The year was 1828, the place, Harmony, Pennsylvania – the month was June.   Joseph Smith, Jr. – the founding “prophet” of Mormonism was eagerly awaiting the birth of his First-born Child.  Smith had “prophesied” that the child would be a son – and that he would be “great” – that he would be allowed by God to view the “Golden Plates” and assist Smith with his “translations”.

Imagine the incredible disappointment Smith must have felt when this child was not only stillborn, but according to Sophie Lewis, one of Emma’s in-laws, who was present as a midwife at the birth – the child was, (in Sophie’s verbatim description) “VERY MUCH DEFORMED.”

This is a very interesting choice of words I submit – for the words “VERY MUCH DEFORMED” had a well-known, very singular meaning in early American tradition.  These three words had become a euphemism synonymous with a spiritual condemnation from God in Early American religious tradition.   The simple term “VERY MUCH DEFORMED” is best described in the DETAILED DESCRIPTION given in the historical archives of one such similarly descriptive VERY MUCH DEFORMED “stillborn child” of one Mary Dwyer – a necromancer and enchantress who was hung as a witch in early America:

“it (the VERY MUCH DEFORMED, stillborn child) was of ordinary bigness; it had a face, but no head, and the ears stood upon the shoulders and were like an ape’s; it had no forehead, but over the eyes four horns, hard and sharp; two of them were above one inch long, the other two shorter; the eyes standing out, and the mouth also; the nose hooked upward; all over the breast and back full of sharp pricks and scales, like a thornback, the navel and all the belly, with the distinction of the sex, were where the back should be, and the back and hips before, where the belly should have been; behind, between the shoulders, it had two mouths, and in each of them a piece of red flesh sticking out; it had arms and legs as other children; but, instead of toes, it had on each foot three claws, like a young fowl, with sharp talons.”

VERY MUCH DEFORMED, you see, implies the above physical description, as opposed to simply a “Stillborn Child”.    In short, VERY MUCH DEFORMED describes and implies a spawn of ‘The Dragon’  – simply stated.

Here’s the THORNBACK LIZARD – so you can see the physical description:

"Thornback" Lizard - aka "Australian Water Dragon"

This had to be extremely shocking to young Joseph Smith.   His wife Emma nearly died from this event – and was bedridden and very ill for two weeks.  Because of this event, combined with the loss of his “translation” – the 116 pages of “The Book of Lehi”  – Smith joined the local Methodist/Episcopal congregation.  (This despite the decree of ‘Jesus Christ” as written by Smith in his 1838 version of the “1st Vision” – where Christ supposedly commanded young 14-year-old Joseph to “JOIN NONE OF THEM” – i.e. the various Christian sects which were “ABOMINATIONS”.)

Tragically, the consensus of the “congregation” was that young Joseph had already acquired a scandalous reputation as a “necromancer” and a conjurer of ‘Bloody Ghosts” – and his membership in the church was ultimately rejected.   It is safe to assume that this singular event led Joseph Smith to organize the Mormon Church 18 months later – on April 6, 1830.


Original description of “VERY MUCH DEFORMED” – as euphemistic cursing from God: