposing their COVERT HISTORY.

War is indeed Hell.  It is the domain of Samael – the self-proclaimed deity of the descendants of their father Esau/Edom.   Those who follow Samael declare themselves to be the “Chosen Race” – and their Rabbis teach that all non-Edomites are sub-human animals called Goy, or Gentiles.   They have no conscious when it comes to killing Goy – just as Gentiles have no compunction over swatting a fly or pesky mosquito.   In order to further their ultimate agenda – their “sin unto death” which is BECOMING GODS and USURPING GOD and JESUS – they commonly sacrifice any and all “ANIMALS” to further their “science” and complete world and even universal control and POWER.   Keep in mind that to the Edomite Talmud, all “Goy” are ANIMALS.

In honor of their sacred number of 6, here is a summation of their top 6 most infamous “experiments” and “black-op” OSS/CIA projects involving GOY ANIMALS – (the righteous blood of Christian Israel) since WWII.

#1. Project MKULTRA, Subproject 6-8, AKA Mind Control, Ritual Child Abuse

MK Ultra is the Achilles Heel of the Edomite minions of Uncle Samael.  To understand MK Ultra, as well as all other CIA “Black-Ops” one has to understand Edomite “Jew”  Joseph Scheider – who later changed his name, (as MANY corrupt followers of Samael have done) to “Dr.” Sidney Gottlieb.

Dr. Sidney Gottlieb - Edomite "Jew"

When studying and analyzing “Black-ops” projects involving Human Guinea Pigs, Sidney Gottlieb’s name and resume is uncovered more often than not.

MKUltra Document signed by Gottlieb

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Sidney Gottlieb spearheaded Project MKULTRA.  Gottleib recruited Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron to head up “Subproject 68”, which in a simple nutshell conducted human experiments involving mind-altering substances such as LSD. The entire goal of MK Ultra was understanding MIND CONTROL techniques.  Specifically, Gottlieb and Company developed methods of influencing and controlling the human mind and being able to extract any and all information from resisting minds.  So in order to accomplish this, Cameron, on orders from Gottleib, took mental patients admitted to his Allen Memorial Institute in Montreal Canada and conducted new and experimental “therapy” on them. The patients at Allen Memorial were mostly there for traditional treatment  for issues like bi-polar depression and anxiety disorders. The treatment they received was life-altering and scarring in the extreme.    In the period that he was on Gottlieb’s payroll, (1957 – 1964) Cameron administered electroconvulsive therapy at 30-40 times the normal power.   Often, Cameron would put patients into a drug-induced coma for months on-end and continuously play back tapes of simple statements or repetitive noises over and over again.

These tortured “Goy” victims forgot how to talk, forgot about their parents, and suffered serious amnesia.

All of this was performed on Canadian citizens because Gottleib and the CIA wasn’t willing to risk such operations on Americans.

To ensure that the project remained funded and covert, Cameron, with full approval from Gottlieb and the Edomite CIA “Bosses” expanded the experiments to include innocent, young children – in the form of SATANIC (Samael) RITUAL ABUSE.   This included having the children engage in pederasty sex with high-ranking government officials and filming it secretly.

Gottlieb, Cameron, and other MKULTRA officers would then use the secret tapes to very effectively blackmail the officials to ensure more funding.  Yes indeed, UNCLE SAMAEL WANTS YOU!!!!

#2.  Operation Midnight Climax

Operation Midnight Climax is aptly named.  An extension of MK Ultra and Gottlieb’s cronies in Edomite ORGANIZED CRIME and CIA, this black-ops project  involved “safe houses” in New York and San Fransisco, built by the CIA and organized crime dons for the sole purpose of studying LSD effects on IGNORANT, non-consenting GOYS.

But in order to lure Human Cattle (Goyim) victims in, the CIA these covert labs were disguised as high-class Brothels.

Prostitutes on the CIA payroll (yes, there was and is such a thing – they were and are called “Presidential Models” ) lured “clients” to have a drink laced with experimental drugs prior to engaging in sexual activity.

Instead of having sex with them, though, they more often than not dosed them with a number of experimental substances, most famously LSD.

The experiments were monitored by the Edomite “scientists” behind a two-way mirror, in a very sick and twisted form of voyeurism.

Furthermore, it’s documented that the Edomites who ran the experiments described them as…” it was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape and pillage with the sanction and bidding of the All-highest?”  (Of course the “All-Highest” was their God SAMAEL)!

The most horrifying nightmare of this Edomite Operation is the fact they knowingly doped non-consenting adults with drugs they couldn’t possibly know the effects of!

Here is a short clip of a little-known TV series: “Operation Midnight Climax”.   (What happened to Leave it to Beaver?)

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