I'll ask, but will the "Chosen One" Answer?

Top Ten Questions for Willard “Mittens” Romney.

1.   Congratulations on releasing your 2010 personal income tax returns.   They show that you made $21.7 million dollars in 2010, placing you and Ann in the top 1% of the richest 1% of Americans.   Thank you for making this public.  The question is, why doesn’t the LDS “Mormon” Church you belong to do the same?   Why is their corporate “Comprehensive Annual Financial Report” (CAFR) such a closely guarded secret? As a past Mormon Bishop and Stake President, do you feel this “veil of secrecy” by LDS Inc. is in any way acceptable – especially given the fact that the LDS  Church maintains complete and total TAX EXEMPT STATUS not only on the Federal Level, but also from State and Local property taxes?   Isn’t it true that a prerequisite for MAINTAINING TAX EXEMPT STATUS is full disclosure of all finances to the public as requested?   Please explain why you think the LDS Church should not be above the TAX LAWS!

See http://org.law.rutgers.edu/publications/law-religion/new_devs/ND10-1TithingShort.pdf

2.   What is your relationship with Ms. Orit Gadiesh, and what will be her cabinet position in your Administration? Wikipedia informs us: Orit Gadiesh (Hebrew: אורית גדיש‎) is an Israeli-American corporate strategist and chairwoman of management consulting firm Bain & Company.  Research Ms. Gadiesh further and one learns that  prior to joining Bain & Company, and before working closely with Mitt Romney, Ms. Gadiesh served in the office of the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army. Currently, her impressive resume lists that she sits on the board of directors of the Peres Center for Peace, an organization headed by yet another former chief of staff of the Israeli military, Lt. General Amnon Lipkin-Shahak.  Avner Azulay, a top-level MOSSAD operative, the managing director of the Marc Rich Foundation, is also on the executive board of the Peres Center.   Ms. Gadiesh headed up your “transition team” when you occupied the Governor’s mansion of Massachusetts in 2002.   Is Ms. Gadiesh your MOSSAD/CIA “Handler” Mr. Romney?   Is it just a strange coincidence that she has shadowed your every step – from Harvard, to Bain & Company, to the Governor’s Office?

Orit Gadiesh - High Level MOSSAD Agent and Chairman of Bain Capital. Could she be Mitt Romney's CIA/MOSSAD "Handler"?

3.  According to a report on MSNBC, you have announced that Israeli/Americans Michael Chertoff and “Rabbi” Dov Zackheim are your “top advisers”.  Don’t you realize that Chertoff means “Child of the Devil” in Yiddish, and is the man responsible for the “Full Body Scanners” at airports?   Don’t you know that Rabbi Zackheim, as Pentagon “comptroller” – was responsible for over $2 TRILLION in missing funds?  Don’t you know that the section of the Pentagon “attacked” on 9-11 destroyed the evidence and “paper trail” of these missing TRILLIONS?    Why aren’t you prosecuting these rogues instead of seeking their advice and counsel?  See http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/10/06/8188821-romney-unveils-advisers-on-natl-security-and-foreign-policy

"Rabbi" Dov Zackheim - Mitt's Advisor Prime Architect of 9-11 False Flag?

Michael Chertoff - Mitt's Advisor and Major Player in Bush's Rogues Gallery











4.   Please tell us about your special relationship with Cofer Black (Mr. BlackWater) and Michael Hayden if you would be so kind?   According to the MSNBC story above:

“Hayden, who along with Chertoff will co-chair Romney’s working group on counter-terrorism and intelligence, also has a distinguished (but also controversial) background in national security. As director of the National Security Agency — and then later the CIA — he was embroiled in the debate over warranttless wiretapping following 9/11, which he later argued before Congress was a legal and necessary step to protect the United States against further terrorist strikes.

Black, another former member of the CIA, is listed as one of Romney’s special advisers. He left government service in 2004 after a long CIA career and two years as the  State Department coordinator for counter-terrorism issues, and then became a vice chairman for the private security firm Blackwater — a position is not mentioned in the short biography provided by the Romney campaign.”    

Could you kindly please tell the American people how your presidency will be any different than King George W.’s disaster, given that you are clearly reassembling the same goon squad?

5.  Please Mr. “Mittens”, tell America specifically: what qualified you to be a featured speaker at the MOSSAD’s (IDC) “Institute of Policy and Strategy” Herzliya Conference in 2007?  Will you provide America with a transcript of your speech at this top globalist insider conference?  Tell us, sir, do you concur fully with the IPS CHAIRMAN, General Daniel ROTHSCHILD’S statement:  “In many respects, the hometown of the Institute, Herzliya, named after Theodore Herzl, the visionary of modern Zionism, epitomizes the belief that Israel and the Jewish people must take charge of their destiny to actively shape events and processes critical to the future of Israel. This belief guides the Institute’s work.”  – In short, will you put Israel first, ahead of America?   See http://www.herzliyaconference.org/eng/?CategoryID=431


Mr. Mittens Speaking at MOSSAD Zionist Conference, 2007 - the Epitome of Esau/Edom!












6.  What did you promise the Edomite (Jewish) Crown family of Chicago, in order to get their endorsement and blessing over their former “Golden Boy” – Barack Hussein Obama?  Did you promise an attack, or even a war with Iran?

Henry, Lester, and Susan Crown of Chicago. These Edomites made their fortune selling munitions during WWII. The Crown family is the face of military-industrialist behemoth, General Dynamics.


















7.  Is it true that you and current Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu worked together as consultants at the Boston Consulting Group early in your respective careers?   How is your relationship connected to Ms. Gadiesh, and the MOSSAD?  Do you subscribe to the MOSSAD’s Mantra: “By Means of Deception, Thou Shalt Wage War?”

Romney Meets his Buddy, Netanyahu in Israel, Jan. 2011.











8.   Do you, Willard Mittens Romney, as a devout Mormon, concur with the Edomite (Israeli) ideals of “Singularity” and the Transhumanism of Science becoming, and usurping God?   In short, given your extreme coziness with Edomite elitists, do you subscribe to the ideals of the Mormon Transhuman Association?    See http://transfigurism.org/assets/60/transfiguration.pdf

9.   Do you, Willard Mittens Romney, believe that God is simply an exalted man, and that Jesus Christ and Satan are brothers?

10.   Finally, will you put Christian America First, or are you completely controlled by the Zionist and Edom/Esau demons in a major way?

Candidate Romney, I think your actions to date have answered these most important questions.  Clearly, you have nothing to do now but plan your inauguration festival.  Clearly, presidents are not elected, they are APPOINTED.